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Good InfoDiligent Planning Sees Teen Accepted into 231 Schools, Winning $14.7 Million in...

Diligent Planning Sees Teen Accepted into 231 Schools, Winning $14.7 Million in Scholarships

Courtesy of Madison Crowell

Maddison Crowell always knew she wanted to go to university, and her parents were all on board making it happen. Throughout her later high school years, they would regularly send admission applications to various schools, some nearer to their home in Liberty County, Georgia, some much farther away.

When it came time to make the big decision, One might say she had the pick of the litter, because not 2, not 3, but 231 different universities and colleges had sent her acceptance letters, bundled in which were various scholarships totaling $14.7 million.

Crowell is highly active in extracurricular activities at Liberty County High School. She is vice president of the Class of 2024, a varsity cheerleader, a student ambassador, the school’s lead basketball manager, a member of the National Honors Society, and managing editor of the school’s yearbook.

Featured in Good Morning America, Crowell’s father, Delando Langley, said that even as early as middle school they would be taking field trips to visit different universities and learn about their programs and facilities.

Crowell, an aspiring physical therapist, selected North Carolina’s High Point University, an institution that is now understandably proud and enthusiastic about the fact that this bright student selected them over so many of their competitors.

Courtesy of Madison Crowell

“Choosing to attend High Point for the next four years is something that I believe to be one of the best decisions of my life. The atmosphere that HPU had when I stepped on campus for the first time was unmatched,” Crowell told HPU in a statement.

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Crowell was joined by her parents, her classmates, and local and state government officials as she announced during the ceremony at her high school that she plans to attend HPU. A statement from President Joe Biden congratulating Crowell and telling her that she was one of the reasons he was “so optimistic about the future” was shared during the ceremony.

“We are excited to welcome Madison to our HPU family. She is going to do exceptional things right here at The Premier Life Skills University, where we call everybody to be extraordinary,” said Dr. Nido Qubein, HPU’s president.

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She had some advice for high schoolers entering that transitional period, reminding them to take time off from the application process for R&R to avoid burning out, and to stay organized: she and her mom plugged all scholarship and university information into a spreadsheet to keep track of pending applications, accepted ones, and rejected ones—all with relevant contact information.

The last piece of advice she shared with GMA is to stay positive about the whole process and not let one rejection, even of the biggest school, to be the end of your search or your positivity.

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