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TravelMiraval Austin review: A Hyatt wellness resort in Texas

Miraval Austin review: A Hyatt wellness resort in Texas

Set your intention. Prepare for “Miraval Mode.” Sign a contract agreeing not to use digital devices in most areas of Miraval Austin. Then, choose activities ranging from crystal meditation and a metabolism lecture to cardio drumming and a farm tour.

I knew Miraval Austin — which participates in World of Hyatt — was likely to be a special place and that my stay would be memorable. But I completely underestimated how impactful and, frankly, jarring (in a good way) my Miraval Austin stay would be. Here’s what it was like and how to decide whether Miraval Austin is right for you.

What is Miraval Austin?

Miraval Austin is a wellness-focused resort just outside Austin, Texas. All Miraval Austin stays include meals, nonalcoholic drinks, transportation between the resort and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS), and many activities.


Some activities, spa treatments and alcoholic drinks cost extra. But most rates include a daily resort credit you can use toward paid activities and spa treatments.

For all those reasons, Miraval is unlike any other brand within the World of Hyatt portfolio. And I dare say it’s different from any you’ll find within other major hotel loyalty programs in general, even the health-oriented luxury chain Six Senses, which is part of IHG One Rewards.

What you get from a Miraval stay — whether at Miraval Austin, Miraval Arizona or Miraval Berkshires — depends on how much you immerse yourself in the experience.

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How far is Miraval Austin from the nearest airport?

Miraval Austin is 27 miles from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, with a 30- to 60-minute drive time.

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The resort offers complimentary transfers to and from the airport at set times, although you must book these transfers in advance. Transfers depart the airport hourly from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and depart the resort at 6 a.m., 8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m. daily.

Miraval Austin is also close enough to Austin for guests to use ride-hailing services if they prefer. For example, when leaving the property around 4:30 p.m., I took an Uber to a nearby car rental facility. Just be prepared to wait awhile after submitting your request and let the Arrivals Center staff know you’re departing via ride-hailing service so they can let your driver in the gate.

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How much is Miraval Austin, and what are the best ways to book?

Rates at Miraval Austin start at $772 or 40,000 Hyatt points per night for a single-occupancy standard room. If you book a double-occupancy standard room, rates start at $1,274 or 57,500 points per night.

Stays at Miraval Austin code as a Hyatt hotel on Chase credit cards. So, you’ll earn 4 points per dollar if you use your World of Hyatt Credit Card to pay for your stay.

Award pricing follows the World of Hyatt award chart for Miraval. This award chart has off-peak, standard and peak pricing as follows:

Award type Off-peak points per night Standard points per night Peak points per night
Standard room 40,000 (single occupancy)

57,500 (double occupancy)

45,000 (single occupancy)

65,000 (double occupancy)

50,000 (single occupancy)

72,000 (double occupancy)

Standard suite 65,000 (single occupancy)

82,500 (double occupancy)

75,000 (single occupancy)

95,000 (double occupancy)

85,000 (single occupancy)

107,000 (double occupancy)

Premium suite 95,000 (single occupancy)

112,500 (double occupancy)

105,000 (single occupancy)

125,000 (double occupancy)

115,000 (single occupancy)

137,000 (double occupancy)

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Miraval Austin rates include the room, meals, snacks, nonalcoholic drinks, and an assortment of wellness activities, fitness classes and informational sessions. Most rates — including award nights you book with points or an Ultimate Free Night Award, but not complimentary nights obtained using a Miraval Extra Night Award — also include a $175 resort credit per person, per night.

Best way to book a Miraval Austin stay

The best way to book a Miraval Austin stay is through World of Hyatt. Depending on the paid rates for your dates and your valuation of Hyatt points, you may want to book a paid stay and earn Hyatt points or redeem Hyatt points for your stay. Either way, you’ll earn Hyatt points on your incidental expenses, enjoy elite benefits, and get elite-qualifying nights and points toward status when you book through Hyatt.

If you plan to book a paid rate, look for less expensive nights you can book during promotions that might offer a third or fourth night free or an elevated daily resort credit.

