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Good InfoMcKenzie Scott Has Now Given Away $16.5 Billion–with New Grants Announced–Since Divorcing...

McKenzie Scott Has Now Given Away $16.5 Billion–with New Grants Announced–Since Divorcing Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett, Giving Pledge

Hypothetical: You have $640 million you want to give away, but you want to give it away to many different groups. How do you find the groups? How do you process value judgments between charities and non-profit organizations and decide who to uplift and who to ignore?

That’s a situation billionaire philanthropist McKenzie Scott has had to approach as part of her commitment to relinquish all of the billions she received in her divorce settlement with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

An organization set up to help her navigate this problem, Yield Giving, recently completed an open call process for a grant money giveaway wherein Scott donated double the millions she had originally planned for, helping 361 charities and non-profits with a $1 or $2 million grant.

Yield Giving conducted investigations into the processes, transparency, and effectiveness of all the orgs that applied for a grant through the open call process alongside an organizer called Levers for Change.

The evaluation was done through “careful analysis of criteria specific to their size, geography, and mission for indicators of high potential for sustained positive impact, including stable finances, multi-year track records, measurement and evidence of outcomes, and experienced leadership representative of the community served,” Yield wrote on their website.

“The 279 nonprofits that received top scores from an external review panel were awarded $2 million, while 82 organizations in a second tier received $1 million each,” AP News reported.

In a blog post, Scott explained the process that saw Levers for Change whittle through a pool of over 6,000 applicants.

“Each of these 361 community-led non-profits was elevated… for their outstanding work advancing the voices and opportunities of individuals and families of meager or modest means, and groups who have met with discrimination and other systemic obstacles,” she wrote.

A scroll through the total list of recipients shows that many of the donations went to human-centered work: improving opportunities for disadvantaged youth, aiding those unfairly battered by the criminal justice system, connecting victims of trauma and violence with people and groups who can help them, or securing stability for the homeless or immigrants, just to name a few.

Many of the organizations released statements upon receiving the gift, which came along with a letter from Scott explaining her appreciation for their work.

Able SC is a disability-led organization seeking transformational changes in systems and communities to better support disabled people.

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“Able South Carolina is thrilled and overjoyed to be selected not only to receive this gift from Yield Giving but also as one of the top-rated organizations in the nation,” said Able SC President and CEO Kimberly Tissot. “This gift brings our vision closer to reality. With $2 million, we will invest this towards our big goals of developing a nationally recognized disability-led initiative.”

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Avenues for Justice has diverted thousands of NYC youth from incarceration since 1979.

“By providing the youth of New York City a second chance to fulfill their potential and reach for their dreams, Avenues for Justice attempts to meet those goals every day,” said AFJ Board Chair, Alanna Rutherford. “We thank Yield Giving Open Call for the opportunity to expand our education, mentorship, job training, and other services that we provide our clients.”

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The Colorado Fiscal Institute uses research, advocacy, strategic communications, and statewide education to promote responsible, people-centered, fiscal, and economic policies that advance equity and widespread prosperity in Colorado.

“We’re deeply grateful to receive this generous gift from MacKenzie Scott. It’s a testament to the efforts of our incredible staff, current and former board of directors, amazing local funders and supporters who’ve been with us all this time… with whom we’ve been working toward our shared vision of a state where our fiscal and economic policies support equity and widespread prosperity,” said CFI Executive Director Kathy White.

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