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FoodCreamy Shrimp, White Corn, and Chipotle Gnocchi

Creamy Shrimp, White Corn, and Chipotle Gnocchi

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Creamy Shrimp, White Corn, and Chipotle Gnocchi is a delightful fusion dish that combines the rich, comforting elements of Italian cuisine with the vibrant, smoky flavors of Mexican ingredients. This dish features tender shrimp, sweet white corn, spicy chipotle peppers, and pillowy gnocchi enveloped by a luxurious cream sauce. Fresh basil and crumbled queso fresco add freshness and creaminess, respectively, making each bite a harmonious blend of textures and flavors.

The dish begins with rehydrating dried chipotle peppers by soaking them in hot water until they become soft and pliable. This step not only brings out the deep, smoky flavor of the chipotle peppers but also makes them easier to chop and incorporate into the dish.

The shrimp, seasoned with salt and ground black pepper, are sautéed in extra virgin olive oil until they are fully cooked, turning pink and succulent. Sautéing the shrimp separately ensures they retain their delicate texture and don’t become overcooked or rubbery.

In the same skillet, the base for the sauce is built. Chopped onion is sautéed until it becomes translucent, releasing its sweet aroma, followed by minced garlic and the finely chopped rehydrated chipotle peppers. These ingredients are sautéed until fragrant, allowing their flavors to meld and deepen. The white corn kernels are added, providing a sweet and slightly charred note as they cook.

The gnocchi, small potato dumplings that are soft and pillowy, are added directly to the skillet with the vegetables. Cooking the gnocchi in the same pan allows them to absorb the flavors of the chipotle and corn while also starting to brown slightly, adding texture to the dish.

To create the creamy sauce, vegetable broth is poured into the skillet, deglazing the pan and lifting all the flavorful bits stuck to the bottom. Heavy cream is added and simmered, thickening as it cooks. The richness of the cream is balanced by the smoky heat of the chipotle peppers and the sweetness of the white corn. Crumbled queso fresco is stirred into the sauce, melting slightly to create a smooth and creamy texture while adding a tangy flavor that complements the other ingredients.

Finally, the sautéed shrimp are folded back into the skillet, ensuring they are evenly distributed throughout the sauce. Fresh basil, chopped and added after, brings a burst of freshness and a hint of peppery spice, elevating the dish with its aromatic notes.

Creamy Shrimp, White Corn, and Chipotle Gnocchi are served in bowls, creating a comforting and hearty meal perfect for any occasion. Each serving is garnished with additional crumbled queso fresco, adding a touch of creaminess and a slight tang with every bite. Fresh basil leaves are scattered on top, enhancing the dish’s vibrant color and fresh flavor.

This dish celebrates diverse culinary influences, bringing together the best of Italian and Mexican cuisines in a single, harmonious plate. The creamy sauce, tender shrimp, and flavorful vegetables create a comforting yet sophisticated dish that will impress family and friends. Whether you want a weeknight dinner or a dish to serve at a special gathering, Creamy Shrimp, White Corn, and Chipotle Gnocchi is a delicious and unique option that will delight your taste buds and warm your heart.


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