Miraval Extra Night Awards

One way to get a great deal on your Miraval Austin stay is by using Miraval Extra Night Awards. These awards are redeemable for an additional consecutive night of free accommodation at a Miraval property when you pay an eligible rate, redeem a Free Night Award, or book a points-plus-cash stay for a night on the same stay.

However, these Extra Night Awards take a lot of nights with Hyatt to earn. You can earn a Miraval Extra Night Award through the Hyatt Milestone Rewards program after staying 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 and 150 elite-qualifying nights with Hyatt within a calendar year.


You’ll have to call Miraval to book to use a Miraval Extra Night Award, though. The only way the Miraval agent could book my stay using Miraval Extra Night Awards was in four separate reservations that couldn’t subsequently be combined.

Having four reservations resulted in transportation and checkout confusion, the need to book activities within each separate reservation and about 45 emails from Miraval leading up to my stay (many of which were duplicates since I got the same emails for all four reservations). Hopefully, Miraval and Hyatt will find a way to book Miraval Extra Night Awards in a way that doesn’t require multiple reservations, which would eliminate these annoyances.

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How do Miraval Austin daily resort credits work?

Most paid and points rates at Miraval Austin qualify for daily resort credits that can be used for fee-based activities, private sessions and spa treatments (but not retail purchases and alcohol). These credits roll over throughout your stay, so you don’t need to worry about fully using your credit each day. Instead, Miraval will add up your credits and eligible expenses for your entire stay at checkout, and you’ll be left to pay the difference.

I used part of my resort credit on a floating meditation class. KATIE GENTER/THE POINTS GUY

Resort credits are per person, not per room, though. Unlike most hotels, which track credits and expenses by room, Miraval keeps track of each individual’s credits and expenses. So you can’t apply your credits to another person’s charges, even if they’re in your room.

Miraval Austin day spa package

Miraval Austin also offers day spa packages on some dates. You can book your day package online, which lets you enjoy the property from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Day packages at Miraval Austin are currently available from $466 per person and include the following:

  • $250 resort credit per person
  • Welcome tote bag and reusable Miraval water bottle
  • Lunch in the Hilltop Crossings Kitchen
  • Smoothies and the coffee bar at The Nest
  • Yoga, meditation, fitness classes and wellness lectures (you should reserve space in these in advance)
  • Access to other Miraval Austin resort amenities, including the Body Mindfulness Center and pools

Miraval Austin accommodations

Guest accommodations are located in 13 buildings around the property. Most buildings have three floors with about three rooms per floor. We were in Room 222, a second-floor double-queen Dreamcatcher room near the Arrivals Center in the Discovery Cove section. This is a standard room type, the other being a Hill Country King.


Near the entrance to our room was a wooden panel with five fold-out hooks that were convenient for hanging bags and clothing.


Next, the closet area adjoined a beverage station with a small refrigerator. The beverage station included coffee cups, water glasses, wine glasses, and ample coffee and tea supplies. In the refrigerator was a water carafe that could filter tap water.

Within the closet was an iron and ironing board, two plush Miraval robes, a luggage rack, ample hangers, a safe and slippers.


Around a corner from the closet was the bedroom. The beds looked — and felt — like clouds. Although the bedding was soft and plush, I slept great despite having a back that is normally agitated by soft beds.

Between the beds were a lamp, outlets, a clock and a meditation cushion.


Across from the beds was a 65-inch TV. Unfortunately, the TV was not “smart,” so I couldn’t stream music or videos. Under the TV was a cabinet with a cellphone “sleeping bed” to help folks disconnect, and a Tibetan singing bowl.

By the window was a chaise lounge designed for one person.


And by the patio doorway was a table with no chairs. This meant there was only seating for one inside the room unless you considered the meditation cushion seating (which I did not).


The patio held four chairs and a small side table, presumably because the room could sleep up to four guests. I loved sitting on the patio, listening to the birds sing and looking at the flowers in the field below.

Next to the patio door was the bathroom, which you can separate from the bedroom with a sliding barn-style door. Two sinks and plenty of counter space made getting ready quickly in the mornings easy. Below the sinks were towels and a hair dryer.

