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TravelEurovision Song Contest 2025: How to Attend Live Shows

Eurovision Song Contest 2025: How to Attend Live Shows

Eurovision Song Contest
The greatest Eurovision fans love to watch the show near the stage.

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Have you ever witnessed the thrilling performances of the Eurovision Song Contest live or only watched on TV? We’ve experienced it firsthand, and it has been incredible. If you’re thinking about going to the Eurovision Song Contest 2025, it’s crucial to prepare in advance since tickets and accommodations can be scarce. This article offers our best strategy for making your bookings.

Eurovision Song Contest 2025

Getting ready for the Eurovision Song Contest 2025 requires early action. Careful planning isn’t just a strategy to reduce costs, but it also significantly boosts your chances of getting tickets to the shows you want. Even if it seems too soon, it’s already the moment to start planning for the contest scheduled for May 2025.

The Eurovision Song Contest has grown beyond its European roots, attracting visitors from outside the continent. With people travelling from as far as Australia to experience a vibrant Eurovision atmosphere, the popularity has made ticket acquisition challenging.

In this article, we present essential information about the Eurovision Song Contest 2025 and offer practical advice on early preparation. The guidance is particularly beneficial for first-time attendees, drawing from strategies we’ve successfully implemented ourselves on numerous occasions. Take your time, read the article and increase your chances of seeing the Eurovision Song Contest live in 2025!

The Event in Nutshell

The Eurovision Song Contest, also known as ESC, is an annual event by the European Broadcast Union, EBU. The first contest was held in 1956. The event is not just a favourite among its dedicated fans but also appeals to all music lovers. While it may have a strong following within the LGBTQIA+ community, this non-political event welcomes everyone regardless of nationality or companionship. Whether you attend in person or watch from your television in 2025, the Eurovision Song Contest guarantees a fantastic experience filled with great music and captivating colourful performances.

Almost 170 million people watch the live show on TV every year. Why not attend live and experience even more?

Benefits of Early Preparation

There are a couple of primary motivations for early preparation: You can potentially save money and improve your chances of securing tickets since the number of tickets available is limited. Additionally, you can arrange for accommodations that cater to your preferences.

Key Elements of ESC 2025

In the following chapters, we forecast the crucial elements of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2025.


If the old model continues, the ESC will feature a week-long schedule of performances. The semifinals are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday, with the Grand Final set for Saturday. Preview shows will be held the night before the live shows, and additional preview shows (formerly known as family shows will also be held in the afternoon before the live show. Overall, there will be a total of nine (9) shows, with three (3) of them being broadcast live.

As for today, the exact schedule is not yet published but we estimate the week to be one of the following options:

  • From the 5th to the 11th of May 2025
  • From the 12th to the 19th of May 2025
  • From the 19th to the 26th of May 2025
Eurovision stage and lyrics in the wall
Every participant brings a unique performance, adding excitement to the Eurovision Song Contest.


As of today, the host city has not been decided yet. The ESC is frequently held in the capital city of the host country for several reasons. Capitals typically boast large airports with excellent connectivity and suitable venues. This is particularly likely if the country has not hosted the contest for a significant period or has never hosted it before; in such cases, the capital is often chosen as the host city.

However, there are exceptions to this norm. For instance, Sweden, having hosted the Eurovision Song Contest multiple times, does not always select Stockholm as the host city. Malmö is another popular choice, partly because it has its own airport, and Copenhagen Airport is also nearby. A similar scenario could happen in countries like Germany or Italy.

When predicting the host city, two critical factors need consideration: the presence of an international airport and a large venue capable of accommodating around 15,000 visitors.

What If Australia Wins?

Should Australia emerge victorious in the contest, it is improbable that the event will be held in Australia. Instead, Australia might collaborate with a European country to co-host the contest, potentially the country that finished second in the competition.

Steps for Attending the Eurovision Song Contest

We recommend to follow the sequence below when making bookings for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Predict the Venue

Begin the booking process even before the venue for the ESC 2025 is officially announced. By heeding our earlier suggestions, try to predict potential host cities that possess appropriate venues for the event.

If you wait until the venue is disclosed, you might find yourself at a disadvantage, as it could be too late to start making bookings. For example, hotel prices will double or triple in days.

As soon as the ESC 2024 winner is declared, begin forecasting the next venue’s location. This early insight is crucial for securing accommodations such as hotels, hostels, or Airbnb rentals. Your time window to find good hotel deals is only a few hours.

