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CryptocurrencyChoise.ai Confirms Launch of AI-Powered L2 Blockchain for Enterprises: A Springboard for...

Choise.ai Confirms Launch of AI-Powered L2 Blockchain for Enterprises: A Springboard for CHO Token’s Next 223% Rally Post-Correction?

In a pivotal development, Choise.ai, a dynamic ecosystem of digital and crypto banking solutions for enterprises, has unveiled a preview of its forthcoming layer-2 (L2) blockchain, Entropy. This innovation transcends conventional L2 solutions by incorporating AI technologies to accelerate the widespread adoption of Web3 and blockchain. The CHO token, which has already surged by over 500% following Choise.ai’s prior advancements, remains central to this thrilling progress.

The rumors about Choise.ai working on its own blockchain, which have been circulating within the project community over the past fortnight, have been confirmed. The team has officially announced their new L2 platform, Entropy, designed to become “the ultimate B2B enterprise and business-ready layer for the future.” While comprehensive details on the technological aspects are yet to be disclosed, Entropy promises to break new ground by integrating the power of L2s with advanced AI capabilities.

This implies that while prioritizing transaction efficiency and scalability to enhance the speed, accessibility, and adaptability of blockchain applications, this innovative solution will also revolutionize the creation, execution, and optimization of smart contracts. Entropy will deploy AI agents to automate these processes, which represents a significant advancement in making blockchain technology more intelligent and autonomous.

“We are building more than just an L2 platform, we are creating an AI-powered ecosystem where AI agents can have the capability to write, optimize and execute smart contracts themselves. This has never been done and our solution will ensure that every transaction and operation is executed with unmatched precision and efficiency,” the team stated.

In alignment with Choise.ai’s vision of evolving into a versatile Web3 digital and crypto banking development marketplace, Entropy will empower developers to monetize their AI models while enabling users worldwide to seamlessly integrate these models into their operations. Additionally, it will offer intuitive no-code tools, allowing anyone to engage in blockchain development without requiring specific coding knowledge. 

These initiatives will democratize access to Web3, maintaining a fully decentralized and transparent environment and meeting the essential requirements to bring blockchain technology to billions. In anticipation of Entropy’s launch, Choise.ai has already enlisted numerous partners, soon to be revealed, to ensure widespread adoption and establish a business-ready, AI-powered L2 from the outset, demonstrating its full potential in real-world applications. 

As Choise.ai leverages the rise of L2s, the CHO token continues to be a cornerstone of their general strategy. A CHO flywheel and incentive framework will be embedded into Entropy’s L2 design to foster sustainable and scalable growth. With the growing interest in the forthcoming solution, CHO holders are poised to receive exceptional benefits, encompassing exclusive access to airdrops and rewards for early adopters, new platform features, partner perks, and additional advantages within one of the most rapidly expanding crypto B2B ecosystems.

Previously, Choise.ai divulged an array of other incentives for CHO holders. These include the ability to stake tokens and earn from 20% of the ecosystem’s B2B revenue, which currently exceeds $25 million. Additionally, CHO will be integral to powering Tringlr technology for the highest digital wallet security. A $500,000 lottery reward pool has also been introduced to celebrate the token’s debut on the BNB chain.

Considering the convergence of heightened utility, exclusive incentives, and expanded market engagement heralded by the launch of Entropy, the CHO token is poised to witness augmented demand and value, thereby reinforcing its existing market standing. With CHO presently trading at 22 times below its all-time high, there exists significant potential for upward movement. 

This scenario, as highlighted by esteemed market analysts, presents an opportune moment for investors to enter at a lower price point during market corrections and hold until the next big rally kicks off.

Source: CoinMarketCap

As of this writing, CHO is trading at approximately $0.06, showcasing a remarkable 385% appreciation over the past three months. With strong support at $0.045, the token could reach $0.137 if the release of Entropy triggers another wave of growth. Further price targets are identified at $0.187 and $0.279.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 



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