A toilet room with a door and fan was on one side of the sinks.


On the side of the sinks toward the patio was a shower with an opaque window, letting in some light while providing complete privacy. I loved the rainfall showerhead, but there was also a handheld one.

Miraval Austin layout

Miraval Austin looks large on a map, but I could walk between most points on the main property in less than 10 minutes.

Always check your printed schedule or the Miraval monthly guide to see the location for your activites. You’ll find most fitness activities occur in the Body Mindfulness Center. The BMC has a large room for classes, bathrooms (each with a stocked shower and towels), a well-stocked gym and lockers.

Meanwhile, most lectures and some private sessions meet in the Millhouse building. You’ll also find on-site experience planners here that you can meet with to tweak your activity schedule or book additional activities.

Yoga and meditation classes usually occur in Solidago, Yoga Barn or a yurt near Yoga Barn. The Yoga Barn is a stunning space with its rustic exterior and its cavernous yet well-lit interior.

The yurts near Yoga Barn can be used for various sessions, although I only attended yoga classes in one yurt.

Meanwhile, Solidago is a historic building that served as the original property’s spiritual center.

Outdoor recreation activities meet near the challenge course across from the BMC, and farm activities usually meet on the Live Oak conference center terrace.


You’ll find the Discovery Pool near the Arrivals Center. This pool is filled with salt water and is open to resort guests 24 hours a day. You can lounge by the pool or enjoy a quick snack or drink at the Discovery Pool cafe.

And you’ll find the Sensory Garden between Millhouse and Yoga Barn. Many guests and staff members gathered with the resort’s astrologist to watch the April 8 total eclipse in this garden.

If you want to take a nature walk, you can take one of two well-marked hikes from any of the three trailheads across the resort. I went on the 1.2-mile Blue trail twice, enjoying cedar trees, a water tank, wildlife and flowers.

There’s also a short Silver trail that goes from the Sensory Garden to the Hilltop Crossings Kitchen. This trail is mostly used by guests looking to relax in the shaded hammocks along the path.

Activities make Miraval Austin special

Starting 60 days out, you can start booking activities for your stay. Know that it will take some time to review all the activities and decide what you want to book — I recommend spending at least 30 minutes per day you’re staying at Miraval to go through the catalog.

My husband and I booked our activities online 37 days before we arrived at Miraval Austin and still had access to many options — but you also won’t see the options that aren’t available anymore when booking, so you probably won’t feel like you missed out. You can also talk to a Miraval Austin experience planner if you need help booking activities or deciding what to do.


You can add more activities, space permitting, once you arrive. Plus, you can show up for complimentary activities without a reservation and join if space permits. I filled my days with activities while at Miraval Austin, doing about six per day. After all, I was at Miraval to learn and try new things.

The Miraval Austin specialists leading these activities are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate. Impressively, there wasn’t a single session I went to where I didn’t feel like the specialist leading it did an excellent job. Here’s a look at some of my favorite activities at Miraval Austin.

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Fitness and stretching classes

I took various fitness and stretching classes at the BMC while at Miraval Austin. I learned how to use a foam roller correctly in the “Release and Recover” class. And I learned some new stretches to counteract my time on my laptop in the morning stretch and mobility sessions.


I loved the cardio drumming class, which is as much fun as it sounds. Who doesn’t like running around and jumping up and down while drumming on an exercise ball to popular songs?


The “Ride and Release” class was also useful because I learned how to have fun while using an exercise bike for an interval cardio workout.

Yoga classes

I took a variety of yoga classes at Miraval Austin. All of the classes were beginner-friendly while still challenging more advanced participants. I enjoyed the class on yoga essentials for beginners, as I learned some new, more approachable flows. The Hatha Yin/Yang Yoga class was interesting, too, as it taught me some great stretching poses.


Meditation sessions

The meditation sessions I participated in at Miraval Austin were well led. The floating meditation — which cost $75 and was the only paid activity I tried outside spa treatments — provided an interesting cocoonlike sensation. I particularly liked how the practitioner lightly rocked my hammock throughout the session.


