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CryptocurrencyGovernments still want to crush crypto

Governments still want to crush crypto

No matter that bitcoin has now been validated by various Spot ETFs being granted by the US regulator, governments are still trying to stop citizens from becoming involved in crypto, and plans are in place to prevent retail from investing.

Why are prices rising?

Economies across the world are suffering terribly from the impact of wars and the continual printing of more currency by central banks in order to fund their continuance. This is to say nothing of the dire straits in which the banking system and the overall monetary system have led us to.

Normal people just have the desire to keep up with rising prices, but are finding that they cannot. Many probably do not realise that this has a lot to do with governments that are printing money out of thin air, and are thereby diluting the money supply and forcing a reduction of citizens’ purchasing power.

Alternative investments

Some people are beginning to understand that investing in bitcoin, and perhaps cryptocurrencies, are the only places where their wealth can be protected, aside from the traditional hedges of gold or silver.

Governments are well aware of the lure of investments into crypto for the people, but they cannot possibly sanction this because it would be the death of banks, and they themselves would lose power over the people. Instead, governments feel compelled to lock everyone into the burning building by regulating, censoring, and banning the life out of anything crypto, unless of course it can be controlled by them.

The UK – actions speak louder than words

For example, in the UK, it was trumpeted everywhere that the country wanted to make itself the world hub for crypto. Many might have wondered why such a conservative country, with the City of London housing arguably the most powerful banking system in the world, would want to champion crypto.

However, actions speak louder than words. The government watchdog agency, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued more than 200 warnings to the public on crypto-related firms, with 146 of these issued on the first day this regime came into force. And the UK government has taken upon itself to deny access for all UK citizens to nearly all cryptocurrency exchanges. Thereby preventing the more than 2 million UK citizens who already have cryptocurrency from buying or selling any more.

Why the suppression of crypto?

The reasons given by the regulatory authorities are always the same. Buying crypto could be a scam, and it could also destabilise the traditional finance system.

Granted, there are certainly a lot of crypto companies that are far out on the risk curve, and a bet on some of these could mean losing some or all of one’s money. However, adults have the right to buy stocks in the stock market, and these could also lose them a lot of money. Even traditionally safer bets such as government bonds are proving to be very bad investments, but you can still make them.

For a crypto industry that is worth only $1.7 trillion in its entirety, saying that it is a threat to the traditional financial system is quite a long shot. Of course it can be acknowledged that in years to come, if retail is still allowed to invest here, the obvious advantages that crypto has over the banking industry is likely to manifest in a far greater slice of the pie for the crypto market.

That said, heavy crypto regulation is soon to arrive in Europe, and if the Biden administration can win another term, the full force of this anti-crypto government can be brought to bear.

The last crypto bull market?

It may well be that this current crypto bull market may be the last one where retail investors can buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and make a profit from it. Platforms providing fiat on/off ramps are being heavily regulated and suppressed, and soon all retail investment will be forced out of this market.

With this accomplished, the average Jane or Joe will find themselves corralled back inside the burning building of our traditional banking and monetary system, and when governments print more money (they must do this in order to keep the system afloat) all the profits will go to the banks, and all the losses will be socialised, just as they have been over the many decades of the fiat currency system.

Educate yourself

If this article sounds odd, and not in keeping with the usual mainstream media offerings, then please educate yourself on how money works and fact check everything. Your future prosperity will likely depend on it.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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