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TravelBéis vs. Monos: Which Luggage is Best in 2024?

Béis vs. Monos: Which Luggage is Best in 2024?

Over the past 10 years, the luggage market has boomed with startup brands selling trendy, polycarbonate suitcases with luxury features but at prices lower than luxury brands. Béis and Monos are two of these, and choosing between them isn’t easy.

I’ve spent months testing and analyzing dozens of suitcases, including several models from these two brands. I compared suitcases from both brands using our in-depth luggage rating system, which evaluates luggage across 33 individual objective and subjective metrics. Those findings showed me exactly where each brand excels.

Béis was founded by the actress and influencer Shay Mitchell. As you’d expect, Béis suitcases are very stylish and on-trend, but they also include a surprising array of innovative features.

Monos focuses on creating functional, minimalist luggage designed to offer luxury-level quality at an accessible price. Their design philosophy is to create simple designs and make products that last.

On the surface, these two brands are very similar: they both sell high-quality polycarbonate luggage. But when you dig under the surface, there are definitely some important differences.

I’ll walk you through those differences and help you decide which brand has the right suitcase for you.

Béis Overview

Béis Luggage ReviewBéis Luggage Review

Actress Shay Mitchell founded Béis in 2018 when she saw a gap in the market for practical yet fashionable luggage and jumped at the opportunity to fill it. She wanted to create products that not only work, but are also a joy to use.

Béis focuses on both style and practicality, and you’ll see that reflected in their designs. Béis suitcases look amazing, but they’re also loaded with smart little features that may seem gimmicky at first glance, except for the fact that they work.

Béis is also slightly cheaper than Monos. In fact, if you’re looking for an on-trend suitcase that is made with polycarbonate and durable components, Béis is one of the most affordable options out there.

Béis Materials & Quality

Béis uses polycarbonate hard shells for all of their luggage. Polycarbonate is pretty much the gold-standard material for hardside suitcases right now. It’s tough, lightweight, and scratch-resistant.

The most impressive thing about Béis is that they’re able to offer full polycarbonate suitcases at a lower price than most of their competitors.

Beyond the shell, the details of Béis suitcases also feel well made. The handles aren’t overly rattly, the interior lining is slick and water-resistant, the spinner wheels are smooth-rolling and sturdy.

Yet, while Béis does a solid job at quality control, they can’t quite compete with the rigorous testing that Monos does to their suitcases. For example, Béis uses glue to attach their grab handles, while Monos uses sturdy screws. Don’t get me wrong, Béis luggage is plenty durable; it’s just not quite as tough as Monos.

Another downside is that Béis hasn’t done much toward using sustainable materials in their products. They don’t use recycled materials or offset their emissions. If sustainability is important to you, Monos is way ahead.

Despite these points, Béis still offers a compelling choice with their limited lifetime warranty—a promise that they believe in the longevity of their products. It’s not all about being the toughest on the block; it’s also about trust and service.

Béis Design and Features

First off, Béis luggage looks amazing. The chic design and huge selection of fun colors are perfect for expressing a little personality while you travel. I know that isn’t the most important thing for everyone, but I’ve found that if I like how my travel gear looks, I enjoy using it more and feel better while traveling.

The design goes beyond looks though. Béis has everything you’d expect in a practical modern suitcase: interior dividers and compression straps to keep your clothes in place, TSA locks, 360-degree spinner wheels, and internal pockets for smaller items.

All of these features are great to have, but none of them are unique. However, Béis luggage does have a few small details that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

First off, the grab handles on every Béis suitcase have a built-in weight indicator. Essentially, if your bag is over 50 lbs, a little plastic window in the handle will show up red. Of course, this only works if your airline’s weight limit is 50 lbs, but it’s a good sanity check to have.

Béis luggage also comes with a small retractable bag strap. You can pull this little strap out from the top of the suitcase and loop it through the handle of your personal item bag. That way, you can wheel everything around together in one easy-to-manage package.

I’m very impressed with the design of Béis luggage overall. It hits just the right balance between functionality and simplicity.

Béis Luggage Pros and Cons

Béis is a go-to for if you want your travel gear to make a statement without breaking the bank. Béis luggage is well-designed and well-made.

However, it isn’t perfect. The build quality is good, but it’s not as impressive as you’d get by paying just a little bit more for a Monos suitcase.


  • More affordable than Monos
  • Includes useful antimicrobial laundry bags
  • Features modern laptop sleeves
  • Comes with built-in weight indicators
  • Offers high-end models at great prices

  • Durability concerns with glue-attached straps
  • Limited capacity for heavy baggage
  • Lacks eco-friendly materials in design

Monos Overview

Monos Luggage ComparisonMonos Luggage Comparison

In 2018, three childhood friends in Vancouver launched Monos. Their goal was to build luxury-quality hardshell suitcases at a more attainable price. Their suitcases still aren’t cheap, but they have an impressive quality level for the price.

Monos luggage is designed by travelers, for travelers. Their goal is to create functional, minimalist suitcases that do exactly what you need them to so you can focus on the experiences of your trip.

Monos impressed me further by achieving Climate Neutral Certification and being part of the 1% for the Planet movement. As climate change and global habitat destruction are becoming more salient issues, it’s important to me to use and recommend brands that are reducing their impact. Monos is one of the best luggage brands out there in that regard.

