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TravelReview: Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich Gate K11

Review: Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich Gate K11

entrance of Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich Gate K11

Business Lounge and Senator Lounge by Gate K11 share an entrance with an efficient reception area guiding passengers based on their ticket type and status.

There are multiple Lufthansa Business Lounges in Munich Airport. Depending on your departure gate, you need to choose the most suitable one. This lounge review focused on the Lufthansa Business Lounge opposite Gate K11 (Schengen Satellite). The lounge offers a comfortable space to relax before a flight. It is a welcome retreat with modern furnishings, various seating options, and a good selection of food and drinks. The provision of shower cubicles is a bonus. Certainly, this lounge is a pleasant place to relax and refresh if you’re flying via Munich Airport.

Lufthansa Business Lounge by K11 (Satellite Schengen)

Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich opposite Gate K11 (Schengen Satellite) is one of the several Lufthansa Business Lounges in Munich Airport located in the Schengen area of ​​the Terminal 2’s satellite building. In total, there are 4 Lufthansa Business Lounges, 5 Senator Lounges, and 1 Senator Cafe. Of these lounges, six of them cater to the Schengen satellite while four of them are at the non-Schengen satellite.

sign at Munich Aiport leading to Lufthansa Lounges
Directional signs to Lufthansa Lounges at Munich Aiport are clear.

During a recent trip from Singapore via Munich to Helsinki, I had a chance for a short visit to one of these Lufthansa Lounges at Munich Airport. Earlier, I visited a similar Lufthansa Business Lounge at Frankfurt Airport. In this article, I delve into the details of my experiences at the Lufthansa Business Lounge by gate K11 in Terminal 2, Satellite Schengen.

Location and Opening Hours

Lufthansa Lounges at Munich Airport is relatively easy to find, thanks to the airport’s clear and numerous signposts on the ceiling which help you find the right lounge. My lounge was located on Level 4 of Munich Airport in Terminal 2 inside the security area opposite Gate K11. If you don’t arrive at Terminal 2 Satellite, you usually take the Skytrain from the main building of Terminal 2 to get to the satellite. After arriving with the Skytrain, you first need to take the long escalator up and then turn right towards Gates K01 – K12. After walking past a few duty-free shops, it is only a short walk to the Lufthansa Business Lounge, which is located directly opposite Gate K11.

The lounge is open daily from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. If you happen to approach the wrong lounge, like I first stepped in at the lounge at G24, the lounge staff will happily direct you to the right lounge based on your departure gate.

directional sign leading to Lufthansa Business Lounge opposite Gate K11 at Munich Airport
Lufthansa Business Lounge opposite Gate K11 can be easily located with the aid of the signs.

Who Has Access to Lufthansa Business Lounges?

Lufthansa Business Lounge opposite Gate K11 at Munich Airport is accessible for Terminal 2 passengers departing on Schengen flights only.

Eligible departing passengers include those who have a First Class boarding pass with a flight operated by Lufthansa or Star Alliance, Business Class passengers, HON Circle Members, Senators and Lufthansa Miles & More Frequent Traveler members (Senators and Frequent Travellers who are travelling on the BASIC fare with Eurowings or Discover Airlines are excluded), Star Alliance Gold status holders with a same-day boarding pass not on BASIC FARE also have access. Additionally, Amex Platinum Card Members have complimentary access to this Lufthansa Business Lounge regardless of ticket class provided that they have a same-day boarding pass on a Lufthansa Group flight.

reception desk of Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich Gate K11
The reception desk of Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich Gate K11.

Passengers without the aforementioned access method can still enter this business lounge by making an online booking through LoungeBuddy. Children under 2 years old are granted complimentary admission when accompanied by an adult. Note that the LoungeBuddy bookings specifically for this lounge are not valid for any other Lufthansa Lounges within Munich Airport . Access will be declined if the booking is attempted at a different Lufthansa Lounge location. You can find a detailed explanation of all the rules for Lufthansa Lounge access on their official website.

Lounge Facilities

The lounge offers a customer service desk, luggage storage lockers, a selection of local and international newspapers and magazines, a secure wireless network, a business area with high chairs and power outlets and a printer/copying machine, various seating areas, an entertainment area with televisions, a relaxation area with lounger chairs, a self-service dining area, a tarmac view, toilets and showers.

high chairs of Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich Gate K11
The lounge featured working areas with many of these high chairs and white tables equipped with electric sockets and a big printer.

lounger chairs at the Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich Gate K11
Lufthansa Business Lounge Gate K11 loungers chairs.

My Lounge Experience

I arrived in Munich from Singapore and had a short layover before flying to Helsinki by Lufthansa. I had 30 minutes to check this lounge out.

Upon entering the Business Lounge, I was greeted by a friendly lounge female staff at the customer service desk. After checking my documents, she directed me to the Business Lounge on the left. The Senator Lounge was on the right side of the reception. On my arrival and throughout my whole stay, the lounge was half empty. Still, I noticed that a person a staff member was quite quick in clearing the tables and he greeted guests in German when taking dirty dishes from the table.

hallway of Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich Gate K11
Work desks had plenty of power sockets.

The business centre near the reception desks features high-top seating with outlets and partitions for added privacy. Although Lufthansa seems to prefer this design, the seating could certainly be more ergonomic. The lack of back support made me choose to sit on the regular armchair while I hadn’t noticed any of the other guests sitting on these high chairs which were plentiful in the lounge which is likely due to ergonomic reasons.

The lounge followed an L-shaped design, with various seating areas along the way. Lounger chairs arranged in rows, booths along the walls, and an entertainment zone with TVs offered a variety of options to relax. An area with day beds provides a place to rest, although the bright lights and noise level if the lounge is full, will certainly make it difficult to relax there.

world clocks at the Lufthansa Business Lounge K11
World clocks on the wall are a traditional feature of international lounges.

soft chairs at the Lufthansa Business Lounges Munich K11
The lounge had plenty of comfy seating.

seats at the Lufthansa Business Lounges Munich K11
Aside from soft chairs arranged in rows, there were more private seats towards the wall.

The dining area was situated at the very end of the lounge, offering cafe-style seating.

Although the lounge wasn’t particularly large, it never felt too crowded.

Food and Drinks

buffet table of Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich Gate K11
The lounge offered a limited food selection but the quality was ok.

a glass of orange at the Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich Gate K11
Orange juice tasted fresh.

The breakfast buffet selection was ample. The food selection was self-serve and included a range of fresh bread, scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, and hash browns. There was also a good selection of cold cuts and cheese. In addition to bread and rolls, there were also croissants. Those who prefer to start with dessert could help themselves with cookies, muffins, cakes or the large selection of fruit gums, popcorn, chips and biscuits. Beverages included self-serve liquor, beer, wine, soda, juice, and water. There were also coffee stations, each with a machine, tea selection, and some snacks.

Restroom and Shower Facilities

The lounge had bathrooms and shower suites near the entrance. The men’s room had adequate facilities and was well-maintained. The shower suites were well equipped, with toiletries provided in reusable containers.

toilet directional sign of Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich Gate K11
The lounge had its own toilets and shower rooms just near the entrance.