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Good InfoTexas couple sparks debate after charging 19-year-old daughter $200 a month in...

Texas couple sparks debate after charging 19-year-old daughter $200 a month in rent

A couple in Gatesville, Texas, have started an interesting debate on TikTok over whether it’s right for them to charge their 19-year-old daughter rent to live with them after graduating high school. Ranchers Erika and Cody Archie, who go by Bay7Ranch on TikTok, have a million followers on the platform where people watch their videos documenting life on a ranch.

Kylee Archie graduated high school in May of 2022, and on June 1, she started paying her parents $200 a month in rent.

“Our thought together is that since [Kylee] has graduated, I told her… I been telling her, ‘June the first, our rent’s due if you continue to live here,”‘ said Cody, who is a bit more strict than his wife, said in the viral video.

“I thought that was a little harsh, I mean, maybe a little leeway,” Erika added. “200 bucks a month is plenty cheap to live like a grub in your parents’ house,” Cody continued. “That’s cheaper than she eats in food,” the mother added. “We think it teaches them a good lesson in paying bills.”

How do you feel about making your adult children pay rent to live at home? 


How do you feel about making your adult children pay rent to live at home? This is a REPOST from last year but since its on Fox Business News right now we thought we’d chat about it again! #Parenting #ParentsChargingRent #AdultChildren #DryHumor #Sarcasm #MarriageHumor #Marriage #CoupleTok #RanchTok #AgTok #KeepRanchin #KingOfTikTok #RanchLife #Ranch

Understanding that the issue might stir controversy, the couple asked its followers if they agreed. “How do you feel about making your adult children pay rent to live at home?” they captioned the video.

The responses were a mixed bag of pros and cons. Some thought it was a good idea because it teaches responsibility and prevents kids from doing nothing because they’re being enabled. “Responsibility is always a great lesson!” James Jackson wrote. “Collect rent, then give it back when they move out,” John Deere added.

Others think that the world is hard enough and that it’s the parents’ job to support their kids, no matter what. “Nope, my son is 23, and we don’t charge him. He works and helps around the house…but life is hard enough and not gonna charge my kid,” Shelly wrote. “No, because I wanted them to save money to get out faster. If they are paying me, they aren’t saving to get out,” Tammy Lynn Ballard wrote.

“A definite no for me… I know it’s rare, but I will forever help my kids… no matter the age,” Chief’s Wife 101 wrote. “No one ever said we wouldn’t be here to help our kids forever,” the Archies responded.

The Archies’ situation isn’t unique. As of July 2022, 50% of adults in America aged 18 to 29 were living with their parents. But should they be required to pay rent? A majority of Americans say they should. A recent poll of 15000 Americans found that 57% say adult children living with their parents should have to pay rent.

One of the biggest balancing acts of parenting is deciding whether you give your kids too much or too little. An old saying may help people in a similar situation: You should give your kids enough so they can do something but not so much that they do nothing. That goes both ways, giving your kids too much help will make them dependent, so they don’t have the fire in their bellies to become successful. However, a kid who gets too little may not have the resources to pursue their goals in the first place.

This story originally appeared on 11.16.23

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