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CryptocurrencyThis Polygon (MATIC) Rival Can Give 100x Returns in 2024

This Polygon (MATIC) Rival Can Give 100x Returns in 2024

The crypto market has no shortage of layer 2 scaling solutions aiming to solve Ethereum’s scalability woes. Polygon (MATIC) currently leads the pack as one of the most widely adopted options. However, a new rival network called Pandoshi (PAMBO) could soon overtake Polygon as an L2 platform and in market performance. With massive growth potential ahead in 2024, Pandoshi could unseat Polygon and reward early investors with up to 100x returns.

Polygon (MATIC): The Scalability Quest Continues

Ethereum’s ongoing scalability issues sparked demand for layer 2 networks capable of faster and cheaper transactions. As Ethereum’s limitations became more apparent, Polygon emerged as the market leader by providing an easy-to-use scaling framework. 

Polygon’s native token, MATIC, serves as the fuel for transactions across its network. MATIC has proven to be a strong investment as well, with a peak price of $2.92 in late 2021. However, as Ethereum evolves with upgrades like sharding, competition is heating up. This brings us to Pandoshi – an innovative newcomer to the Layer 2 arena.  

Introducing Pandoshi (PAMBO)

Pandoshi is a brand-new layer 2 network tailored towards decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Its core components include PandaChain, PandoshiSwap, Pandoshi wallet, and a suite of DeFi products. Pandoshi is currently in the fifth and final phase of its successful presale campaign, with its native crypto asset, PAMBO, available for just $0.01 per token. 

PAMBO serves multiple functions, including paying transaction fees and rewards across Pandoshi’s ecosystem. As demand for these services grows, so will PAMBO’s utility and value. Pandoshi is also implementing a buy-and-burn mechanism for PAMBO, making it deflationary over time.  

Key Advantages Over Polygon

When compared to Polygon, Pandoshi brings some important advantages to the table. For starters, PandoshiSwap and PandaChain aim to offer lower transaction fees and faster speeds. Pandoshi also actively burns its supply into a deflationary model versus Polygon’s uncapped inflation.

Pandoshi further differentiates itself through unique offerings like its non-custodial wallet, crypto debit cards, metaverse integrations, and additional DeFi tools. With over $4 million raised in its ongoing presale campaign,  Pandoshi appears well-funded and equipped to compete against Polygon in 2024.  

Massive Growth Potential

As a new upstart project, Pandoshi has tremendous room for growth ahead. During its token sale, Pandoshi has smashed several fundraising milestones, suggesting strong investor demand. Listings on Binance and Coinbase, tier-1 exchanges, adds to the excitement. 

With wider accessibility and visibility, PAMBO could easily 10-50x as Pandoshi rolls out its core products. Speculative manias are also common when hot new cryptos hit the market. For reference, Dogecoin achieved a 100x return in 2021 largely from hype and speculation.

If PAMBO sees similar viral interest, 100-1000x returns are possible, depending on market conditions. Of course, investing always carries risks. However, Pandoshi’s strong market debut combined with an ambitious roadmap makes PAMBO an extremely attractive moonshot candidate for 2024.  

Final Thoughts

The quest for the ultimate Ethereum scaling solution is still ongoing. While Polygon currently holds an advantage, Pandoshi is rapidly closing the gap. By focusing on low fees, deflationary tokenomics, and an array of DeFi tools – Pandoshi is making a compelling case to dethrone Polygon moving forward.  

PAMBO also carries exponentially more upside potential thanks to Pandoshi’s low market cap today. For investors chasing monumental returns, PAMBO’s risk-to-reward ratio looks overwhelmingly bullish for 2024. If Pandoshi continues to execute on its roadmap, it could ultimately leave Polygon in the dust.

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For additional details on Pandoshi (PAMBO), please refer to the following links:

Website: https://pandoshi.com/ Whitepaper: https://docs.pandoshi.com/

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