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TravelReview: Lufthansa Business Lounge at Frankfurt Airport

Review: Lufthansa Business Lounge at Frankfurt Airport

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We were fortunate to experience a flight with Lufthansa and had the opportunity to explore one of its Business Lounges at Frankfurt Airport. Given Lufthansa’s reputation as a top-tier airline in Europe, our expectations were high. While the lounge had its appealing aspects, it unfortunately fell short of our expectations in certain areas. Continue reading to discover our review and the changes we believe could enhance the overall lounge experience.

Lufthansa’s Lounges at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport functions as a hub for Lufthansa. The airport is composed of two terminals, with Terminal 1 being the primary point of operation for Lufthansa and its Star Alliance partners. This accounts for the variety of Lufthansa lounges present in Terminal 1.

In this article, we review Lufthansa’s Business Lounge near gates B24-B28.

Business, Senator or First-Class Lounge?

Lufthansa offers three types of lounges: Business, Senator, and First-Class, each catering to different passenger needs and preferences.

Business Lounge, which we visited, is mainly for business class passengers. It provides a comfortable space to work or relax before a flight, with amenities like Wi-Fi and refreshments. Also, American Express Platinum members can access Business Lounges when flying with Lufthansa.

Senator Lounges, on the other hand, are more premium than the Business Lounges. These lounges are reserved for travellers in the first class and those with LH Senator or Star Alliance Gold status. They offer more privacy and amenities than the Business Lounges, such as better-quality food and beverage options, shower facilities, and more. American Express Platinum members can access Senator Lounges when flying in the business class of Lufthansa.

First-Class Lounges represent the pinnacle of Lufthansa’s hospitality. This exclusive space is typically reserved only for first-class passengers and offers an array of superior amenities. It can be found at Lufthansa’s hubs like Frankfurt and Munich.

Our Visit to Business Lounge

Our journey from Helsinki to Belgrade included a layover in Frankfurt, which provided an ideal opportunity to experience Lufthansa’s Business Lounge. Despite travelling in Lufthansa’s economy class, our American Express Platinum cards granted us complimentary lounge access. The lounge does not accept Priority Pass.

Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1 houses six Lufthansa Business Lounges, serving both Schengen and non-Schengen areas. There is at least one lounge in every departure area. It’s advisable to pick one close to your departure gate for convenience. We chose the Lufthansa Business Lounge near gates B24-B28 in departure area B, which was conveniently just a short stroll from our departure gate.


Following the signs to Gate B24 on the airside, locating Lufthansa’s Business Lounge was a straightforward task. A member of staff was stationed at the foot of the stairs leading to the lounge, tasked with checking boarding passes and credit cards. Despite her decent presence, the welcoming service was not particularly impressive. However, she inspected our boarding passes and cards and let us access the stairs.

Signs to the lounge
The signs to the lounge and gates were clear at Frankfurt Airport.

As we ascended the stairs to the lounge, we encountered the lounge reception, staffed by several persons. It left us puzzled as to why there was a reception upstairs with idle employees, especially since our tickets had already been examined below. The lounge was far from being crowded, eliminating the possibility of restricting access as the reason. The staff seemed to be happy and friendly so we felt welcoming to the lounge. Our boarding passes were unexamined and we were freely allowed to enter.

The lounge was surprisingly peaceful late in the evening. You could have plenty of personal space for yourself.


As soon as we stepped into the lounge, its large size was the first thing that caught our attention. However, it wasn’t long before we realized that the lounge bore marks of wear and tear, indicating a need for renovation. The lounge boasted a unique, curved architecture, with designated zones for relaxation, and the buffet tables placed centrally for easy access. A rear passage, which linked the lounge’s distant end to the reception, accommodated the showers and toilets, offering a practical arrangement for visitors.

The buffet
The buffet was practically in the middle section of the lounge.

The lounge was well-equipped with different kinds of chairs and tables. There were plentiful power and USB outlets and some tables even featured contactless charging. A unique but a little outdated feature was the presence of phone booths – an uncommon sight in lounges. These booths are certainly useful for making phone calls, yet, despite their abundance, they were noticeably unused.

Phone booths
The presence of phone booths was a further indication of the lounge’s vintage charm. Such phone booths are a rarity in other lounges we’ve visited.

Dining area
There was an area was meant for dining. Its regular tables and chairs were suitable for eating.
Brown soft chair
This soft chair was comfortable even though it does not look the most modern anymore.

The seating areas were strategically placed adjacent to the windows that peered out onto the tarmac. However, the dark tarmac made it challenging to observe any captivating occurrences, as the windows merely mirrored the interior illumination back into the lounge.

Chairs and windows
The lounge had large windows to the tarmac. During the dark hours, they just reflected lights.

During the daylight, the lounge must have a nice view of the tarmac.

The lounge was thoughtfully furnished with a variety of tables: dedicated work desks for those needing to catch up on business, larger tables for dining, and cosy chairs accompanied by petite tables for those seeking relaxation with drinks.

Relaxing chair
These chairs give a feeling that you are at home in your living room.

This old but wide sofa could accommodate a group of passengers.

To invigorate the atmosphere within the lounge, a smattering of plants and artworks were tastefully arranged. There were also a few flight information screens even though it took time to find them. For example, one was above the buffet tables. The lounge also featured televisions.

Food and Drinks

Lufthansa Business Lounge offered an array of hot and cold dishes during our visit. The menu featured Indian chicken paired with rice, alongside various salads, soups, and bread. Two kinds of desserts were served to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Salad buffet
The cold buffet included numerous salads.

Main course
Chicken and rice were served for the main course.

Lufthansa Business Lounge had self-service.

Soup bowls
In addition to the entrees and main courses, there were two kinds of soups.

The beverages were equally impressive, showcasing a wide range of spirits, wines and beers. For those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, the lounge had an assortment of juices and soft drinks. And of course, coffee and tea were readily available, complemented by a selection of biscuits.

Alcohol table
The Germans maintain a casual attitude towards alcohol. The lounge provided an impressive array of spirits, wines, and beers.
Beer taps
Being customary in Germany to have beer taps which serve local beers, the Lufthansa Lounge had them too.

The food and beverages left no room for complaints.

Other Services

The lounge boasted well-working Wi-Fi, ensuring smooth and fast connectivity. A few newspapers and magazines were also available. A practical addition to the lounge had dedicated coat racks, providing a handy space for guests to hang their outerwear, adding to the convenience of the overall experience.

The lounge featured German and international newspapers.


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The reception staff at Lufthansa Business Lounge were notably friendly and approachable, offering warm smiles. This was a small contrast to the staff downstairs who, unfortunately, did not exude the same level of friendliness. Furthermore, the kitchen and cleaning staff also gave off an unfriendly impression which was somewhat disconcerting. Their lack of warmth and friendliness stood out against the otherwise comfortable ambience of the lounge.