Book Your Hotel

Several hotel reservation platforms offer the option to book accommodations with free cancellation. This feature enables you to make multiple reservations safely and cancel the ones you no longer need later on. For instance, if you’ve speculated three possible dates and locations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2025, you’ll need to secure nine bookings (3 weeks x 3 hotels). We suggest utilizing booking.com for its favourable booking conditions, where payment is often made upon arrival at the hotel. Remember to note in your calendar to cancel any unnecessary reservations once you determine they are no longer required.

Hostels and Airbnb are slower to react to the increasing demand and their prices stay lower longer. Before placing a booking, we recommend checking prices on Airbnb and Hosterlworld.

Secure ESC Tickets

Securing tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2025 will likely be the most challenging aspect of your preparations. The popularity of the host country can significantly increase demand, especially if the venue has limited capacity. If a lesser-known country wins the contest, consider it an opportunity. It presents a chance to explore a new destination, and both the demand and prices might be more favourable.

Make sure to monitor the official Eurovision Song Contest website for updates on the start of ticket sales, which generally begin around November. Tickets might be available in either single or several releases. Moreover, a resale market is often accessible for exchanging tickets but according to our experience, the resale is not so active.

We recommend following the official Eurovision Song Contest channel to get the latest information.

Ticket Types

The ESC offers a variety of ticket classes, including standing tickets near the stage which are not recommended for young children due to safety concerns. Fans who are particularly enthusiastic prefer being close to the stage. Other tickets come with designated seats and are suitable for families. Additionally, there are specific tickets available for wheelchair users. The price of tickets ranges usually from 20 to 400 euros depending on the show and type of ticket. The cheapest tickets are sold out fast and the most expensive ones will remain.

Be ready to spend beyond the minimum ticket price, as the most affordable options tend to sell out quickly.

People standing at the ESC
Arenas are big so it does matter where you stand or sit. The better place you choose, the more expensive will the ticket be.

Preparing for the Ticket Sale

We advise taking a day off for the day when ESC tickets are sold. To improve your likelihood of obtaining a ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest 2025, follow our tested preparatory steps.

  • Be aware of the ticket sales timing and platform.
  • Sign up on the platform in advance of the sale.
  • Utilize the platform’s queue system and have friends queue as well, noting that each account can typically join the queue just once.
  • Seize the opportunity to purchase tickets as soon as you’re through the queue, selecting whatever options are available and considering purchases for your friends as well. Be ready to spend beyond the minimum ticket price, as the most affordable options tend to sell out quickly.
  • Avoid purchasing tickets through unauthorized sources to ensure their validity.

In practical terms, the queue on the booking platform is essentially a basic webpage that displays the number of people ahead of you, with this figure updating periodically. Once you reach the top of the queue, you’ll quickly gain access and have the opportunity to buy tickets. Typically, the system doesn’t provide an estimated wait time, leaving it up to you to monitor your place in line and judge for yourself when your turn might come. Initially, the queue tends to move slowly but gradually picks up speed over time. It’s important to note that refreshing your browser or restarting your computer usually doesn’t impact your position in the queue. The exact behaviour depends on the platform.

Our Previous Queueing Experiences

In late November 2023, ESC 2024 tickets went on sale in a single batch. We signed up on Ticketmaster and entered the queue before sales commenced. Sadly, we found ourselves behind 320,000 people. By the time it was our turn, only the priciest tickets remained, and we ended up without tickets.

Our oversight was only joining the queue individually. We should have enlisted friends to queue alongside us to boost our chances.

Book Flights

To complete the process to attend the ESC, the final step is to reserve flights to the destination country. While flying to the nearest airport may not always be the most cost-effective choice, it may be necessary to travel a bit further and utilize public transportation to reach the host city. To ensure the best deal, compare prices using Skyscanner. It may also be wise to consider arriving a few days earlier and departing a few days after the event.

We advise against arranging your flight until the dates have been officially confirmed, as cancelling airline tickets can be challenging. Based on our experiences, flight prices don’t tend to rise significantly for the Eurovision Song Contest dates due to the availability of numerous alternative flight paths and nearby airports.


Skyscanner is a meta-comparison tool that finds the flight prices of multiple airlines.

