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CryptocurrencyFootball Moments That Could Be Sold As NFTs

Football Moments That Could Be Sold As NFTs

When we think of iconic sports, there is no other one like football. Football is the sport that surrounds the world and is the most watched, played and loved form of entertainment around the world. When we think about football, there are so many iconic moments to choose from and this spans back decades. Nearly every team in the world has an iconic moment and even if it isn’t iconic to all of football, some moments are still iconic to the club. As someone who loves crypto and investing, the collaboration of football and investing is one of my favourite things and it doesn’t happen enough, with one of the most recent times being Sorare and their deal with the Premier League and looking at football now, if I could pick some iconic moments to be NFTs which would I choose and why?


The biggest league in the world is the Premier League and the most iconic moment in football history is between Aguero and QPR. So let me paint the scene for you, it’s the last day of the season, and city rivals Manchester City and Manchester United are in a title fight that is heading down to the last second, all City need to do when they first title in 60 years is so beat a team who are on the cusp of relegation. As the clock ticked on, a header from Dzeko made the game even at 2 goals each and then, in the 93rd minute of the season, one of the last kicks of the season and the game, Aguero got the ball and scored the goal that won City the League and changed football forever. This is the best moment in footballing history and it would sell for a lot if it was as an NFT.

Greece Do the Impossible

When we look at the European Championship winners since its inception, there are several teams that you just expect to win and Greece are not one of those teams. In 2004 when Greece started to pick up speed in those years Euros, people started to think about the chance of Greece doing the ultimate underdog story. Their group stage went really well and when they beat France in the Quarter Finals, which was something that no one predicted with the Euro 2024 bets because the France squad was so strong. Getting to the final was already a good enough Tournament for the players and the fans but they would have obviously wanted to win and this is where the NFT could come in. When Charisteas’ goal hit the net and the players started to celebrate, a special moment for players and the fans was born and this would make for a beautiful NFT.

The Miracle In Istanbul

In the year of 2005, Liverpool defied the odds and made it to the Champions League final to face one of the best sides of the last 25 years, AC Milan. Going into the game a lot of people wrote Liverpool off because their team wasn’t as strong as people thought it needed to be when playing in the Champions League final and for the forest 45 minutes, these worries were right as Liverpool went into halftime seeing themselves three nil down. As soon as the third goal hit the net, everyone collectively agreed that it was over. Until Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso and Vladimir Smicer reduced the lead and sent Liverpool to extra time. When the thirty minutes of extra time came and went, penalties were the decider here of who would be crowned champions. A hero stepped up in this and it was Liverpool’s goalkeeper, Dudek, who saved two penalties and won Liverpool their trophy. The final save being an NFT would be iconic and wanted by fans everywhere, except AC Milan fans obviously.

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