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Good InfoCouple Who Met as ‘Miracle Babies’ in Hospital Were Meant to Be...

Couple Who Met as ‘Miracle Babies’ in Hospital Were Meant to Be Together–Now Have a Child of Their Own

Bronwyn and Jack being held by their mothers in 1994 – now hold their own (SWNS)

Jack and Bronwyn were both born prematurely in the same hospital at the same time.

After he was born at 30 weeks, and she was delivered after just 26 weeks, their families forged a friendship during the many weeks spent waiting in the neonatal ward in 1994.

After finally going home from Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, England, the families stayed in touch over the years, and the two kids grew up together.

Jack and Bronwyn drifted apart in their teens before surprisingly realizing at age 27 that they were made for each other.

Two years later they decided to get married and now have a young daughter of their own—who was also born at the same hospital.

“I always knew there was something,” Bronwyn Tacey told SWNS news service, “but I didn’t think we would make anything of it.”

She talked about the unlikely beginnings with Jack Richardson.

“Jack was in intensive care for a year. I was there for 14 weeks. It was touch and go whether we would both make it. It’s a complete miracle that we are both here.”

Their parents stayed close for years, raising their kids alongside one another and keeping each other’s birthdays on the calendar.

The kids went off to different schools, and had several romantic relationships before everything changed in October 2021.

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Bronwyn recalls posting a selfie after her hair was styled and he messaged her on Facebook.

The pair got to chatting and Jack asked if she was seeing anyone. After a few dates they realized they were “right for each other”.

In May, last year, the couple announced they were getting married—and their parents were “ecstatic” at the news.

Jack’s mom Sharon Pickering said she “couldn’t quite believe it”.

“It was just amazing. The first person he met is the person he’ll have a baby with.”

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She gave birth to Sienna in February 23, 2024 in the same hospital that she and Jack were born in.

Bronwyn admits it’s “strange” how they got together.

“I don’t know anyone else or any other relationships that are like this.”

But now living in Nuttall, on the skirts of Nottingham, the couple couldn’t be happier.

Bronwyn said, “It’s a great partnership.

We’re like best friends as well as partners. It’s the best of both worlds.

“We just get each other, finish each other’s sentences. We know what each other is thinking before we say it.

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“It feels really natural to be together.”

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