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CryptocurrencyIndonesian Presidential Candidates Team Up With Saakuru Labs To Entice Voters With...

Indonesian Presidential Candidates Team Up With Saakuru Labs To Entice Voters With Blockchain Tech

Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto and his running mate Gibran Rakabuming Raka, who are currently leading in most polls, are turning to blockchain and non-fungible tokens to reach out to younger voters. 

In a surprising move, the Prabowo-Gibran ticket has announced it’s teaming up with Saakuru Labs, creator of the gas-free Saakuru blockchain, to create a gaming app that aims to encourage young people to participate in the election and learn about Web3 technologies. The partnership represents an innovative way for Prabowo-Gibran to connect with tech-savvy younger generations and boost their election campaign ahead of what is likely to be a very tight race to become Indonesia’s next democratically elected leader. 

Prabowo-Gibran have collaborated with Saakuru Labs to create a project they’re calling “Konco Kulo Gibran: THE DUO”, complete with a smartphone app and colorful animations of the two presidential candidates. The project aims to engage with Indonesia’s younger generation, which accounts for approximately half of all Indonesians. According to the candidates, the Konco Kulo Gibran: THE DUO initiative is part of a larger  “HILIRISASI DIGITAL”, or digital downstreaming program that seeks to encourage Indonesian citizens to get more actively involved in the tech industry. To that end, the project will provide a number of educational opportunities for users. 

The Konco Kulo Gibran: THE DUO smartphone app makes use of NFT gating technologies to regulate access and participation, with the aim being to increase the public’s understanding of blockchain technologies. In addition, the project also wants to enhance the level of English proficiency among Indonesians, create awareness about Web3 technologies, and showcase how AI can be an effective learning tool. 

Prabowo & Gibran said in a statement that the initiative is key to reaching Indonesia’s younger generations, so they can expose them to new technologies and engage them in exciting new opportunities that will harness their potential. “Our partnership with Saakuru Labs is a clear demonstration of our commitment to integrating innovative technologies for a brighter, more technologically adept Indonesia, offering enhanced global work opportunities and a forward-looking perspective,” the candidates said. 

The partnership represents one of the most visible efforts in the crypto industry thus far to showcase how blockchain technologies can be used for educational and developmental purposes. It contributes to the broader “Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision” that was formulated by incumbent President Joko Widodo in 2019, as part of a plan to nurture the growth of a more tech-savvy population. 

Prabowo-Gibran’s clever use of Web3 technologies may just give the candidates the edge they need in what many predict is likely to be an extremely close vote. Prabowo, who chose President Joko’s son Gibran to be his running mate last October, has been leading in most opinion polls for several months already, but his lead over his closest competitor Ganjar Pranowo has been narrowing in recent weeks. Given the popularity of incumbent President Joko, Prabowo’s decision to choose his son as his running mate was considered by many analysts to be an inspired choice, and the campaign to reach out to younger people through technology may well prove to be another stroke of genius. 

Saakuru Labs Chairwoman and co-founder Nelly Sutjiadi said it’s an honor to participate in Prabowo-Gibran’s blockchain initiative. “We are committed to leveraging our expertise in blockchain and interactive platforms like the ‘Konco Kulo Gibran: THE DUO’ game ecosystem to inspire, educate, and open up new opportunities for the youth,” she said. “This partnership symbolizes our dedication to fostering a tech-savvy future generation, fully equipped to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

Indonesia, which is the world’s third-largest democracy, will hold simultaneous presidential and legislative elections on Feb. 14, with almost 205 million of the country’s 270 million population eligible to participate in the vote. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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