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TravelReview: SATS Premier Lounge (T2) at Singapore Airport

Review: SATS Premier Lounge (T2) at Singapore Airport

The entrance of SATS Premier Lounge (Terminal 2, Changi Airport)

This entrance leads to SATS Premier Lounge on Level 3 of Terminal 2.

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On my way from the Philippines to Helsinki, I had a layover in Singapore. I decided to give a try to SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 2 which could be practically accessed by Priority Pass. I liked the lounge and decided to give it a 5-star rating. Read the full review to know which details of the lounge made it so unique.

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi International Airport, which is commonly referred to as Changi Airport has four terminals. There are SATS Premier Lounges in Terminals 1, 2 and 3. This lounge review covers only the SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 2.

SATS Premier Lounge at Singapore Airport won the Priority Pass Lounge of the Year award in 2017 for the Asia Pacific region. This was such a big recognition considering how many Priority Pass lounges there are.

I had a recent visit to this lounge before my connecting flight to Munich with Lufthansa. This review is based on my experiences.

A garden with ponds in Terminal 2 of Changi Airport
A view from the bridge in Terminal 2 of Changi Airport. This bridge connects the two sides of the airport and the SATS Premier Lounge is located at the other end.

SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 2

SATS Premier Lounge is one of the two Priority Pass lounges located in Terminal 2 in Changi Airport. The other one is the Ambassador Transit Lounge which I had the pleasure of visiting during my inbound trip to Singapore.


SATS Premier Lounge is located on Level 3 on the airside of Terminal 2. After passing the departure immigration, you need to turn left and take the escalator behind the information counter. When you reach Level 3, cross the bridge to reach SATS Premier Lounge which is opposite the SilverKris Lounge.

esclator leading to SATS Premier Lounge
You can access the SATS Premier Lounge by taking an escalator located beside The Cocoa Trees shop.

directional sign for SATS Premier Lounge
Once you reach Level 3, you will easily locate the SATS Premier Lounge on the right.

Opening Hours

The lounge is open 24 hours every day.


The SATS Premier Lounge is accessible to all passengers transiting through the airport, irrespective of their airline or class of travel. The lounge also welcomes members from various lounge membership programs such as Priority Pass, LoungeKey, DragonPass, Lounge Pass, and Diners Club. There is a pay-per-use option for those passengers who do not have any of these memberships whereas Visa and Mastercards are accepted.


Buy a single visit to this lounge on Lounge Pass in advance and reserve space for yourself.

Bridge leading to SATS Premier Lounge
SATS Premier Lounge is opposite Singapore Airlines’s SilverKris Lounge. You need to cross this bridge which gives you a wonderful view of the garden below.

SATS Premier Lounge is accessible for Terminal 1, 2, and 3 passengers only. It is possible to walk between the terminals or reach Terminal 2 from Terminal 1 or 3 by taking the SkyTrain. As I have mentioned earlier, the SATS Premier Lounge is situated airside, within the Transit zone. The lounge is specifically meant for transit passengers without having to go through Singapore’s arrival immigration. Therefore, transit passengers are advised to refrain from clearing immigration and customs. If you do so, you won’t be permitted to re-enter the transit area until your airline counter opens before departure.

For departing passengers, it is important to note that most airline counters only open 3 hours before departure, hence access to the Transit area before this is not allowed unless your airline provides early check-in.

Arriving passengers can’t visit SATS Premier Lounge.


For lounge visitors without lounge memberships, you can book a visit via Lounge Pass for £27 for a 3-hour visit.


Spend your layover nicer and buy a single visit to a lounge on Lounge Pass.

Alternatively, you can book your SATS Premium Lounge visit through the Plaza Premium Lounge. At the time of publication, a visit costs SGD 72.90 (about US$ 54.18) for 5 hours of lounge use. There is complimentary access for children under two years old.

My Visit to SATS Premier Lounge

This was my second time walking at the entrance of SATS Premium Lounge. On my first attempt to visit with a Priority Pass card, while transiting in Changi Airport on my inbound flight, the lounge staff diverted me to the Ambassador Transit Lounge in Terminal 2 claiming due to full capacity was reached. Thankfully, this second time, I was welcomed and the lounge was peaceful.

First Impression

Upon arrival, the receptionists were incredibly welcoming and friendly. After walking past the reception, I immediately got an impression of a very well-maintained lounge whose size and layout were excellent.

chairs and decorations inside SATS Premier Lounge
SATS Premier Lounge had a modern and spacious lounge area.


