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CryptocurrencyRevolutionizing Redistribution: BLASTAR Pioneers 2024 Tax Tokens

Revolutionizing Redistribution: BLASTAR Pioneers 2024 Tax Tokens

Token and tax redistribution are key talking points in crypto. Most projects tax users for buying and selling tokens and while the percentages may vary, taxes are used to sponsor future developments. The importance of a fair token redistribution system cannot be overemphasized; it aims to achieve specific goals such as decentralizing the network, raising capital, and incentivizing participants for their contribution towards the success of the project. 

Unfortunately, the inability to efficiently and transparently redistribute taxes and tokens gathered over time has become a significant sticking point for existing and nascent projects, prompting the need for a revolutionary algorithm. 

The BLASTAR Redistribution Algorithm 

BLASTAR is a meme token inspired by a game code designed by Elon Musk over 40 years ago. Launched on the advanced Pulsechain platform, $BLAST leverages the network to provide an efficient and faster token with loads of rewards for holders. 

BLASTAR introduces a zero buy tax and 30% sell tax, respectively. According to the team, the purpose of this tax is to raise funds for future project developments as well as meet marketing needs. Additionally, a portion of taxes received will be redistributed to community members as a means of creating sustainability for the token and generating more value for the project. $BLAST is presenting a gateway for people looking to earn “passive income” and for a reason to stay on the HEX and Pulsechain networks. 

The BLASTAR redistribution algorithm is an advanced tool designed by a team of reputable and experienced developers dedicated to revolutionizing the prevalent structure. It is an in-house system built to efficiently redistribute taxes from users based solely on individuals’ pool holding amounts. The higher the amount of $BLAST owned, the higher the rewards received, and vice versa. Existing and potential holders can claim dividends in real-time on the website. Rewards are in the form of Pulsechain’s native token, $PLS. 

Over 85% of the sell taxes go to holders as compensation for their faith and trust in the emerging project. In addition to an in-house algorithm, the BLASTAR team designed smart contract functionality. Operating as a token, the smart contract has been properly verified for transparency and security. Regular audits have been scheduled to guarantee the utmost efficiency. 

BLASTAR’s token distribution formula or tokenomics is another standout feature of this project. With a total supply of one trillion $BLAST, measures, and tests have been conducted separately to ensure that the tokens belong to actual people, thus preventing malicious individuals from owning large quantities and subsequently destroying the platform. 

BLASTAR’s Decentralized Governance Structure 

BLASTAR integrates a decentralized governance structure, albeit different from most platforms. The project runs a team-led and community-oriented model where most decisions are made by the team with inputs from community members. Keen to become a completely decentralized system, work is underway for community involvement expansion in the future. 

BLASTAR is actively trying to restructure the tax system and is working to get the community more involved in the process. Token holders will vote on the appropriate tax fee and will become pertinent components of the project. 

Achievements and Roadmap 

BLASTAR is exclusively on the Pulsechain network and has been featured on several shows and interviews (Corey Costa Crypto Coins and The Verse). The project has handout out over $550k in dividends to token holders as part of its distribution model and it’s currently the fastest-growing project on Pulsechain. 

The BLASTAR team is planning to build and subsequently launch a fiat onramp/offramp system for Pulsechain as well as kick-start numerous technical and developmental needs. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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