Managing Costs

Optimising your expenses is crucial when planning to attend the Eurovision Song Contest 2025, as it can be quite costly. European flights range from 150 to 250 euros, depending on the chosen route. Early booking for a 1-week hotel stay can cost between 200 to 500 euros. Show tickets are priced between 20 to 500 euros, with the afternoon preview shows being the most affordable and the Grand Final being the most expensive. The closer your seat is to the stage, the higher the cost will be. For dedicated fans, the fan package can reach up to 1,200 euros. The estimated expenses will range from 370 euros to 2,000 euros. Furthermore, it is essential to allocate funds for meals, purchases, and additional activities. Be aware that price levels in European cities vary a lot.

By booking as early as possible, you will probably save a nice amount of money.

Eurovision souvenir shopping
Don’t forget to set aside some funds for Eurovision Song Contest memorabilia as well.

Travelling from Australia, expenses tend to be significantly elevated. It’s recommended to integrate a longer European vacation with your Eurovision excursion for greater value. Contrary to our previous advice, it’s recommended to purchase long-haul flights early as they tend to be more affordable. On occasion, flights from Australia to Europe can be found for under 1,200 euros, which is considered a stellar deal. If you fail to get tickets to the event, you will still have a nice trip left to experience.


Wise offers a multi-currency account accompanied by a debit card, making it an ideal option for travellers.

Common Booking Challenges

We list the most likely obstacles you could encounter when arranging your ESC trip.

All Tickets Have Been Sold Out

Live show tickets are in high demand and often sell out quickly due to their limited availability. As a Eurovision fan, it may be challenging to secure a ticket, as thousands of others share the same goal. However, there are still opportunities to attend preview shows, so staying informed and acting promptly increases your chances of obtaining at least one ticket.

If all tickets are sold out, you can still immerse yourself in the Eurovision Song Contest atmosphere through various free and paid events in the host city. Although you may not be able to attend the shows in person, the city will be bustling with ESC-related activities. This will still allow you to experience the Eurovision Song Contest spirit.

No Affordable Flights

In case the competition takes place in a distant location from your residence, the airfare cost may exceed your initial budget. We suggest referring to our guide on tips for booking affordable flight tickets to help you manage the expenses. Opt for budget-friendly airlines such as Ryanair or EasyJet and consider flying to nearby airports if possible. It is important to note that there are economical bus options within Europe and travelling by train is both comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Too Late With Hotels Bookings

One of the biggest mistakes is being late in booking accommodation. This can result in cities quickly running out of available hotel rooms, leaving only a handful of expensive options such as Airbnb. To avoid this, it is crucial to book a hotel as early as possible. In case you are unable to secure a hotel in the host city, it is advisable to consider staying in a nearby city and using public transportation to reach the event venue.


Go to booking.com and look for hotels with free cancellation and payment at the property.

Flights Cancelled or Schedules Changes

Flight cancellations and schedule changes are frequently encountered issues. To minimise these risks, it’s wise to plan for substantial time buffers by arriving at your destination one or two days before the event’s start. This approach provides ample opportunity to handle any unforeseen delays. If all goes smoothly, you can use this additional time to enjoy some sightseeing in the city before immersing yourself in the festivities of Eurovision week.

How to Increase Your Chances to Get Tickets

Ensure to Be Ready Before Others

To ensure a smooth purchase process for Eurovision tickets, it is mandatory to be informed of the exact date and time they will become available. We recommended planning and deciding which type of tickets you would like to buy, considering your preferred seating location. This step is crucial as it can save valuable time during checkout. A helpful tip is to set reminders 15 to 30 minutes before the ticket sale begins. This will allow you to have all relevant websites open and ready. Additionally, it is important to create an account for the ticket sale platform and log in before making your purchase.

Please remain patient and maintain your faith for a little while longer. Prepare also that your favourite tickets are not available anymore and have a backup ticket class in mind. Based on our experiences, the booking process takes easily 4 to 6 hours.

During the sale of Eurovision tickets, there may be problems due to the large amount of traffic on the booking platform. It is important to note that just because the tickets appear to be sold out, it does not necessarily mean that they are. With numerous users accessing the ticket sale platform simultaneously, there is a possibility of encountering errors that may falsely indicate the unavailability of Eurovision tickets. In such cases, it is advised to consistently check for ticket availability over the next few hours as more tickets may become available. This could be your only opportunity to obtain them successfully.


Ensure you have medical travel insurance before embarking on a journey. Safetywing is an insurance solution crafted by nomads for travellers and nomads.

Fan Club Members Tickets

The organisation known as OGAE International is a not-for-profit group that serves as a representative for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. It was originally established in 1984 in Finland and currently has 44 national clubs under its umbrella.