Shanti pranam was a thought-provoking and inspiring peace-offering meditation. The Tibetan singing bowls meditation was also a unique, peaceful experience.


I attended some meditation sessions at the start and end of my Miraval Austin stay that set the tone for my time there. My second activity at Miraval Austin was yoga nidra meditation, a relaxing session experienced while lying down. Although I didn’t fall asleep, it put me into the relaxed state I needed for my Miraval Austin experience.


My second-to-last activity — Ring of Light — was also a meditation. During this session, participants were guided in writing down things to leave behind. Then, we burned the papers denoting these things and buried the ashes. It was a cathartic session and a great way to end my Miraval Austin experience.


Classroom sessions

Miraval Austin also offers a mix of classroom sessions. In the classroom sessions I attended, I got useful guidance from a nutritionist, gained tips on being digitally mindful after leaving Miraval and learned how to handle stress better. The sessions were in small groups and provided information and actionable advice.

Farm tours

I went on two different farm tours at Miraval Austin: a general farm tour and a chicken-keeping tour. The farm is about a five-minute drive from the main Miraval Austin property, so you must take a quick van ride between the resort and the farm.

Both farm tours were informative, but the chicken-keeping tour also provided useful information for those who might want to start keeping a few hens in their backyard.

Outdoor activities

While at Miraval Austin, I tried three outdoor adventure activities: Swing and a Prayer, Leap of Faith, and the Rock Squirrel challenge course. These activities were fun ways to push me outside my comfort zone.

I did the Swing and a Prayer activity first, which lifted me about 35 feet above the ground. I had to release my hold on a rope to drop myself into a big swinging motion.

The next day, I tried the Leap of Faith activity. For this, you climb stairs to a ledge 40 feet above the ground and eventually step into a short free fall before an auto-repell system gently lowers you.


On my last day, I did the eight parts of the Rock Squirrel challenge course 15 feet above the ground. You can make this course as challenging as you wish — but if you don’t have much upper body strength, you’ll likely struggle to get back up if you fall.


Spa services

Finally, I booked two 50-minute relaxation massages at the Life in Balance multilevel spa facility for $215 each. The spa includes a shop, locker rooms, hot tubs and about 30 treatment rooms on two floors.

The masseuses were experienced, the massage table was heated and I enjoyed both rubdowns. However, I can’t say either massage was the best I’ve had. I asked the first masseuse to focus on my right shoulder, but this seemed to throw her off her routine and resulted in a rushed ending to the session. Meanwhile, the second masseuse used differing pressure levels throughout the massage, which seemed unintentional.


Next to the spa is the resort’s freshwater Serenity Pool, which is open 24 hours a day to all guests. This pool was about a 10-minute walk from my room — the resort’s saltwater pool was much closer to my room — so I only visited it to watch a few sunsets. The Serenity Pool offers a place to swim laps and relax in peace, as although there are plenty of seating and lounging options, there is no bar or cafe at this pool.

Human connections at Miraval Austin

One of the most interesting parts of Miraval Austin was how people interacted. So often at hotels and resorts, you don’t interact with or converse with staff members or other guests. But at Miraval Austin, we smiled and greeted others as we walked the property. And we had lengthy conversations with a handful of other guests and staff members.

As the staff member leading a lecture on digital mindfulness noted, Miraval’s digital device policy — and guest buy-in to this policy — facilitates these interactions. Instead of using our phones before the session, we were happily chatting away until the session began.

Miraval Austin digital device agreement. MIRAVALRESORTS.COM

Each Miraval staff member wears a tag with their name and an “I am” followed by a word that represents their connection to Miraval and their true essence. Guests are also encouraged to consider during their stay what their “I am” would be and then write themselves a letter about their experience at the end of their stay. The Miraval staff will mail guests the letter they wrote after three months.

Dining is an area Miraval Austin can improve

Stays at Miraval Austin include food and nonalcoholic drinks. However, especially considering the cost of a stay at Miraval Austin, I expected high-quality food and service on-site.

