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Good InfoBoy Offered a Dollar to Man He Thought Was Homeless, Gets Richly...

Boy Offered a Dollar to Man He Thought Was Homeless, Gets Richly Rewarded for His Kindness

Kelvin Ellis and Matthew Busbice kindness on surveillance cam

The man in the purple shorts only wanted to step outside for a quiet moment of prayer whilst waiting for his coffee, but ended up attracting the attention of the young man in the grey sweats.

The meeting produced an incredible moment that fortified the man’s faith in humanity.

The story from Baton Rouge starts when Matt Musbice woke up to the fire alarm outside his condo complex. Throwing on whatever clothes he had lying around, he ran outside only to find it had been a false alarm.

Figuring that the rude awakening was irreversible, Busbice decided that regardless of his unkempt appearance, he would go get a coffee and start his day.

It was about that time that young Kelvin Ellis had entered an eyeglass shop next door with his father, but stepped out while the latter was getting his eyes examined.

Meanwhile, Busbice, who had placed his coffee order, went outside for a morning prayer, and stepped aside to the corner of the outdoor sitting area to have as much privacy as possible. That’s when Ellis spotted him.

“And I started to slowly open my eyes, and there’s a kid coming at me, about my height, grey sweats; holds his fist up,” Busbice said, adding that rather than flying into his chin, the fist was holding a dollar bill. “And I go, ‘What?’”

“‘If you’re homeless, here’s a dollar,’” 9-year-old Kelvin Ellis Jr. recalls telling Busbice. “…I always wanted to help a homeless person, and I finally had the opportunity.”

Not only is Busbice not homeless, but he’s developed several outdoor brands that have been sold in deals together worth upwards of 100 million dollars. Ellis on the other hand possessed only that dollar, which he received from his father for good grades.

Busbice told CBS News’ Steve Hartman that he had not felt faith in humanity to that strong of a degree in a very long time.

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As a reward, Busbice took Ellis for a snack at the coffee house, then surprised him with a 40-second shopping spree in the sporting goods store BuckFeather, which he currently runs.

Among smaller items, Ellis grabbed a compound bow and a new bike, but said none of it is what he had planned to spend his money on.

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“Joy, because I helped someone,” Ellis said. “Give something away, and you feel like you’ve got a lot of things from it.”

There’s a lot of merit to go around in this beautiful story—Busbice for his generosity, Ellis for his kindness, and the boy’s father for teaching him such valuable wisdom, if indeed he did.

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