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TravelLuxury sunglasses: How to choose the right sunglasses for your face shape

Luxury sunglasses: How to choose the right sunglasses for your face shape

Finding sunglasses that suit you isn’t always as easy as you might expect. But fear not – we’ve spoken to the experts at Saks Fifth Avenue to gain a better understanding of how certain frames complement specific face shapes to enhance your look. Knowing which sunglass styles suit you is critical in helping you to make a confident choice when it comes to luxury eyewear. Read on to learn more about how certain frame types will benefit your overall style.

Oversized frames

Oversized frames are perfect if you’re wanting to make a statement. They will add not only a hint of drama, but also a degree of sophistication to your look. But they work best with round faces by adding angularity and structure, creating a balanced and defined appearance. If you have an oval or heart-shaped face, oversized frames can also work with the natural contours of your features. But avoid them if you have a square or diamond-shaped face as they can overpower angular or narrower facial proportions.

For a luxurious oversized look, consider the Guccissima 99MM Mask Sunglasses from Gucci or the Dior3D M1U Mask Sunglasses from Dior.

Square and rectangular frames

The clean lines and sharp angles associated with square and rectangular frames make them perfect if you have a round face. They help to elongate the face and add a little definition to softer features. They also complement oval and heart-shaped faces by highlighting their natural symmetry. If you’ve a square face, however, the experts at Saks Fifth Avenue recommend that you avoid this style, to avoid drawing attention to angular features.

Look at the Panthère Classic 24-Carat Gold 60MM Square Sunglasses from Cartier or the 59MM Pilot Metal Sunglasses from Tom Ford for an elegant and sophisticated square or rectangle frame.

Cat-eye frames

The iconic cat-eye frames, famed for their upswept outer edges, are both feminine and flattering. This retro-chic look will suit heart-shaped faces, helping to balance the width of the forehead whilst adding emphasis to the cheekbones. They’ll also work for individuals with oval and square faces, giving them a splash of vintage elegance. Steer clear, though, if you have a round or diamond-shaped face as they tend to work less well with softer or angular features.

For a trendy cat-eye style, the LED Frame Sunglasses from Balenciaga and the V-Goldcut II 49MM Cat-Eye Sunglasses from Valentino Garavani both work well.

Round and oval frames

Round and oval frames are a classic and versatile option for a variety of face shapes. Their timeless elegance will soften the angular features of square faces whilst also complementing the natural curves of round faces. Oval frames, in particular, are flattering for square and heart-shaped faces, helping to balance facial proportions. Round frames can also suit oval and heart-shaped faces by highlighting soft contours. Avoid frames with these shapes if you have a very round or diamond-shaped face, as they may not provide the desired contrast or definition.

From Saks Fifth Avenue, look at the 53MM Crystal-Embellished Round Sunglasses from Celine or the Rimless Rigby 58MM Round Sunglasses from Barton Perreira, both of which exude elegance and sophistication.


Aviators are synonymous with timeless style and functionality. Their iconic teardrop-shaped lenses and thin metal frames are a style that have stood the test of time and that suit a variety of face shapes. They especially flatter oval and heart-shaped faces, giving them an edgy, stylish look, but can also work with square faces by softening angular features. Perhaps give them a wide berth if you have a round or diamond-shaped face, though, as they tend not to complement them quite as well.

For iconic aviator styles, take a look at the Octo 60MM Pilot Sunglasses from BVLGARI or the Sardine 64MM Pilot Sunglasses from Bottega Veneta, both of which offer superior craftsmanship that is both classy and timeless.

Shield frames

Shield frames are characterised by a single, wraparound lens, giving them a modern and sporty aesthetic. If you’ve an angular face that’s square or heart-shaped, you might find these work well, providing you with a sleek and streamlined look. But they may not be ideal choice for round or oval faces, as the shape can highlight certain facial features in a way that isn’t especially flattering.

Cutting-edge shield frames such as the Mirrored Shield Sunglasses from Givenchy or the Flat Mask AM0460S 99MM Sunglasses from Alexander McQueen are worth a look for their bold and contemporary appearance.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue.

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