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FoodRecipes for Ripe Peaches, a Special Offer & Our Nobody Cares Speaker...

Recipes for Ripe Peaches, a Special Offer & Our Nobody Cares Speaker Series

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You heard it here first. We’re hosting a special offer this weekend, starting on July 4: free shipping! Want one teacup? Free shipping. Want 47 rolling pins? Free shipping. If you happen to be a Premier member of our loyalty program, you already get free shipping, but don’t worry, you get a treat too: 15% off your purchase! (It’s good to be a loyalty member: Read all about it here.)

Photo by Amanda Hesser

This was my first local peach of the season, which means it’s time to dig up some of our best peach recipes for you:

Peach Tart – A recipe from my mom, with more than 750 reviews!

Perfect Peach-Blueberry Pandowdy – Don’t skip the jammy bits around the pan’s edge; this one comes from longtime community member EmilyC.

Peach Frangipane Galette – Galette is a tart’s laid-back sibling.

Grilled Corn, Pineapple and Peach Salsa – All the right hits of acid, sweetness, and heat; Bevi’s been a community member since 2010!

Crook’s Corner’s Green Peach Salad – For when your peaches aren’t quite ready

Goldie’s ice-dye linens.

Photo by Ty Mecham

SIN’s noble hook.

Photo by Amanda Hesser

Our Shop team is tired of me talking about how much I love these ice-dye table linens. It’s their fault for stocking them.

I recently hung this hook in our bedroom, where it looks noble and useful.

From the same collection by SIN, I’m also really into this toothbrush holder and soap dish.

On July 23, I’d love to see you at our first Nobody Cares Speaker Series. Erika Ayers Badan, our CEO, Lindsay Shookus, founder of Women Work F#cking Hard, and I will be talking about our careers. The conversation will be unguarded and insightful. The snacks will be delicious. The view of the Manhattan skyline will be splendid. RSVP here!

Lazy Susans galore.

Photo by Amanda Hesser

Exquisite N.O. Møller chairs.

Photo by Amanda Hesser

Semi Pendant Lamps by Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup for Fog and Mørup.

Photo by Amanda Hesser

This was marked as a “sewing table” but the basket drawer suggests it was for knitting.

Photo by Amanda Hesser

Brightbound pendant lamp.

Photo by Amanda Hesser

The smoker outside Hometown Bar B Que.

Photo by Amanda Hesser

In case you find yourself in Red Hook … actually, you won’t. There’s no subway access, and nary a bus. Which means it’s long been a home for makers’ studios and warehouse space. Lanoba Design, which imports and refurbishes Danish furniture, recently relocated from The Jerz to Red Hook. Credit to my pal Liz Paley, who knows about everything. Some key finds (check out my IG feed for more photos/vids):

Token – Stop by to see their furnishings and lighting by Brightbound with Windy Chien.

Hometown Bar B Que – Make time for the best barbecue in the city.

Photo by Amanda Hesser

My husband, Tad, made a date night reservation for us at Café Carmellini. We thought the “Café” meant casual, and we showed up like we were ready for pizza in Bushwick. Many delicious courses and silver forks later, our extra-special date night was punctuated by chocolates presented in this dish. Because all chocolate should be served in a fancy ceramic monster dish.




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