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FoodReflections on the Year Gone By

Reflections on the Year Gone By

4 years. 250+ recipes. 200+ recipe videos. 4 cookbooks. 2 industry awards. Countless recognitions. Tons of love from the blogging community and food lovers worldwide. Time sure flies when you are having fun in the kitchen!

When I launched MadsCookhouse on March 18th, 2020, I never anticipated the amount of love and recognition it would receive. It was just a way to keep myself busy. As I celebrate another milestone, join me as I look back at the past year.

Awards and Recognitions

The highlight of the year gone by was being declared the first runner-up, recipe blog, at IFBA2023. This is my second award by the FBAI (Food Bloggers Association of India). I had won the Best Debut Blog back in 2021. I could not attend the event and missed my trophy. But I am grateful for the recognition by India’s premier online food news channel and the industry stalwarts.

My recipes were also featured on Weikfeld and GLEN websites and social media platforms.

My Cookbooks

In March 2023, I published my fourth cookbook, 40 Easy Breakfast Recipes. My second book on Amazon. A collection of 40 recipes from across the world. From the classic English breakfast to pancakes to waffles to smoothies to idlis to paranthas. It is available for purchase at Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy today!

I also participated in an anthology Sweet Chronicles: A Journey through the History of Indian Sweets. A big thanks to Samata Dey Bose (founder of indiacafe24.com) for this opportunity.

My Blog and Home Cooking Podcast

My blog has been listed among the best recipe blogs in India. It attracts well over 10,000 views a month now from all over the world. My recipes are regularly featured on Google Discover. The popular recipes have been featured on the Samsung Food app, Parade.com, and countless guides. Last but not least, a few have been declared top posts at Blogchatter.

My recipe podcast, Easy Recipes from Mads’ Cookhouse Podcast is ranked #7 among Best Home Cooking Podcasts. Who would have guessed a recipe podcast would be so successful!

Instant Healthy Mini Moonglets By Madhu Bindra

Slurrp by HT Media

Last year, I was invited to join the Slurrp by HT Media community. A vibrant community of home cooks and bakers. The love I continue to receive from them is overwhelming.

They have several ongoing contests. My recipes have won quite a few including those sponsored by Weikfield and GLEN. Along with that, my recipe web stories continue to be featured on Slurrp website. I also had a chance to attend their HT City event in 2023, connecting with one of the most supportive food communities.

Cookpad India

I have always said that Mads’ Cookhouse would probably not continue to exist without Cookpad India. I joined the community in June 2020 and it has been my second home since. Their Global Apron challenges sure keep me on my toes. Getting featured in their newsletter, on social media, and their badges are always a cherry on top.


Pinterest for me is not just a way to drive traffic to my blog but a mini-community. I always love hearing feedback on my recipes. That’s not all, I have continued to be featured by them.

What’s coming up

I have not planned a book anytime soon. This year, I want to concentrate on creating recipes and sharing them with you all. I do have another anthology with the very inspirational Anupama Dalmia coming up. I will keep you updated.

It is long overdue but I will be starting my newsletter soon. Get on the list by signing up. What’s more, you get a free copy of my second cookbook, My Mystery Cookbook 2021. The offer is for a limited time, grab your copy today.

I have always enjoyed cooking. Mads’ Cookhouse has given me a platform to share my love for food. As it completes four years, thank you for being a part of this journey with me. It has been both rewarding and humbling. I love receiving your messages and hearing your feedback when you try out my recipes. This young woman of seventy-plus will keep experimenting in the kitchen and keep sharing her recipes with you.

God bless you all!

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla in collaboration with Mads’ Cookhouse.


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