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TravelReview: Sala Galdós at Gran Canaria Airport

Review: Sala Galdós at Gran Canaria Airport

Sala Galdos Lounge
Sala Galdos offered a wise selection of food and beverages in a calming atmosphere. They provided a variety of extra services to enhance the lounge experience.

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We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the Sala Galdós lounge at Gran Canaria Airport twice. The improvements between our 2018 and 2024 visits were remarkable. The layout and design had undergone upgrades, creating an inviting space. Accessing the lounge was convenient, with options for Priority Pass members and others. In this review, we’ll delve into why we believe Sala Galdós is a must-visit for your upcoming travels.

Sala Galdós – the Only VIP Lounge in Gran Canaria Airport

Sala Galdós is the only VIP lounge at Gran Canaria Airport. The lounge offers a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks before the flight. Sala Galdós is accessible to all travellers regardless of ticket category or airline, but entry is subject to a fee. Guests travelling with business class tickets will most likely be invited to this lounge by the airline without an extra charge.

Sala Galdós signage
Sala Galdós VIP Lounge, simply Sala Galdos, is the only VIP lounge in Gran Canaria Airport.

We have visited Sala Galdós twice. The first time was a few years ago and our latest visit on 2024. Compared to our previous lounge experience, Sala Galdós felt like a mid-range lounge after renovations. The lounge premises were divided into two major sections, making the lounge more spacious and brighter. It had a major makeover with some improvements to its catering and the outdated furniture was replaced with more modern ones. This article shares some facts and experiences based on our last visit.


Sala Galdós is on the 2nd floor at the departure area after the security check. You can take an elevator or stairs to reach the lounge. The lounge is easy to find just by following the signs at the airport.

Stairs to Sala Galdós
After passing through security, you’ll need to locate the stairs or elevator to access the second floor, where you can easily find the lounge.

Opening Hours

The lounge is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm.

How to Get In?

We have visited Sala Galdós with our Priority Pass membership. Priority Pass comes with premium credit cards or it can be bought separately with money. We recommend lounge membership for everyone who travels frequently. Priority Pass is not the only alternative but it may be the best.

Business class passengers are normally offered a complimentary lounge visit without extra charges. It is good to know that economy class ticket holders and passengers without lounge membership may also access Sala Galdós by placing a single booking on Lounge Pass that sells affordably airport lounge passes. As of the publication date of this article, a lounge pass costs 30 euros which entitles you to a maximum of 3-hour stay at the lounge. Lounge Pass allows free cancellation if your plans change.

There are also other ways to access Sala Galdós. For example, the lounge accepts Diners Club, previously mentioned Priority Pass, LoungeKey and DragonPass memberships.

Our Sala Galdós Experience

We visited Sala Galdós during our preflight to Madrid which was operated by Air Europa. Since the flight departed at 10 am, we had plenty of time to enjoy breakfast before boarding the plane.


The lounge offered a large space with buffet tables, divided into two main sections with an inviting terrace extension. Comfortable armchairs and tables were plentiful, while power outlets were conveniently located throughout. The overall design exuded a modern aesthetic with a touch of Spanish flair.

chairs at the Sala Galdos lounge
The lounge was peaceful with plenty of comfortable seating available.

Galdós VIP Lounge
The lounge had a living room area where guests could watch live news broadcasts.

During our morning visit, natural light bathed in, making the bright surface shiny. The space was clean and thoughtfully laid out. In addition to comfortable seating and tables, numerous flight information screens kept us and other guests informed.

Galdos VIP Lounge
The decoration of the lounge was Spanish style with much open space and shiny surfaces.

The lounge had its restrooms but lacked showers. They thoughtfully provided dental kits for guests’ convenience. The lounge itself was clean, with staff frequently wiping down surfaces. A nice touch was having table napkins readily available on each dining table.

The highlight of the lounge might be its open-air terrace. This was a perfect spot for guests who enjoyed soaking up the sun, watching planes take off and land (plane spotters!), or taking a relaxing cigarette break (smokers, please note local smoking regulations). The only downside was that aeroplane noise could be expected on the terrace.

Galdos VIP Lounge
The Sala Galdós lounge terrace offers a great view of the tarmac, making it a perfect spot for avid plane spotters to enjoy.


If you do not have a lounge membership, you can still buy single access to this lounge from Lounge Pass.

The lounge was also suitable for families with small children because, near the door to the open-air terrace, there was a children’s play area. During our visit, there were no children in the lounge but we are sure children would enjoy playing while parents are having drinks and snacks.

Galdos VIP Lounge
The children’s dedicated area at the Sala Galdós lounge made it family-friendly for guests travelling with children.

Food and Drinks

The drink selection in the lounge was comprehensive, offering bottled water, infused water, soft drinks, juices, and hot beverages. Alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and spirits were also available. Like many other lounges, Sala Galdós allowed self-service for alcoholic beverages without restrictions.

buffet table of Sala Galdós lounge
The lounge had two large buffet tables.

Fridge full of bottled drinks
The lounge’s large fridge was stocked with water, soft drinks, beer, and a variety of other beverages.

coffee machine
Guests could enjoy freshly brewed coffee or tea from the lounge’s special coffee machine.

While the drink selection at Sala Galdós was impressive, the food options were more limited missing warm food. Luckily, the cold buffet was versatile and better than in many other lounges.

During our visit, the lounge served snacks like nuts, potato chips, and sandwiches. Additionally, there were bread, Serrano ham, cheese, single-packeted ice cream, and puddings. Sweet snacks and a bowl of chopped fruits were also available.

Galdos VIP Lounge catering
In addition to cold sandwiches, there were sweet products and much more.

Sala Galdós offered also fruits.

Wi-Fi and Business Facilities

The lounge offered fast and reliable Wi-Fi, perfect for productive work sessions. Peaceful tables equipped with power outlets throughout the lounge catered to the needs of business travellers. Additionally, flight monitors were conveniently located within the lounge for easy access to flight information.

Conference table
A conference table was available for business groups to use their waiting time efficiently.

Electric sockets
Around the lounge, there were numerous power sockets for guests to charge their devices.