As you’ll read below, Miraval Austin succeeded in providing appealing food. But the service was sometimes not quite in line with that quality. Here’s a look at each of the dining options I tried.

Hilltop Crossings Kitchen

Guests eat most of their meals at Hilltop Crossings Kitchen, which offers restaurant-style service. We ate breakfast and dinner here each day, and lunch on our first day. For breakfast and lunch, you can order from a menu, get food from the buffet or both. At dinner, your only option is to order from the menu, though.

Here’s a look at the Hilltop Crossings Kitchen lunch menu and my lunch the first day. I tried the Nest Burger, which came with potato chips. The chips seemed freshly made, and the burger was flavorful and not too messy.

Here’s a look at the breakfast menu and a few of my morning meals. The made-to-order menu items were good the morning we tried them — the avocado toast seemed like it had at least an entire avocado, while the build-your-own omelet was fluffy and not oily. The buffet options were quicker and offered unique pancake flavors, egg scrambles and more.

Dinner is the only meal for which you must make reservations. I emailed for a nightly 8 p.m. reservation a few days before my stay and was granted this request with no issues. Here are the dinner menus for the four nights I stayed.

I tried an appetizer, main course and dessert during each dinner. My favorite appetizer was an apple-cabbage salad for its mixture of fresh vegetables and light dressing. But I also loved the burrata, which included savory cheese over a perfectly cooked sweet potato. Here’s a look at the four appetizers I tried.

In terms of main courses, I enjoyed all four I ordered. But my favorite main course was the Scottish salmon due to its light glaze and wonderfully seasoned Brussels sprouts. I also enjoyed the 44 Farms sirloin, which was offered with different side dishes on several nights of my stay. Here’s a look at all four of my main courses.

Finally, my favorite dessert was a vegan banana pudding. I love homemade banana pudding and was thrilled this version offered the taste and consistency I love while being vegan. The only dessert I didn’t like was the chai cremeux since it was brittle and ultrasugary.

You can order wine by the glass or bottle at dinner. Here’s a look at the wine-by-the-glass options.


The breakfast and lunch buffet options changed daily and were fresher than I usually expect from a buffet. However, the service to bring water and take food and beverage orders was extremely slow. Each meal seemed to creep by, leaving us to eat from the buffet during most breakfasts, and use the grab-and-go area at The Nest for lunch.

The Nest

The Nest is adjacent to the Hilltop Crossings Kitchen. It has a staffed coffee and smoothie bar during the day and an alcohol bar in the evenings.

You’ll almost always find a selection of grab-and-go foods in The Nest. I particularly enjoyed the coconut almond energy bites for their unique consistency, and the turkey avocado wrap for its mixture of fresh ingredients and ample serving of meat and avocado.

There’s also a self-serve coffee bar in the morning.


I enjoyed the smoothies but found they were often not well blended. This led to chunks of ice and frozen premade mix at the bottom. The one time we brought this up with the staff member tending the bar, they offered to make a new smoothie.


Discovery Pool bar

You can get food and drinks from the Discovery Pool bar in the afternoons. I tried a Painkiller cocktail and chips with salsa one afternoon, while my husband tried a seasonable soda mocktail and the Caprese pesto salad.

The Painkiller cocktail tasted like a less-sweet pina colada but likely wasn’t worth its $17 cost. We ordered mostly mocktails at Miraval Austin because the resort did them nicely, and it was a good opportunity to drink less alcohol.

The Caprese pesto salad was a fresh treat by the pool. But the chips and salsa were disappointing, as they both seemed store-bought. Especially in Austin, I’d expect the chips and salsa to be freshly made in-house.

World of Hyatt elite benefits are minimal

Going into my Miraval Austin stay, I knew Hyatt elite status doesn’t usually offer many perks on Miraval stays. After all, breakfast is already included, and there is no club lounge or dedicated elite check-in area.

Despite arriving at Miraval Austin around 11 a.m., I still needed to wait for the 3 p.m. check-in time to get into my room. And although I asked for a late checkout at check-in, it wasn’t available, so I was asked to check out at the standard 11 a.m. time. Granted, neither of these were significant issues as I was enjoying the property.

