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Good InfoMom Has 70 Million-to-1 Quadruplets—Two Sets of Identical Twins–And They Weren't Even...

Mom Has 70 Million-to-1 Quadruplets—Two Sets of Identical Twins–And They Weren’t Even Trying to Get Pregnant

Hannah Carmack with quadruplets – family photo via SWNS

An Alabama woman broke the odds of 70-million-to-1 giving birth to quadruplets that are two sets of identical twins.

Hannah Carmack and her husband, Michael, found out they were expecting a year and a half ago—and were shocked when the sonogram revealed they were having quads.

The fact that they were two sets of twins gives it the 70 million odds.

In March last year, 27 weeks into her pregnancy, Hannah gave birth to Evelyn 2-lbs 11oz, David, 2 lbs 40z, Daniel 2 lbs 4oz, and Adeline 1lbs 10oz—all via a planned c-section.

Just 96 days later, they‘d all arrived home to Gadsden, and the parents now say they are “thriving”.

“It was chaotic when we brought them home for the first time,” said the 29-year-old veterinary technician. “Luckily I flew my step mom out for two and a half months to help me adjust.

“They all slept and ate at the same time. They thrived off each other: if one would scream, the other one would scream.

“The first time I saw them all home together I cried, I couldn’t believe it. They were a miracle.” (Watch an adorable video of their morning routine, below…)

Hannah Carmack with her quads (via SWNS)

Hannah and Michael were not even trying to have a baby, so when they found out they were expecting it came as a shock.

When the first scan revealed they were having quads, Hannah said she had a “panic attack”.

“I saw two placentas on the screen and I asked if they were twins. My husband put his hands on his head and started laughing while I was crying.”

But the technician wasn’t answering.

“I asked if it was triplets and she still didn’t reply, she put her hand on my knee and said there were four. I asked if she was sure and she said how there was definitely four babies there.”

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Hannah Carmack and husband Michael with sonogram of quadruplets – via SWNS

From the outset, Hannah was warned that it would be a miracle to make it to 30 weeks—and at 27 weeks, she was hospitalized at the University of Alabama Hospital and monitored closely. Doctors told her the goal was to get her to 28 weeks, as the babies would be safer to deliver—but it wasn’t to be.

After the births, the doctors told her all the babies were “doing good” although they had been intubated. Three days later, Hannah was sent home.

Baby Evelyn followed after 69 days, Adeline and David after 80 and 82 days and the last one came home after 96 days.

“Oh man, a lot of people prayed over our babies. They all had a 50 percent chance of survival; they had odds against them from the beginning.

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“They are all super sweet. The boys are obsessed with me and the girls are drifting towards their father.”

“They are all doing great now, Daniel is trying to walk, they are crawling and eating table food.”

The Carmacks share their life with quads on Youtube and TikTok at @carmackquads. Watch an adorable video of the kids’ morning routine at around one year old, and see what a great mom she is…

“Their personalities are very different: David is mysterious; Evelyn is our adventure baby; Adeline keeps to herself; and Daniel is on the go all the time.”

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