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TravelBarcelona’s award-winning cocktail bars - A Luxury Travel Blog

Barcelona’s award-winning cocktail bars – A Luxury Travel Blog

Barcelona’s cocktail scene is one of the best in the world and the city is home to countless award-winning bars. From speakeasy gems to classy cocktail bars, there is no better place to explore the wonderful world of mixology. Let’s take a look at which amazing bars you should head to on your next trip to Barcelona.


Sips is a must-visit destination as it currently holds the title of The World’s Best Bar. Although it has a rather laid-back ambiance and slick interior, the establishment’s offerings are far from ordinary and are guaranteed to impress.

Here, the art of mixology is taken to new heights, and classic cocktails are reinvented to a new standard. Each sip is a tantalising adventure for the palate, and transports you to a world where a flavourful experience is the utmost priority. The cocktails at Sips are aesthetically pleasing and are created to add an element of luxury to your evening.


Known as the 2022 winner of The World’s Best Bar, Paradiso cannot be missed on your trip to Barcelona.

Aspiring to create a unique experience for its visitors, Paradiso does not hold back with the theatrics. Serving a wide selection of magical cocktails, most of which involve creative elements such as electricity, smoke, and even fire, this destination is set to impress!

Giacomo Giannotti, an award-winning bartender, is the owner of Paradiso, and thanks to his passion for mixology the cocktail bar has reached well-deserved levels of fame. The bar’s immense success is evident as it has won an impressive nine awards since opening in 2015, and continues to be a favourite amongst locals and tourists.

The Alchemix

The Alchemix is an award-winning cocktail bar inspired by the world of Alchemy, and promises an evening full of experimentation and adventure. Reinventing classic cocktails with its unconventional methods, The Alchemix beckons patrons to explore its array of sweet, sour, and bitter beverages.

With a total of 18 awards so far, The Alchemix is definitely one of the best bars in the city, and should absolutely be on your list of establishments to visit!

Dr. Stravinsky

Another experimental bar in Barcelona is the famous Dr. Stravinsky. Captivating visitors with its laboratory-inspired interior and unique cocktails, this place is not one to miss!

As you enter the bar, you will be able to see the talented bartenders using impressive techniques such as redistillation to create their masterpieces. Dr. Stravinsky even brews and uses its own spirits, adding a personal touch to each drink and demonstrating the bar’s commitment to providing top quality cocktails. 

A total of 10 awards have been earned by Dr. Stravinsky so far, further proving its excellence.

Boadas Cocktails

Boadas Cocktails opened in 1933, making it the oldest cocktail bar in Barcelona, and has since continued to delight patrons with its incredible cocktails.

Providing a timeless ambiance and a vintage interior, Boadas Cocktails transports its patrons back to the 1930s and offers visitors the chance to savour a delightful drink in a truly charming setting. Its classic atmosphere is elevated further by the spectacular bartenders who are dressed in matching suits and provide unparalleled hospitality.  

Recognised among the top 500 bars globally, Boadas Cocktails guarantees an exceptional evening consisting of classic cocktails and a spectacular ambiance.

Two Schmucks

Two Schmucks is another award-winning bar, but with a slightly different vibe. This vibrant, punk bar has a distinctive charm and incredible character, providing the perfect space for an unforgettable evening.

With regards to the drinks menu at Two Schmucks, it offers a mixture of traditional crowd pleasers like mojitos, as well as a variety of inventive concoctions such as cocktails involving mozzarella foam and butternut squash.

Repeatedly ranking among the Top 10 Best Bars in the World, Two Schmucks is a must-visit destination that guarantees an enjoyable cocktail experience.

Dry Martini

Renowned as one of the top gin bars in the world, Dry Martini is an exceptional option for a classy evening.

As the name suggests, the menu features a large selection of classic and unique martinis, alongside an array of other gin-focussed cocktails, ensuring there is a drink for every preference. The bar’s sleek interior and impeccably dressed staff, who wear matching white suits, guarantees a truly enjoyable experience full of sophistication and luxury.


The Gothic Quarter is home to the beautiful hidden bar, Marlowe. This quaint bar offers the perfect ambiance for patrons to enjoy a diverse selection of drinks in a truly luxurious setting.

Known for its excellent Gimlet Cocktails and wide range of classic beverages, it is no surprise that Marlowe was crowned the Best Cocktail Bar in Spain in 2019 and has maintained a high reputation ever since. 

Here, the excellent mixologists promise to deliver a truly unforgettable experience to all who visit, making it an ideal spot for any occasion.


Another award-winning bar lies in the popular Gràcia neighbourhood. Foco is a bar that excels in the world of innovation and invites patrons to discover not only new drinks, but also new friendships, as patrons are encouraged to engage in conversations with each other.

The menu at Foco is concise with only 12 options available, however, each cocktail is crafted to complete perfection. This establishment’s friendly atmosphere and delightful drinks has earned itself a spot amongst the Top 50 Best Bars in the World, providing yet another reason to visit Foco.


Another must-visit bar that has ranked among the Top 50 Best Bars in the World is Especiarium. This destination creates truly incredible concoctions and promises an exciting experience for all who visit.

Taste and presentation are top priorities at Especiarium, with each drink being served in a rather imaginative glass, for example one cocktail is served in an origami-inspired glass shaped like a bird – how creative! The menu boasts an array of amazing cocktails alongside beloved classics, allowing each visitor to discover their perfect beverage.

This establishment finds the perfect balance between creativity and tradition, ensuring a memorable experience for every guest.

With such a diverse array of award-winning bars in Barcelona, you are guaranteed to discover your ideal cocktail.

Sandra Roig

Sandra Roig is Marketing Director at AB Apartment Barcelona. AB Apartment Barcelona is an apartment rental agency offering over one thousand short and long term apartments across Barcelona. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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