The only noticeable benefits I received at Miraval Austin as a top-tier Hyatt Globalist member were higher bonus points earnings, access to a dedicated Hyatt Globalist experience planner before my stay and an upgrade from a first-floor room to a second-floor room.


You can book wheelchair-accessible Dreamcatcher rooms at Miraval Austin that offer roll-in showers. Specifically, you can book an accessible Dreamcatcher room with one or two queen beds if you want a roll-in shower.

The beds in my nonaccessible room featured mattresses that were 20 inches above the floor and had no clearance under them for a lift. So, if you need a specific amount of clearance under your bed, inquire with the Miraval Austin staff before booking to ensure accessible rooms have adequate clearance under the bed.


Both pools and hot tubs have pool lifts, and most common areas at Miraval are accessible by a ramp or elevator. Two notable exceptions would be Solidago and the farm, which could be difficult to reach for some guests with limited mobility.

I expect the staff at Miraval Austin will do its best to adapt to guest needs. However, I recommend talking with a Miraval Austin experience planner to see whether the resort is right for you if you have any accessibility concerns.

Reasons Miraval Austin might not be for you

Miraval Austin is a special, impactful place if you let it be. But, especially considering its significant cost, Miraval Austin isn’t right for everyone. Here are some reasons Miraval Austin might not be for you:

  • You want or need to use your electronics throughout your stay: A mandatory part of a Miraval Austin visit is adherence to its digital mindfulness policy. You’ll get the most value from your stay if you can completely — or at least mostly — disconnect while on-site. But at the bare minimum, you’ll have to commit to not looking at or using your digital devices except in select areas. You can use your phone to take photos (but you should wait until later to post or send them).
  • You aren’t interested in exercise and wellness activities: A large part of a Miraval Austin stay is the opportunity to participate in exercise and wellness activities and sessions. If you aren’t interested in these activities, Miraval Austin likely won’t provide enough value to you.
  • You’re looking for a party: Miraval Austin is more about relaxation and reflection than partying. Groups stay at Miraval Austin, but the most partylike atmosphere you’ll see is an excited discussion over wine at dinner.
  • You want to chill by the pool: You’ll find two pools to relax by at Miraval Austin between activites. But you’ll get the most out of Miraval Austin by attending activities and sessions. So, if your primary goal is to relax at the pool, a different resort is likely best for you.
  • You want to bring children: Miraval Austin only welcomes guests 18 or older. So, if you want to bring younger guests, Miraval Austin isn’t for you. But you could book a stay at Miraval Berkshires during a Family Connection Week.

I could already feel my stress and tension disappearing after just a day at Miraval Austin. I enjoyed learning new stretches and finding out about different types of yoga and meditation. After four days, I was no longer instinctually reaching for my phone to scroll on social media or check my notifications.

If you’ve gone through trauma or a loss recently, want to improve a specific aspect of your life or feel like you need a digital detox, Miraval Austin may be a great place for you to learn and recover.

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Checking out

I went into my stay at Miraval Austin with high expectations, questioning whether I’d believe my experience was worth the significant cash or points cost once my stay was complete. In this review, I expected to write that Miraval Austin was a great experience but wasn’t worth the points I’d redeemed.

After staying, I can say Miraval Austin is worth it for people looking to recover and improve their wellness. I expect to pay for a daypass to return to Miraval Austin and try out other Miraval resorts as time and money permit. I also expect I’ll scrape together the points or cash to book another stay next time I need to hit “pause” on life and focus on myself for a few days.


Whether you redeem points or book a paid rate, a stay at Miraval Austin costs a lot. But if points (or cash) aren’t a limiting factor for you, I highly recommend an extended stay. We found plenty of activities to fill our four-night stay. And you’ll slip further into Miraval Mode the longer you stay.

As I noted in the title, your stay at Miraval Austin might change your life. Mine led me to change how I eat, incorporate more stretching into my daily life and alter my relationship with my phone, and I know that several other guests I met during my stay were working on even more life-changing lifestyle improvements.


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