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TravelThe magical beauty of the Upper Lakes of the Plitvice Lakes National...

The magical beauty of the Upper Lakes of the Plitvice Lakes National Park

The Plitvice Lakes National Park hides many secrets and beauties waiting to be discovered. One of these hidden beauties is the Upper Lakes. This magical area with as many as 12 lakes is a true wonder of nature that captivates with its uniqueness and beauty. Unlike the Lower Lakes, which have a limestone base and are located in a canyon, the Upper Lakes stretch over a shallower dolomite base, creating picturesque and breathtaking scenes.

Each of the Upper Lakes carries its own story and charm. As you navigate along the trails, you will encounter diverse landscapes – from tranquil waters covered with floating plants to steep waterfalls bravely plunging from a height. With each step, you discover a new corner of untouched nature, enriched by the sounds of birds and the scents of the forest. One of the peculiarities of the Upper Lakes is their colours. Thanks to the presence of certain minerals and microorganisms, the water here radiates gentle tones of green and blue, creating scenes reminiscent of those from a fairy tale. The Upper Lakes are also home to numerous plant and animal species that find refuge here. The diversity of flora and fauna makes this area an extremely important ecosystem that needs to be preserved for future generations. Therefore, when you visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park, do not forget to explore and discover the beauty of the Upper Lakes. Let their beauty inspire you and remind you of the importance of being connected with nature.

The waterfalls of the Upper Lakes

As you follow the wooden paths of the Plitvice Lakes National Park along the Upper Lakes, beautiful views of the waterfalls unfold all the way to Lake Kozjak, with the inevitable murmur of waterfalls in the background. The emerald-green colour of the lake, surrounded by forest, makes an irresistible backdrop for waterfalls that impressively plunge from heights into new lakes, creating spectacular scenes. Tufa barriers, active with their biodynamics, constantly change the appearance of the lakes and waterfalls, creating a unique natural symphony.

It is fascinating how tufa deposits and shapes beautiful tufa waterfalls and cascades, connecting all the lakes in the Park in a unique way. Labudovac Waterfall, over 20 metres high, impresses with its power as it pours into the lake over the wide Labudovac Barrier. At the base of the barrier there are cavities, semi-caves and caves, collectively called the Cave Garden, which exude mystery and beauty.

The northeastern side of the lake abounds in numerous waterfalls such as Veliki Prštavac and Mali Prštavac, which are among the most attractive waterfalls of the Park. Their names indicate the splashing of water and the creation of water mist that feels refreshing when you pass by the waterfalls. Galovački Buk and Pevalek waterfalls further enrich the Upper Lakes and descend from the level of Lake Galovac down a more than 20m high tufa barrier towards Gradina Lake and Milina Lake. Next to Galovački Buk, where the waterfalls overflow in a semi-circular form, a bronze memorial plaque was placed, dedicated to academician Ivo Pevalek.

Viewpoints and Upper Lakes trails

At the Upper Lakes in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, you can enjoy beautiful nature and spectacular landscapes. There are three trails that allow you to explore this part of the Park. Two of them lead along the lakes and waterfalls, giving you the opportunity to admire the crystal-clear waters and lush waterfalls. The third trail leads through the forest and takes you to viewpoints where you can enjoy panoramic views of the lakes and the surrounding mountains. Whichever trail you choose, you will surely experience an unforgettable adventure in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park offers several tour programs of the Upper Lakes, providing visitors with diverse exploration opportunities. The E Program allows visitors to explore the Upper Lakes as they stroll upstream, directly along the lakes and waterfalls, as new and exciting vistas unfold before them. The H Program takes visitors downstream, allowing them to enjoy the view of Prošćansko Lake and discover the beauty of the entire lake zone of the Park. Whether you are an avid hiker or looking for a peaceful getaway to nature, the K Program offers an unforgettable experience for everyone. This trail is listed among the 10 most beautiful trails in the world, so do not miss the opportunity to be enchanted by the beauty of nature as you explore this program.

One of the most famous viewpoints in the Park is the viewpoint overlooking the Veliki Prštavac waterfall. It is located on route K and offers an unforgettable view of Veliki Prštavac, the highest waterfall in the Upper Lakes, where the water from Lake Galovac tumbles fiercely over a 28-metre-high tufa barrier. Here, visitors can feel the power of nature as they observe the lush waterfalls and feel the refreshing breeze. Another famous viewpoint on this route is the viewpoint overlooking Prošćansko Lake, which marks the beginning of the Plitvice Lakes. This viewpoint offers views of the vast expanse of this beautiful lake.

Such moments provide not only aesthetic pleasure, but also deep serenity as you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. As you climb the trails winding through the dense forest, you will reach viewpoints that offer panoramic views of crystal-clear lakes, emerald forests and imposing waterfalls. The viewpoints in the Park offer a unique perspective and an opportunity for stunning photos and moments of deep connection with nature. Each viewpoint at the Upper Lakes offers a special experience and an opportunity to discover unique beauty. Pause, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the moment.

Discover the beauty of Lake Kozjak

Kozjak is the largest (82ha) and deepest (47m) lake within the Plitvice Lakes. Its uniqueness, however, does not stop at these numbers alone. Kozjak is the only lake where visitors can enjoy a ride on an electric boat, and also the only lake with an island rising – better known as Štefanija’s Island. Kozjak forms the border between the Upper and Lower Lakes, as well as the border between Triassic dolomites and Cretaceous limestones. Until about 400 years ago, there were two lakes on the site of the one lake we see today. These lakes, like all the others within the Plitvice Lakes, used to be separated by a tufa barrier. This barrier, about 400 metres wide and about 36 metres high, lies 6 metres below the surface of the water, reminding us of the history and story of this exceptional natural phenomenon. On sunny days, it can be seen from the electric boat as a white obstacle in the dark blue depths.

The crystal-clear and stunning colour of the lake, the sound of waterfalls coming from the Upper Lakes, and the surrounding greenery make a perfect backdrop for relaxation. You can discover the hidden corners of the Plitvice Lakes and a special connection with nature by rowing on Lake Kozjak. This activity is ideal for all visitors who want to experience the Park from a completely new perspective. Here, you will also find a meadow perfect for picnics, located right next to the lake and surrounded by a forest that offers refreshing shade. This idyllic location has become a favourite place to rest before boarding the electric boat or to take a break during your exploration of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Every corner of the Plitvice Lakes exudes remarkable beauty, but with its size, depth and unique characteristics, it is Kozjak that attracts visitors to explore and experience the incredible natural splendour of this place.

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