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TravelWhy the Plitvice Lakes National Park needs to be on your travel...

Why the Plitvice Lakes National Park needs to be on your travel bucket list

Discover why the Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts. Here are the reasons why you should add Plitvice Lakes to your travel list.

Breathe in the fresh air

Indulge in the fresh air of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, where each breath brings refreshing scents of forest and water. Here, in nature, we not only escape from from the busy modern life, but we also find an opportunity to relax and connect with nature. In a world that is constantly rushing, take the time for yourself and recharge your batteries while staying in one of the most beautiful national parks.

A symphony of colours

In the heart of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, nature creates its masterpiece, performing a magical play of colors that delights every visitor. Blue, green and emerald tones are reflected on the crystal clear lakes. Photos can capture moments, but the true beauty of this Park is revealed only when you personally step into this idyllic atmosphere. We invite you to come and see for yourself the impressive play of colors at Plitvice Lakes National Park.

The sounds of nature

Our wonder of nature offers even more than just stunning views—the sounds that surround you are just as spectacular. Birdsong, the sound of over ninety waterfalls rushing and the hum of the forest all create a unique composition that will hold you spellbound. Let these sounds bring you closer to nature on your unforgettable journey through this oasis of serenity and grandeur.

New viewpoint

Tomićevo Pogledalo, the new viewpoint, stands at an altitude of 684.82 m, offering a spectacular panoramic view of the five lakes that this oldest and biggest national park in Croatia is famous for. It was designed following all the environmental guidelines, making a bird’s-eye view of this magical place a truly unique experience. Nature enthusiasts and visitors who are fond of hiking can reach the viewpoint on foot when touring the Upper Lakes following the K programme, with a short uphill climb of only 20 about minutes. The Tomićevo Pogledalo Viewpoint was named after the poet Josip Eugen Tomić, who visited this spot often in search of inspiration. The arresting views from the viewpoint are sure to charm visitors and make their experience of the Park even more unforgettable.

Tour programmes for everyone

The Park offers eight tour programmes adapted to the different preferences of visitors. From quick two-hour programmes to relaxed eight-our ones, everybody can find the perfect way of exploring the Park. Visitors can start their adventures at one of the two entrances and explore the Lower or the Upper Lakes, or even tour all of them with one of the longer programmes. Some tour programmes include riding on a panorama vehicle or electric boat, while others lead visitors on walking tours along beautiful pathways. The official website of the Park offers detailed descriptions of all tour programmes and the accompanying maps, allowing visitors to select the programme that best suits their wishes.


The Plitvice Lakes National Park is famous for its rich biodiversity. Three large carnivores can be found shyly enjoying the lush streams and green forests: the lynx, the wolf and the bear. When hiking, visitors are likely to encounter ducks who are permanent residents of the Park, staying here throughout the year. They are an especially lovely sight in the spring, when they can be seen swimming with their fluffy ducklings. The lakes are rich in fish, free and protected like all the other animal and plant species in the Park. The flora in the Park is unique as well, with over 60 orchid species and over 1400 plant species, accounting for 30% of the total flora of Croatia.

The Park throughout the seasons

Plitvice Lakes National Park stuns with its beauty in all seasons. As nature awakens in the spring, the Park is transformed into an oasis of colours, sounds and smells. Summer brings warmth and ample sunshine, creating the perfect opportunity for visitors to explore the different pathways and enjoy the spectacular views. Autumn, with its spectacular colour palette, creates an image so otherworldly it almost looks like it was painted by a great master. Winter brings a special kind of magic, creating fairytale-like visions and providing a spectacular quiet for the visitors to enjoy, when all sounds are muffled and only the soft crunch of their steps can be heard. Regardless of the season of your visit, this wonder of nature is certain to dazzle you with its versatile beauty.

The splendour of waterfalls

Without a doubt, the most famous feature of the Park are the spectacular waterfalls which never fail to astonish visitors. The waterfalls and their unique shapes are the result of the tufa formation process, which can also be credited with the global recognition of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The waterfalls are not only an aesthetic delight in themselves, but represent a very important ecological treasure. The water passing over the tufa formations is rich in oxygen and nutrients and provides the ideal conditions for the development of different animal and plant species. The waterfalls, water exploding into a thousand little drops, crate magical vistas and represent a place where people meet nature and learn how to live in harmony.

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