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The most empowering changes you have made in your lives – Positive News

Quitting social media  

 “After trying to co-exist with social media I finally reached my limit. I blocked social media sites, especially YouTube, powered down my iPad, and got a ‘dumbphone’. At first there were brain pangs and intrusive thoughts, but after about three days those went away. Now I take the time to explore the Cambridgeshire Fens, read, and enjoy life. And, of course read Positive News.” – Zoe, Cambridge, UK  

 Embracing analogue living  

 “Reading books, meditating and learning new skills instead of scrolling on my phone has improved my life and empowered me to live better.” – Ben, Florida, US 

 Finding community  

 “Joining a community that shares my concerns and my hopes. I’ve done this throughout my life at different times with different groups, but right now it’s my local permaculture farm. When you feel powerless, find others. Doing this has helped me make new friends, recognise and grow my skills, improved my mental health, and let me know I am not alone.” – Jas, Worthing, UK  

Stopping drinking   

“Quitting alcohol. My brain now functions on a higher level. It’s something I never thought I could do. I’m more helpful to others and to myself as I have more energy and clarity. I’ve remembered old dreams and I have less anxiety.” – Anna, Kent, UK  

Guerrilla gardening  

“I’ve started eradicating [invasive] Himalayan balsam from my local riverbanks. It’s very satisfying to pull up and equally satisfying to see the native plants return when it’s gone.” – Richard, Reading, UK  

Leaving a toxic job  

“Quitting a job that was making my miserable and ruining my eyes.” – Anonymous   

Being vulnerable   

“Our culture teaches us to be independent and focus on ourselves. I’ve found the most empowering change I’ve made is to notice when I’m stuck in this thinking and feeling awful, then reach out for help. The amazing connections and moments of beauty and vulnerability that have come from it have been lifechanging.” – George, Aotearoa (New Zealand)  

Leaning into the light  

 “I choose to respond to the negativity by recognising the good in the world and doing what I can to help make things better.” – Sam, Essex, UK  

Just doing it  

 “My wife once said: ‘Anything worth doing is worth doing simply.’ It changed my life. Whatever it is in life, if it’s worth doing, find the smallest and easiest way to accomplish it and do it. We spend too much time trying to ‘do things right’, or do them on a grandiose scale, when just doing it should be the only option.” – Jaiden, North Carolina, US  

Taking action  

 “I’ve been helping planting trees in my community, writing to my MP to create laws that would help with climate change. I’m actively searching ways to make my home more energy efficient and reduce my CO2 footprint. I’m signing petitions to show politicians what I’m not happy about. Before I would just talk to friends, now I’m escalating my worries to people who are in a position to make a real change.” – Silvia, Milton Keynes, UK  

Savouring the moment  

 “Whether it’s brushing my teeth or gardening or taking a bath, I calm the thoughts and just feel the sensations, feel the air around me and savour the moment for what it is.” – Roxanne, Montreal, Canada  

When you feel powerless, find others


 “Therapy, therapy, therapy. Getting treatment for my chronic mental health issues and gaining tools to set boundaries and find out what is good for me has given me the power to create a life that feels good.” – Rey, Leeds, UK  

Not pursuing perfection  

Not letting perfect get in the way of good. The permission to do things ‘well enough’ is liberating.” – Amanda, UK  

Going green  

“During lockdown, with holidays cancelled, I spent the money on solar panels and an electric boiler. Since then, I’ve added a small electric car, greened my front paved area, and invested in some infrared heating. I’m passionate about sustainability and feel empowered by being able to transform my home.” – Eleanor, UK  

Growing food  

“I took agency over what I consume, everything from digital content to what I eat. Deleting social media and eating food that I grew in my backyard made me realise that I can cut ties with the powers that be and focus on my own life. Even if it is just one small tomato at a time.” – Isabella, Hawaii, US  

Embracing compassion  

“Transforming my attitude from anger to compassion has given me a calmer and kinder outlook. Compassion may not change your situation, but it will change you.” – Courtney, Rhode Island, US  


“Meditation helps me greatly and makes me realise how lucky I am to be alive.” – Glyn, UK  

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