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Travel11 best hotels for nightlife — from popular nightclubs to swanky lounges

11 best hotels for nightlife — from popular nightclubs to swanky lounges

Sometimes you want to go to a hotel to rest and relax. Sometimes a hotel is just where you end up after a long day of traveling or for some conference for work. And then sometimes you go to a hotel for the nightlife — or, at least, you a pick a hotel wherever you’re going because there is some nightlife you can enjoy without ever having to leave the property.

Nightclubs and lounges at hotels are nothing new, and if you’ve been to places like Las Vegas, Dubai or Miami, you know that they’re a dime a dozen. But of late, the idea of a hotel club or lounge has evolved and is back in vogue with more and more properties offering special experiences for guests and locals alike.

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So, here we present some of the most exciting hotel nightclubs and lounges where you can enjoy a cocktail in some moody lighting, dance the night away to a pulsing beat or just kick back and people-watch into the wee hours of the night.

Laissez Faire — The Beekman, a Thompson Hotel


New York City has no shortage of hotel nightclubs and lounges, but one of the newest (and prettiest) on the scene is Laissez Faire at lower Manhattan’s moody Beekman hotel, one of the best hotels in New York. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 6 p.m. until the early morning hours, the swanky cocktail bar is a great place to enjoy upscale libations after work or bring friends who are down to dance by the gold-foiled DJ booth when the sun and lounge lights go down.

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Level 8 — Moxy/AC Hotel Downtown Los Angeles


For some people, less is, in fact, not more. If you’re one of those travelers, consider heading to the dual-branded Moxy and AC hotels in downtown Los Angeles, where the Level 8 entertainment complex offers a whopping 12 different restaurants, bars and clubs for people to enjoy. There, you can fill up on Japanese food from a chef who helmed a Michelin-starred restaurant before going on a “choose your own adventure” of sorts. Should you party poolside and sip cocktails at a carousel-turned-bar, shoot tequila in a cathedral-inspired club or slow it down with jazz music at a piano bar? The options are limitless with this over-the-top concept that truly has something for everyone.

The Water Tower — Arlo Williamsburg


Picture this: You’ve gathered your friends in Williamsburg, one of the coolest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and you tell your crew to look up — that’s where the party’s at. What do they see? A rooftop water tower that’s been totally reimagined as a cocktail bar and lounge (fittingly called Water Tower) that stays open until late in the night with a DJ pumping music and stylish people lounging on plush chairs. But that’s not even the best part. Take a look out the windows, stacked three high, to see some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline.

Basement Miami — The Miami Beach Edition


Edition has always been one of the coolest players in the hotel game, but few Edition properties are as over-the-top fun as Marriott’s Miami Beach outpost. After a long day lounging by one of the beautiful pools or taking in the sun at the beach, head down (literally) to Basement Miami to enjoy a colorful Instagram-worthy club with four rainbow-hued bowling lanes, a 2,000-square-foot ice skating rink and an international set partying the night away. But take it from me: Make a reservation for activities beforehand to avoid striking out and spending the night watching everyone else go for a turkey.

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Analog — Hutton Hotel


Nashville is no stranger to live music; it’s called Music City, after all. And at the Hutton Hotel, there’s a special music venue called Analog hidden within the hotel. There, you can catch a live show in a beautiful space with incredible acoustics. Besides jamming along with some of Nashville’s best, you can also enjoy drinks from some of Nashville’s top mixologists. The venue’s website has a list of events so you can see what’s happening while you’re in town.

Ghost Donkey — The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


In Las Vegas, you can party the night (or day) away at dozens of different types of bars, clubs and lounges. If you’re a fan of top-tier tequila and mezcal, you need to get to The Cosmopolitan ASAP. At Ghost Donkey, a lounge hidden in the massive hotel, you can order a tasting flight of Mexican spirits and then indulge in dishes like truffle nachos and chips served with salsa and queso. Or, if you’d like something a little wilder, forget the tequila bar and spend the day and night partying at Marquee’s dayclub and nightclub.

Arcano — Sofitel Legend Casco Viejo


In Panama, the hottest hotel might just be the Sofitel Legend Casco Viejo, and hidden inside is a mysterious cocktail lounge called Arcano. A self-described “rum speakeasy” that’s “shrouded in mystique,” Arcano is the kind of place that the hotel wants to leave for guests to find out exactly what it’s about in real life, but we can tell you one thing about it: You’ll likely never forget whatever rum concoction one of the expert mixologists crafts for you.

The Jazz Club — Aman New York


Aman New York is one of the most expensive and most exclusive hotels in New York City — and after staying there, in all it’s understated glory, I can say firsthand I understand why. But the highlight of my incredible stay was found at The Jazz Club. It’s one part subterranean speak-easy accessible through a service entrance in the hotel and one part state-of-the-art music venue that attracts some of New York’s (and the world’s) greatest performers. Stop here for Aman-themed cocktails, super elevated bar snacks (think: crudités and truffle grilled cheese) and a show you won’t forget. Just be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

Babou’s — Hotel Swexan


Dallas recently got an interesting new hotel concept called Hotel Swexan, which is a take on Swedish hospitality merged with all things Texas. Interesting, right? Well, it gets even more interesting at Babou’s, a tucked-away nightclub where people dance the evenings away and lounge on black leather couches in a space that’s like an elevated take on the wild ’80s-era basement. Don’t believe me? Wait until you see the cheetah-print carpet.

The Vault — Bellagio Las Vegas


Another hidden lounge in Las Vegas, The Vault is a super-exclusive space hidden near one of the busiest areas of the Bellagio: behind the casino cage. If you’re lucky enough to make it into The Vault, you’ll be treated to a rotating cocktail menu made up of hard-to-find spirits, drinks that’ll only exist until a rare bottle runs dry and some serious bragging rights after spending time in one of Sin City’s must-visit watering holes.

Mikado Dancing — Hotel Rochechouart


Near the bottom of Montmartre in Paris, art deco glamor comes to life at Hotel Rochechouart, especially in the basement lounge called Mikado Dancing. Designed to be “reminiscent of the old opium bars” from another era, the lounge invites guests to dance under a disco ball while live music and bands turn out the tunes. Later, once people’s legs need a rest, the retro-inspired bar has plenty of beautiful plush seating to take a load off.


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