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TravelEasy Beef Ragu Pasta Recipe

Easy Beef Ragu Pasta Recipe

This Easy Beef Ragu Pasta is a recipe that’s so delicious that the whole family will love it. I am always looking for a tasty recipe that is easy to make freshly and that is also nutritious, this beef ragu really hits the mark for all the right reasons.

I had all the ingredients in my kitchen so that was a good start and being such a simple recipe there is only a brief list of items, the clincher is that it can be ready in just thirty minutes.  

This homely and comforting recipe is great for a quickly made supper dish and can be made on a budget using store’s own brand ingredients if you so wish and makes plenty to serve up, so you may well have leftovers for the next day. The quick cook method even reduces the cost of cooking your meal.  

In the notes below you will see alternatives to add to the recipe or swaps you can make.  

Did you wonder what the difference is between ragu and ragout? The main difference is that a ragout is a more of a French stew dish more likely to be served on top of a Parisienne mash. Whereas ragu is an Italian pasta sauce that is usually made with beef, chicken or vegetables and served with pasta or polenta.  

This easy recipe avoids the slow cooking that some other varieties use because of the instant stock addition. If you have the time available this can be cooked in advance and simmered for a little longer.  

See below for the ingredients and cooking method. From start to finish this should be ready in thirty minutes.

How can you store leftover beef ragu pasta? 

This beef ragu pasta keeps well in a fridge for a couple of days if you store the food in an airtight container. Cool down the food first before putting it into your fridge. The food can be reheated on the stove in a pan or in a microwave at a later time but be sure to make it piping hot.  

Can beef ragu pasta be frozen? 

If you intend to freeze this recipe it is advisable to freeze the beef ragu sauce in a freezer proof container and not freeze it with the pasta. It will keep for up to 3 months in the freezer. When using the sauce after freezing, you should fully defrost the sauce and then reheat until piping hot and serve with a fresh batch of pasta.

Easy Beef Ragu Pasta Serving Suggestion


All ingredients can be high or lower range according to budgets. I usually switch the parmesan cheese for a strong cheddar according to what I have available. Again, another swop I make is with the fresh parsley leaves, I add a little sprinkle of dried parsley when serving because I rarely have fresh parsley. 

To give this ragu a real boost, add a glass of red wine along with the Passata tomato sauce and just before serving stir in a dollop of fresh cream. Dress it up with a grating of good parmesan cheese and chopped parsley leaves. 

If you like a good spice kick this also tastes delicious with chilli powder or Cayenne pepper stirred in.  

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