The lounge had a wide range of amenities from a VIP room, massage chairs, shower facilities, internet terminals and work areas.

a private room at the SATS Premier Lounge
This reserved space of SATS Premier Lounge featured a water-themed painting furnished with dark brown armchairs and white marble-topped side tables.


The lounge premises were quite spacious that the lounge didn’t appear crowded at all. The premises were divided into two major sections. On the left wing of the lounge, there was a lot of comfortable seating. The carpet had a dark hue with a textured appearance, which contrasted with the light fabric of the armchairs. The lighting in the room was soft and warm, provided by table lamps with white square shades, contributing to a calm and inviting atmosphere. A potted plant added a touch of greenery to the space, enhancing the sense of comfort and relaxation.

seats at the SATS Premier Lounge
The lounge featured several light-coloured, upholstered armchairs with a clean and simple design, placed around low wooden side tables.

Soft chairs were separated by faux-marble tables and above each table were two USB ports and two universal power outlets. In my opinion, the availability of ample power increased the comfort of visitors in the lounge. It is uncommon in many other lounges to have plenty of electric outlets as in SATS Premier Lounge.

chairs and charging port of SATS Premier Lounge
There were plenty of power outlets in the lounge.

Dining Section

The other half of the lounge at the right wing was dedicated to dining. Adjacent to the buffet tables, there were more casual chairs for individuals or small groups. And in the middle of the dining area features two large, polished marble counters with several high-back stools with dark blue upholstery lined up along it. An elegant wine glass sat atop each table. Near the windows, there were more seating areas divided into different sections, each with two soft chairs facing each other. Overhead, round and contemporary lighting fixtures provided a bright and inviting ambience to the space.

dining area of SATS Premier Lounge
The dining area of the lounge was inviting with many seatings to choose from.

Food and Beverages

The lounge had a salad buffet and each food item was properly labelled. There were also different warm food options including mushroom pomodoro penne, chicken cacciatore, fried noodles, seasonal vegetables, braised tofu and eggplants, Basa Misoyaki, and cauliflower fennel soup. Different cereals, breads and pastries were also available and in addition, whole fruits including pears, and green and red apples. With the overwhelming options, I chose to try the local food Laksa which is a popular spicy noodle soup.

salad buffet of SATS Premier Lounge
The lounge had a delectable buffet including a salad bar and different whole fruits.

breads at the SATS Premier Lounge
Different pastries and bread were also offered in the lounge.

While the culinary offerings of the SAT Premier Lounge were generally on par with typical international lounges, the notable exception was the do-it-yourself Laksa station. This feature allowed guests to create their own Laksa showcasing a special touch of Singapore’s local cuisine.

Laksa, the signature dish of SATS Premier Lounge
You could prepare your bowl of Laksa, the signature dish of SATS Premier Lounge. Laksa contains a hard-boiled egg, noodles, bean sprouts and dried tofu.

cereals at the SATS Premier Lounge
Cereal lovers can’t be disappointed while visiting the SATS Premier Lounge.

Visitors were treated to an unlimited selection of beverages, including a variety of hot and chilled beverages, as well as a range of alcoholic drink options. The ambience in the kitchen was welcoming, with a well-lit and contemporary decor complementing the generous drink offerings. Canned soft drinks could be taken from the fridge. In addition, there was another fridge where four square glass jars containing infused water with basil leaves, milk, and two types of juice drinks. The bottom two shelves were stocked with yoghurt cups.

Canned soft drinks on the fridge of SATS Premier Lounge
Assorted flavours of canned soft drinks were available in the lounge.

Beverages in fridge
In addition, sparkling wine, water and yoghurts were cooled inside a fridge.

Wines at the SATS Premier Lounge
Visitors could serve white and red wine themselves.

Strong alcoholic drinks at the SATS Premier Lounge
Strong alcoholic beverages were also self-service at the SATS Premier Lounge.

Massage Chairs

You will be delighted to find massage chairs in the lounge. There were two of them which unfortunately were in use by two of the same persons throughout my visit.

massage chairs in SATS Premier Lounge
There were two full-service massage chairs at the SATS Premier Lounge.


The lounge had separate washrooms for both genders. In the male washrooms, there were multiple toilet cubicles. In addition, there were three shower rooms. The toilets were clean although I haven’t noticed that the showers are cleaned between uses.

wash basins of SATS Premier Lounge
The toilet rooms of SATS Premier Lounge were well-maintained.

