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TravelExperience elegance at Bosa Carnival

Experience elegance at Bosa Carnival

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Recently, we took a trip to the vibrant Bosa Carnival, held every February in Bosa, Sardinia. This lively and colorful festival celebrates ancient traditions, with locals wearing either white or black costumes and other colours each day. The festivities begin on January 17th with the traditional bonfires of Saint Anthony the Abbot, marking the start of the celebration.

The carnival reaches its peak on February 13th, attracting visitors from near and far. We arrived towards the end of the festivities and were able to witness the grand finale, when the air is filled with joy and the streets come alive with a sense of community. Bosa, which has 8,000 inhabitants, showcases its unique culture and heritage during this time, leaving lasting memories for all who participate in the celebrations.

How to get to Bosa

Our adventure began with a flight to Alghero airport, a small regional airport with all the comforts of big airports but less terminals. We rented a car from one of the local agencies which was followed by a scenic drive from Alghero to Bosa. It is a 45 minute drive along the road depending on the numerous must-do stops to see the scenery along the road. This route is known for its breathtaking views of the coastline. It is a car driver’s dream and the views of the road and coastline are amazing – a must do for road enthusiast.  


After our drive we entered the small town of Bosa. We saw a mix of colorful homes along the roads. Each building has a different color, creating a nice backdrop against the blue sky. It felt like walking through a painting, noticing new colors at every turn.

The community laws ask for the houses to be painted with these colorful hues – it is not a free choice for the residents of Bosa.

Where to stay

As carnival is a serious event in Bosa, the hotels and B&B are booked early. So prepare in advance so you do not miss out on your sleeping arrangements. We stayed on a mahogany yacht called a gulet – a large cabin with private en suite as well a great breakfast. It is similar to a hotel but on the water a bit away from all the carnival festivals, yet still within walking distance. For us, it was ideal.

Past traditions

Strolling by the Temo River, we found charm in its peaceful flow. Surrounded by lush plants and scenic bridges, connecting the two sides of the town Bosa. Bosa offered a calm break from our busy lives. We took our time walking the riverbanks, enjoying the tranquil feeling and admiring the colorful buildings and old castle reflections dancing on the water’s surface. We sat at a local restaurant, sipping local Malvasia wine. The owner shared tales of Bosa. In our lively chatter, he suggested an eatery for fresh pasta, local Malvasia wines and the sweet Mirto dessert wines. A really recommended experience.

Bosa’s rich history was palpable everywhere. We witnessed centuries-old leather working traditions, where skilled crafts people showcased their art in hidden workshops along narrow alleys. Tanned leather aromas filled the air as we observed artisans meticulously crafting bags, belts and many other leather goods.

Malvasia di Bosa

A visit to Bosa wouldn’t feel right without tasting their famous Malvasia wine. We participated in a tasting event organised by a local winery. There, we learned about the unique wine­-making process and grape varieties used for generations. The Malvasia grapes’ sweet, aromatic flavor dance­d delightfully on our tongues, leaving a lasting impression of Sardinia’s rich wine-making heritage.

In the afternoon, we embarke­d on a tour aboard a chartered gulet boat. This allowed us to enjoy an aperitif while viewing the stunning coastal scenery of the ne­ighboring Bosa islands. The same gulet charter also serve­d as our accommodation, providing a bed and breakfast experience during our stay in Bosa. Being away from downtown yet conveniently close e­nough.

Carnival in Bosa

Bosa had the carnival in full swing as we reached it. The Temo River was at the heart of the event, with residents gathering for fun. People wore crazy costumes, were paddle boarding, canoeing and creating a lively spectacle. Riverside stands offered wine, beer and food. The streets and riverside had music, dancing and costumes, with locals and visitors participating joyfully. The locals really embrace carnival traditions and celebrations wholeheartedly.

Our time in Bosa was truly unforgettable, full of memorable experiences and warm hospitality. As we said goodbye to this enchanting town with heavy hearts, we knew that we would carry the memories of it with us for many years to come.

Giorgio Lindegg

Giorgio Lindegg is a Director of Yacht Boutique. Yacht Boutique is a luxury private yacht charter & Sailing cruise company that creates outstanding cruise vacations with excellent gulets in the Mediterranean Sea. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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