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TravelDragonPass vs Priority Pass: In-Depth Comparison

DragonPass vs Priority Pass: In-Depth Comparison

JET Lounge at Vienna Airpot
Before embarking on his vacation, one of our devoted readers enjoyed snacks and beverages at the JET Lounge located at Vienna Airport.

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DragonPass comes from China and it allows you to enter airport lounges around the globe. It is the main competitor for Priority Pass which is a well-known airport lounge membership provider in Western countries. We compared if DragonPass beats Priority Pass.

DragonPass – a Competitor to Priority Pass

DragonPass, originating from China, is one of the leading airport lounge membership programs that stands as a formidable competitor against the widely recognized Priority Pass. While Priority Pass is often associated with various credit cards, particularly those from American Express, it can also be purchased independently. In other words, DragonPass emerges as a noteworthy Chinese counterpart to Priority Pass. Instead of defaulting to the most popular membership, it’s advisable to assess the major competitor.

In another review, we have evaluated if Priority Pass is worth the money.

DragonPass vs. Priority Pass

Having been a member of Priority Pass long time, we have often wondered if DragonPass would suit us better. In the following chapters, we outline the similarities and differences of these lounge programs.

Salad table at Aspire Lounge Helsinki
Aspire Lounge by Gate 13, Helsinki Airport had a good salad table.

Both Are Lounge Membership Schemes

There is one obvious similarity. Both products give admission to airport lounges worldwide. Also, both Priority Pass and DragonPass have three membership levels which we introduce in this article.

Food at VIP Lounge Clark Airport
In Southeast Asian countries, a DragonPass membership may be a better choice.

Previously, the additional offerings of these lounge programs varied, but presently, the programs have increasingly similar supplementary services. Both Priority Pass and DragonPass provide discounts or complimentary meals at specific airport eateries. Furthermore, DragonPass offers reduced rates for Meet & Greet and airport transfer services.

DragonPass sells pay-as-you-go lounge access for specific airport lounges. Also, a company called Lounge Pass, which belongs to the same group as Priority Pass, sells airport lounge passes just like DragonPass does.

Number of Priority and DragonPass Airport Lounges

As per the Priority Pass website, their membership grants you access to a network of over 1,500 lounges and experiences spanning more than 140 countries. Similarly, DragonPass offers access to 1,300 airport lounges worldwide, and in addition, to more than 1,000 airport restaurants. The restaurants may not be complimentary but only a discount is provided. In essence, both DragonPass and Priority Pass lounges provide similar benefits and services.

The absolute number of lounges and experiences isn’t a key factor. A traveller cares only if there is a lounge in the airport where he/she is travelling. That is why it is important always to check which lounges Priority and DragonPass can offer at your home airport and at the most popular airports you are travelling through.

Helsinki Airport is our home base. There are threen DragonPass lounges: Aspire Lounge by Gate 27, Aspire Lounge by Gate 13 and Plaza Premium non-Schengen Lounge. In addition, DragonPass includes an Asian restaurant. Priority Pass offers the same lounges but no dining discounts.

We conducted a few inquiries regarding the lounges accessible at the airports below.

  • London Heathrow

    • Priority Pass: 7 airport lounges + 3 dining options
    • DragonPass: 8 airport lounges + 7 dining options

  • Berlin Brandenburg

    • Priority Pass: no lounges but 1 cafe option
    • DragonPass: 2 airport lounges

  • New York JFK

    • Priority Pass: 6 airport lounges + 1 dining option + spa services
    • DragonPass: 6 airport lounges + 2 dining options

images/Chase Sapphire_Lounge_Hong_Kong_fruits.jpg does not exists.
Priority Pass grants access to Chase Sapphire Lounge, Hong Kong Airport.

This brief comparison reveals that the availability of lounges is relatively similar between these two companies. They are also constantly changing. Before acquiring a membership, we advise you to verify the up-to-date list of lounges on the Priority and DragonPass websites. DragonPass may have a little better coverage in Asian countries and DragonPass offers more dining options. Our opinion is that lounge availability is not a real differentiator.

You will find the full lounge lists on Priority Pass and DragonPass websites.

Typically, airport ground service companies manage Priority Pass and DragonPass lounges. Although airlines do have their lounges, access to them is usually not permitted with either Priority or DragonPass. However, there may be some exceptions at certain airports.

Cologne Airport Business Lounge
For frequent travellers who fly mainly in economy class, a lounge membership is an essential service.

Membership Prices

One of the most important factors influencing the purchase decision is the price-to-quality ratio. Particularly, we recommend private travellers compare prices carefully to save on travel costs.

Priority Pass and DragonPass sell three types of memberships but they are named differently. Priority Pass Standard and DragonPass Classic models cost $99 per year. DragonPass gives one free lounge entry with the Classic model. Priority Pass gives nothing. All extra entries and guests cost $35 for Priority Pass members and also $35 for DragonPass members.

Priority Pass Standard Plus costs $329 and DragonPass Preferential costs $259. Priority Pass gives 10 free entries while DragonPass gives 8. One entry price will then be $32.90 and $32.38 for Priority Pass Standard Plus and DragonPass Preferential respectively.

