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Good InfoRetired couple lives on cruise ships

Retired couple lives on cruise ships

Given the rapidly changing cost of living in the United States, lifestyle options that once seemed luxurious are now starting to look like good deals. A growing trend is that retirees are choosing to spend their golden years on cruise ships instead of living in a retirement community.

The latest examples of this trend are John, 76, and Melody Hennessee, 64. Before retiring, John was a doctor and the couple also owned an art gallery in Stuart, Florida. In 2021, the couple sold everything and purchased an RV to see the country, but after a few years, they were exhausted.

“The constant maintenance, fueling, and planning,” he told Realtor.com.

So, instead, the couple, who had extensive boating experience, decided to cruise the world. In March 2021, they began boat hopping, moving from one cruise ship to another. “I’ve been a sailor all my life, and we love cruising and traveling,” John told The Daily Mail.

Every day, they wake up in a new location. According to Realtor.com, their favorite spots are Bora Bora, Santorini and Croatia.

The couple even found that it was cheaper to cruise-ship hop than live on land.

“We now have a telephone bill, a ship bill, and a few credit card bills for when we go ashore, but that’s it,” John told SkyNews. “We no longer have a mortgage or the expense of homes. We no longer have vehicle insurance, property insurance, or utility bills. The list goes on. We are certain cruising is cheaper.”

“Right now, it is probably close to half of what it was when we lived on land,” he added. The couple is currently booked on cruises through December 2024, and in 2027, they will embark on the cruise of a lifetime. They have purchased a $2.9 million 600-square-foot cabin on the MV Narrative, a residential cruise ship. They will own the cabin as long as the ship is afloat.

Single 225-square-foot studio residencies on the boat start as low as $597,000.

The ship boasts 20 dining and bar concepts, a theater, 18 decks, laundry service, gyms, and hobby areas and it has a doctor and dentist on hand for emergencies.

The couple loves the hassle-free convenience of living on a cruise ship and they also get to see the world as well. “[The MV Narrative] is gonna take three and a half years to go around the world and every stop, they’ll spend at least three to five days, which on a cruise ship you have just a few hours. We really love that concept,” John said.

Life is easy for residents of the NV Narrative because it’s all-inclusive. You never have to pull out your wallet, except for the occasional special meal. The all-inclusive fees start at around $2500 per month per adult.

“We’re so excited. We just love the idea of having our own residence on a residential ship,” Melody told The Daily Mail. We are beside ourselves. We’re really, really looking forward to it because, like we said, we’re cruising now; we have 45 more cruises booked.”


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