Although not officially affiliated with the European Broadcast Union, OGAE receives ticket packages from EBU which are then made available for purchase exclusively to members of national clubs. Member organisations of OGAE International distribute a shared ticket quota based on the number of members in each country. Ticket packages typically include six tickets for watching both the preview and the live broadcasts (both semi-finals and the final). These tickets are personal and cannot be resold. Recently, package prices have been considered high, with various packages offered in recent years ranging from €350 to €950.

To purchase a ticket package, one must first become a member of a national Eurovision Fan club. It is crucial to join the club before the ticket sales begin. The process for applying for tickets is determined by each national club. Some clubs use a lottery system, while others, like Finland, follow a “first in, first out” principle, awarding tickets based on the order of application. Common rules for all applicants include being a member of their country’s club, committing to purchase the tickets upon application, and having an electronic membership card, Cardskipper.

The process for obtaining tickets to the event locations in the host city varies each year, so it is advisable to keep an eye on the Eurovision clubs’ communication channels for updates.

Consider joining a Eurovision Fan Club to get tickets easier.

Ticket Resale – A Second Chance, but With Caution

While securing tickets during the initial release is ideal, it’s not the only way to attend the Eurovision Song Contest. Resale platforms offer a second chance to snag tickets from other fans who are unable to attend. However, it’s crucial to approach this option with awareness and caution.

As of today, the official platform for reselling ESC 2025 tickets hasn’t been announced. It’s typically chosen closer to the event date and is often the same platform used for the initial sale. Keep an eye on the official Eurovision website and social media for updates.

Resale ticket prices aren’t fixed and are usually determined by the seller. However, the platform itself will add a commission fee on top of the seller’s price. Be prepared for potentially inflated costs compared to the initial sale.

What Is the Event Like?

On the day you have been eagerly anticipating and are on your way to the location, it is important to be aware of a few things. There will be security checks, so you may have to wait in line to enter. It is advisable to avoid bringing any unnecessary items as they may delay the process for other guests. It is also necessary to have your ticket and a valid form of identification. Printing your ticket ahead of time is recommended, as the mobile network may be congested, making it difficult to access your email if you have not saved a screenshot or downloaded the ticket onto your phone.

The availability and regulations regarding alcohol sales at the venue may vary depending on the country. It is important to adhere to the local alcohol laws and only consume alcohol in designated areas. While it may be tempting to have a few drinks, the venue is not intended for excessive drinking. Extra drinks can be enjoyed at the after-parties.


Curve is a mobile wallet that offers savings on international spending and comes with numerous beneficial features, including LoungeKey membership.
Colourful lights on the Eurovision stage
Most performances are vibrant and filled with joy.

Common Questions

Where will the Eurovision Song Contest 2025 be held? 
The specific location for the 2025 Eurovision Song Contest is yet to be determined. The hosting rights will likely be awarded to the country that wins the 2024 contest.
When will tickets for the ESC 2025 go on sale? 
Ticket sales for the ESC 2025 are anticipated to commence in November 2025.
How can one acquire tickets to the ESC? 
Tickets are released in one or more batches and tend to sell out quickly. To stand a chance, one must join the queue before sales commence. Tickets can also be bought and sold on the resale marketplace.
What is the price range for ESC tickets? 
Prices for ESC tickets vary, starting from 20 euros and can go up to 1,000 euros.
How many shows will there be in total? 
A total of 9 shows will be part of the Eurovision Song Contest.
What is the purpose of preview shows? 
Preview shows held the night before and the afternoon before the live broadcast, present the same content as the live shows, serving as rehearsals for the actual performances.
Is attending the Eurovision Song Contest expensive? 
While attending the ESC is not considered cheap, careful planning and decision-making can help manage and control expenses.

Bottom Line

The Eurovision Song Contest is a gathering that brings nations together through the medium of music. It was established in the aftermath of wars to strengthen Europe but has since grown into a highly popular event that includes participation from nations outside of Europe as well.

For those who enjoy watching the Eurovision Song Contest on TV, experiencing it live at the venue will be an even greater pleasure. We highly recommend attending the event at least once. Dedicated Eurovision fans make it a tradition to visit the ESC host city annually. However, as it is a highly sought-after event, obtaining tickets at a reasonable price can be difficult. Fortunately, by following the suggestions outlined in this article, you can save money and improve your chances of successfully arranging to witness the Eurovision Song Contest in person.

Have you ever attended the Eurovision Song Contest? Make your plans and start preparation early!

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