DragonPass has one great advantage in the Preferential Level over Priority Pass Standard Plus. The 8 free-lounge entries can also be used by a guest as long as the membership owner is present during the lounge visit. This makes DragonPass Preferential a better choice for couples travelling together a few times a year. DragonPass Preferential is also a little cheaper than Priority Pass.

The unlimited levels give unlimited lounge access. Priority Pass Prestige costs $469 / year and DragonPass Prestige $429. The guest prices will be $35 for Priority Pass members and $35 for DragonPass members.

The prices are not the full truth. For example, we reside within the Eurozone and it’s a special note that Priority Pass has different prices for European customers. In contrast, DragonPass offers the same dollar prices for Europeans.

It could be argued that DragonPass has a slight edge, especially considering that dining discounts are available immediately with the Classic model. Yet, the margin between the two is quite minimal, so our suggestion is to focus more on the availability of the lounge.

Unfortunately, during the last few years, prices have gone up but the quality of airport lounges has not increased.

Business Lounge at Dubrovnik Airport
This lounge at Dubrovnik airport can be accessed with lounge membership programs.

Additional Services


DragonPass offers up to 25 percent discount in airport restaurants. Unfortunately, the exact discount percentages are not specified on the web.

Priority Pass provides discounted rates for airport dining services as well in selected airports.

Airport Services

DragonPass offers discounted Meet & Greet and airport transfer service. These benefits are not offered by Priority Pass. The exact prices are shown on the DragonPass app when booking a service.

Aspire Lounge CPH
These stairs lead to Aspire Lounge, Copenhagen Airport. Also, our home base, Helsinki, has two Aspire lounges.

Comparison in Nutshell

The pricing for Priority and DragonPass is nearly identical. In some scenarios, DragonPass becomes slightly cheaper. Initially, DragonPass had an advantage over Priority Pass in terms of digital capabilities. However, Priority Pass has caught up and now both offer digital membership cards.

We have utilized Priority Pass due to the inclusion of membership with our credit cards. If we were to independently purchase lounge memberships, we would thoroughly compare DragonPass and Priority Pass. Despite Priority Pass being more widely recognized, DragonPass presents a slightly more versatile and intriguing alternative. The selection of lounges offered by DragonPass has expanded rapidly, and it now boasts a greater number of lounges in numerous major airports.

Although DragonPass offers slightly cheaper prices and additional services compared to Priority Pass, the differences are minimal. However, what truly matters is the lounge coverage available at your preferred airports.

Where to Buy DragonPass and Priority Pass?

Priority Pass and DragonPass memberships come often with a credit card. We assume that Chinese banks prefer DragonPass over Priority Pass.

Both DragonPass and Priority Pass are available for purchase on their respective websites using monetary payment.


Buy DragonPass membership on here or get up to 30% discount for Priority Pass by this link.

Alternatives for Priority Pass and DragonPass


LoungeKey is a lounge membership program coming with certain Visa and Mastercard. It can’t be purchased with money. The program is similar to Priority Pass and DragonPass but the lounge selection is a little smaller. However, LoungeKey is a good perk if it comes free of charge with a credit card.

Lounge Pass

If you are travelling only a few times a year, the payback of a lounge membership program is low. In that case, purchasing any lounge membership is not worth the money.

For less frequent travellers, we recommend Lounge Pass to buy discounted single entries for airport lounges. Lounge Pass has a huge selection of airport lounges for competitive single-entry prices. Buying single lounge passes is now even more appealing when lounge membership programs have become pricey. A prepaid lounge pass guarantees entry even during busy hours.

Walk-in Rates

Nearly all lounges offer a walk-in option, without requiring any membership or lounge pass. However, the walk-in rates tend to be expensive, making this method of accessing lounges less cost-effective. If affordability is not an issue for you or if you infrequently visit lounges, then paying the walk-in rate may still be a viable solution.

Common Questions

Which option is more cost-effective, Priority Pass or DragonPass? 
In certain situations, DragonPass might be slightly cheaper.
How many lounges does Priority Pass provide? 
Approximately 1,500.
How many lounges does DragonPass have? 
About 1,300 plus many airport dining options.
What additional perks does Priority Pass offer? 
Members of Priority Pass can enjoy discounted airport dining, retail, and spa services.
What additional benefits does DragonPass offer? 
Alongside discounts at select airport restaurants, DragonPass members can also purchase discounted Meet & Greet and airport transfer services.
Where can you buy a DragonPass membership from? 
You can get one together with a credit card or purchase directly from the official website of Dragonpass.
Where can you purchase a Priority Pass membership from? 
Obtain one as a credit card perk or purchase directly from the official website of Priority Pass.

Bottom Line

Airport lounges have become an essential component of our travel experiences, as they offer a much more enjoyable alternative to crowded public spaces. While the overall travel expenses may only slightly increase, the benefits of relaxing and unwinding in airport lounges are immeasurable. It is hard to imagine embarking on a journey without access to these comfortable havens.

We are using Priority Pass. Priority Pass might be a better option if you are planning to travel more in Europe and the Middle East. People who travel often in Southeast Asia should consider purchasing DragonPass. About one thing we are sure of, the most important factor is the lounge availability of your favourite airports.

How do you gain entry into airport lounges? Share your preferred method in the comments below!

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