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CryptocurrencyExperts Predict 2500% Growth for These Altcoin Diamonds

Experts Predict 2500% Growth for These Altcoin Diamonds

After the 2024 halving occurs, a surge in Bitcoin’s value is anticipated, with some saying it could reach as high as $200,000. This potential uptick sparks excitement not just for Bitcoin but for other cryptocurrencies as well. Such events usher in a wave of optimism, highlighting the hidden gems of the crypto world. These altcoin diamonds catch the eye of experts with predictions of staggering growth and suggest a fruitful future for investors looking beyond the usual suspects.

TRUE Token: Harness the Power of Crypto in iGaming for Unmatched Gains

The TRUE token (TFT) is the new GameFi project, emerging to offer even greater growth and gains than a once sensational Notcoin. TFT is currently awarded through an exclusive NFT Token Offering (NTO), allowing early adopters to significantly increase their investment. The distributed NFTs contain a portion of TRUE tokens, ranging from 100 to 500,000 TFT, at massive discounts. Whereas, the NTO ensures that your allocation is 100% guaranteed, secure, and manageable. Excitingly, as an NTO participant, you access a wide range of perks from the TRUE team. NFT holders gain privileged TRUE membership and entry into a prize draw for $330,000 in extra tokens, 10 ETH, status cards, merch, and tokenized partner gifts.

TRUE, with six years in game and blockchain development and significant backing – over $3.45M raised, led by SoftSwiss – is recognized for its potential in iGaming. With more than 4M active players and 16,000 third-party games interested in its blockchain service, TRUE has remained profitable even in tough markets, setting a strong base for TFT post-token generation event. As TRUE’s value will benefit from the activity within the upcoming TRUE World iGaming metaverse, set to attract millions of users on board in no time, now is the perfect moment to grab your TFT allocation before it skyrockets!

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Solana Price Analysis: Growth and Risks Ahead

Solana’s current price at above $197 shows promise, with its nearest resistance looming at $238.49. Should it break through, tackling the second resistance at $274.30 may be on the horizon, offering an optimistic growth trajectory. Strong performances could entice traders, aiming for these heights given the current growth pattern reflected by the 10-day SMA at $189.75, suggesting a positive sentiment.

Yet, considering the support levels at $138.40 and $74.12, Solana faces possible downturns should adverse market trends strike. A dip below the current price might test the 100-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) support at $123.12, and if this level fails, a fall to lower supports might be imminent. Investors should be mindful of these zones as potential consolidation points or signals of further pullback.

Polygon Price Analysis: Room for Growth or Dip?

Polygon’s current price at $0.97 with the nearest resistance at $1.23 suggests room for growth. Technical indicators show potential for both up and down movements. On the upside, a breakthrough past $1.23 may open a path towards the $1.45 level. However, the presence of nearby support at $0.85 and $0.69 implies possible dips. Short-term, action signals mixed with a “sell” from the MACD and the 10-day SMA, yet a “buy” from the 100-day SMA, reflecting uncertainty in price direction.

In the long term, if Polygon can maintain a price above the 100-day SMA currently at $0.94, it will show underlying strength and may signal a steady increase over time. The RSI’s neutral stance aligns with a balanced view, neither overbought nor oversold, allowing for a potential upward push if market sentiment turns positive. Conversely, should it fall below these supports, especially under $0.85, it could indicate a bearish trend, highlighting the importance of these levels in sustaining Polygon’s price.

Aptos Price Movement: Resistance & Support Levels

Aptos has the potential to climb towards the nearest resistance at $20.69 and might test the second resistance at $24.31 if the momentum carries. With the current price at above $17, this seems achievable, especially since the SMAs for 10 and 100 days suggest a buying opportunity. However, the MACD advises to sell, hinting at a possible pullback. The long-term view looks promising, though, with the 100-day SMA at $11.09 indicating a strong base. If Aptos keeps up the good performance, we could see more rises in time.

On the shorter timeframe, Aptos is hovering close to its 10-day SMA of $17.14, which could provide immediate support. However, the nearest support level is at $12.12, and the second support level at $7.16 isn’t too far off, indicating there could be room for a drop if the price doesn’t hold up. With indicators like the RSI and the Stochastic RSI giving neutral signals, Aptos might face some indecision in the market. If the current price fails to elevate, we could see a test of those lower supports, so caution is advised for short-term moves.

Cardano Price Analysis: Potential for Growth

Cardano’s current price of $0.63, holding above the 100-day SMA of $0.60, suggests resilience, giving room for potential growth towards the nearest resistance at $0.78. If momentum continues and it breaks past the $0.78 mark, we may see a move towards the second resistance of $0.92. Sustainable growth above this level could signal a stronger uptrend in the making. However, the presence of resistance does suggest that careful observation is crucial, as reaching these levels could invite selling pressure.

On the downside, if we see a pullback, Cardano might find support at $0.54. This level could provide a temporary floor, but a deeper slide to $0.44 cannot be dismissed. Should Cardano stabilize and find buying interest around these support zones, it might prepare the grounds for another push higher. Long-term prospects remain dependent on broader market trends and underlying strength. Watch for potential bounces at these key support levels for indications of enduring value.


Bitcoin halving teases sky-high prices, spotlighting the TRUE token as the GameFi gem with staggering 2500% growth potential. With TRUE’s pioneering iGaming metaverse drawing millions, now’s your chance to secure a future where TFT tokens redefine crypto wealth. Don’t miss out on the GameFi revolution—TRUE is your ticket to unparalleled growth in a surging crypto landscape. Jump on the TRUE NTO now for early gains and unique perks, grab your NFT package, and ride the TRUE wave to success.

Site: https://truefuture.io/true-nto/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TRUE_Ecosystem

Discord: https://discord.gg/xUPvjawmUa

Telegram: https://t.me/true_ecosystem

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.


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