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Good InfoMost Americans Say the BEST Part of the Super Bowl is Not...

Most Americans Say the BEST Part of the Super Bowl is Not the Actual Game

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According to an American survey of 2,000 Super Bowl watchers, 40% look forward to attending or hosting a party for the big game, rather than simply watching at home.

But they often spend little time in front of the TV.

The overall average viewing time watching the actual athletes was just 29 minutes out of the 3-hour official broadcast.

That number was dragged down by nearly one-third of respondents (29%) who spent more time in front of the snacks and food table, than anywhere else.

9% admit they are unlikely to know which teams are playing in the February 11th game. But, when asked who won last year’s Super Bowl, one-third were able to correctly identify the Kansas City Chief as the reigning champions.

Besides the athletic play, the survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Charbroil, revealed three items more important

55% say they look forward to the half-time show, 45% are eager to see the commercials, and 40% like the drinks—while 38% say they want to see the competition on the field.

Pro-Tip if you are attending a party: more than three-quarters (77%) agree that it’s rude to stand and talk in the same room that people are watching the game. Move to the kitchen!

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By Hybrid Storytellers

Americans take their Super Bowl parties seriously. When hosting a viewing party, respondents typically spend about eight DAYS planning the menu, inviting guests, and preparing.

31% are likely to spend more time planning for the Super Bowl party than for a holiday celebration (24%) or a graduation party (8%).

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Fully 77% believe that the food and snacks are imperative to the Super Bowl experience. The best game-time party foods are reportedly chips (55%), dips (50%), hot dogs (42%), pizza (39%), and hamburgers (37%).

And for all that goes into this feast, the average respondent will start cooking five hours before game time and ideally need three people helping them out.

What elements specifically make up the perfect Super Bowl snack? 64% said that means something relevant to the game—such as Philly cheesesteaks for the Eagles who played last year, barbecue in support of Kansas City this year, or sourdough bread for San Francisco, their opponents.

ROLE MODELS: 30,000 Pounds of Leftover Super Bowl Food Saved From Landfill and Donated to Charity

“Super Bowl snacking is all about that unique twist, and 43% of fans are craving something out of the ordinary this year,” said Penner. “From classics like wings, to on-trend smash burgers, we invite everyone to make this Super Bowl spread one to remember.”

“Super Bowl gatherings are about celebrating the highs and lows of the big game with good friends and great food,” said Tom Penner, CEO, Char-Broil.

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