Shower Facilities

The showers were equipped with reusable dispensers for soap and shampoo. Underneath the sinks, compartments provided dental kits containing a toothbrush and toothpaste. Although towels were not available in the shower area, there was a note indicating that they could be acquired from the reception desk. A hairdryer was also available in the washroom.

shower rooms at the SATS Premier Lounge
There were three shower rooms in the male washroom of SATS Premier Lounge.

shower facility of SATS Premier Lounge
Shampoos and shower gels were provided.


There were two televisions in the lounge’s sitting area. One large flat-screen TV was displaying CNN International, while another showed the flight information for departing flights. In the dining area, there was also a TV showing the CNN channel.

A television showing the departures board at the SATS Premier Lounge
One of SATS Premier Lounge’s TV was showing the departures board.

Newspapers and Magazines

Lounge guests could read the lounge’s complimentary international and local newspapers and magazines.

magazines at the SATS Premier Lounge
A selection of magazines was conveniently placed on the dividers that separated the two areas of the lounge.

Free Wi-Fi

The lounge had free Wi-Fi which I tested to have a stable connection.

lounge chairs at SATS Premier Lounge
While roaming fees are pricey when you’re in Singapore, the free Wi-Fi in the lounge helped get some work done.

Working Tables

The lounge featured eight bench-seat workstations along one of its walls, on the left side when you get in from the left of the reception desk. Each station had a long table suitable for web browsing. These private workspaces, like almost everywhere in the lounge had access to power outlets for charging devices. This space was perfect for those needing to work needing privacy.

working space at the SATS Premier Lounge
The workstations were suitable for working with each bench-seat cubicle able to accommodate a group of two people.


The lounge deserves a 5-star rating due to the array of amenities and facilities it offers including the clean shower rooms and two massage chairs. However, the standout feature of this lounge was its food which featured a delectable buffet spread. I especially liked the idea of the do-it-yourself Laksa station which is very unique to many other lounges.

Common Questions

Where is the SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 2 of Singapore Changi Airport? 
The lounge is located on the airside, Level 3 of Terminal 2 Changi Airport. When you reach Level 3 through the escalator, you need to cross the bridge near the entrance of SilverKris Lounge to reach SATS Premier Lounge.
Who can access SATS Premier Lounge? 
Passengers with Priority Pass, DragonPass, Lounge Pass, LoungeKey, and Diners Club membership can access this lounge. Also, a pay-per-use option for those passengers who do not have any of these memberships.
How can I reach the lounge? 
After passing the departure immigration, turn left and take the escalator behind the information counter leading to the airline lounges.
Does SATS Premier Lounge serve decent food? 
Yes, it does. You can enjoy different food options from their buffet including salad, several warm meals, breads, cereals or their distinctive do-it-yourself Laksa.
Are there toilets in the lounge? 
Yes, there are separate toilets for both genders.
Are there showers in the lounge? 
Yes, there are three shower rooms together in the male washroom.
Is there Wi-Fi in the lounge? 
Yes, the lounge has free Wi-Fi with stable connectivity.
Does the lounge serve complimentary alcoholic drinks? 
Yes, there is a free flow of soft drinks, hot drinks, and even alcoholic beverages.
Can I sleep in the lounge? 
The lounge does not offer napping facilities.
How long can I stay in the lounge? 
You can spend a maximum of up to 3 hours in the lounge if you access with a Priority Pass. For pay-per-use options, it depends on your chosen duration of stay.
Where can I book a longer visit? 
You can book a visit on the website of Lounge Pass or Plaza Premium Lounge.
Is the lounge spacious? 
Yes it is, it has ample seating with abundant power outlets.

Bottom Line

The lounge earned its distinction of Priority Pass’s Asia Pacific Lounge of the Year in 2017. It has friendly staff and boasts ample space with many seatings available. The lounge is equipped with work desks that offer privacy and comfort. The food quality, especially the hot buffet, is notably superior to many other Priority lounges including local specialities such as Singapore Laksa.

Guests can enjoy printed magazines for reading while recharging mobile devices is easy as there are many power outlets. The lounge is well-maintained, optimally sized, and conveniently located, with a variety of amenities, including massage chairs, and showers, although it lacks sleeping facilities. Nonetheless, for a Priority Pass venue, this lounge provides a commendable space to conduct work or enjoy drinks or a meal before a flight. I would rate it as one of the best in the Asia Pacific for Priority Pass members, though claiming it as the unparalleled best might be an overstatement.

Have you visited any of the SATS Premier Lounges at Changi Airport? Feel free to comment below and share your experiences.

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