Monos really tunes into what today’s travelers are after, striking a balance between sturdy suitcases, sleek looks, and green practices. Still, while they aim high with their ideals, they fall somewhat short in terms of exciting extras.

Monos Materials & Quality

Monos builds their suitcases to last, and that design intent shows in every detail. They source high-quality materials and components and work with vetted factories to manufacture the best product for the price.

They put each suitcase through a gauntlet of tests, including a handle jerk test, wheel abrasion test, drop tests, and more. These tests simulate real-world abuse. If you’re curious, I highly recommend checking out their quality testing. Very few luggage manufacturers go to such extremes to make suitcases that won’t break.

The outer shell is made from German Makrolon polycarbonate, which is possibly the best material currently available for hard side luggage. This is similar to the polycarbonate used by Béis except that it comes directly from Bayer, the German company that invented polycarbonate in the first place.

The one downside is that I’ve seen Monos suitcases come out of the baggage claim with some serious scratches and scuffs. This is only cosmetic, but it still is a bummer. Fortunately, our guide for how to clean luggage has tips for how to remove these scuffs.

Many luggage brands buy handles and wheels from third-party suppliers, so you’ll see the same components used across many different brands. Monos couldn’t find a telescoping handle or spinner wheels that lived up to their standards, so they designed and built their own from the ground up.

The telescoping handles are made from extruded aluminum rather than the standard cast zinc tubes. This makes them stronger and stiffer. They also offset the two telescoping sections 45 degrees in either direction. This makes them much more stable than standard luggage handles.

Monos’ new wheels are some of the best I’ve ever tested. They’re smooth, easy to maneuver, and very sturdy. They feel significantly beefier than the wheels on Béis luggage.

Unlike Béis, Monos’ heavy-duty grab handles are secured to the suitcase with screws instead of glue. These details might seem minor at first glance, but they indicate a philosophy that values innovative design as much as sustainability.

Monos Design & Features

The design language of Monos luggage is sleek and minimalist. It’s hard not to love the look of a Monos suitcase, especially because they come in a wide range of colors. When it comes to style, Monos and Béis are both chic, modern, and on-trend. It will ultimately come down to personal preference.

The minimalist approach extends to the details and interior of Monos suitcases as well.

Inside, there is a zippered divider with a big mesh pocket on one side and a big compression panel with a few more pockets and beefy straps on the other. The Monos compression straps are thick and have big chunky buckles. They work way better than the flimsier straps on Béis suitcases (or pretty much any other luggage, for that matter).

I also really liked the telescopic handle design. It is contoured and comfortable to hold, and the release button is on the bottom side. This makes way more sense because that’s where your fingers go naturally.

If you’re traveling with a laptop or tablet, the Monos Carry-On Pro is one of the best suitcases out there. It has an external zippered pocket with a laptop sleeve and a few smaller compartments for items you want quick access to. That’s something you won’t get in a Béis suitcase.

One thing you won’t get with Monos is an expansion zipper. No Monos suitcases have the option to expand, and that does make them a bit less flexible. If that’s an important feature for you, Béis will be a better option.

Monos also doesn’t have all the nifty features that Béis luggage delivers like the built-in weight indicator and the retracting bag strap.

Monos Bags Pros and Cons

Monos stands out for its commitment to sustainability and a minimalist design. Their use of eco-friendly materials and sleek aesthetics in each Monos suitcase and Monos carry-on bag appeals to eco-conscious and style-savvy travelers alike.

Compared to Béis, Monos offers fewer bells and whistles, focusing instead on doing the basics really well.


  • Strong focus on sustainability.
  • Uses durable, eco-friendly materials.
  • Sleek, minimalist design.
  • Offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Features ergonomic handles and silent wheels.

  • Higher price point than Béis.
  • Fewer innovative features.
  • Limited range of designs and colors.
  • Not as many organizational compartments.
  • Could be too simple for tech-lovers.

Béis vs Monos: Which Should You Buy?

Now you’ve got the basics of both brands. If you’re still not sure what to pick, here are a few points to help you decide.

Design and Features

Béis luggage brings a unique flair to the travel gear market, combining functionality with a chic aesthetic that stands out at baggage claim. Béis has a few more innovative features that you won’t see in any other suitcase.

Monos, on the other hand, opts for a minimalist approach that appeals to those who prefer sleek, uncomplicated designs. Their suitcases are marked by clean lines and a refined look.

Monos doesn’t have any crazy unique features, but every little detail is well-thought-out and works flawlessly.


If durability is your number one priority, Monos is the way to go. Monos luggage uses sturdier components and goes through much more rigorous quality testing. Monos also has a slightly better warranty.

That said, Béis luggage is still well-built and should still last for years of travel for most people.


Monos is one of the best luggage brands out there when it comes to sustainability. They are a member of 1% for the Planet and are Climate Neutral Certified. They use recycled materials, renewable energy, and durable components that are designed to stay out of the landfill.

Béis can’t keep up here, so if sustainability is important to you, choose Monos.


Béis luggage offers incredible bang for your buck. You can get a sleek, high-quality polycarbonate suitcase for a lower price.

Given the similarity between the two brands, it’s pretty impressive that Béis managed to build such a competitive product at this price.

Béis Luggage Review and Monos Luggage Review FAQs

What materials are Béis and Monos luggage made from?

Both Béis and Monos use polycarbonate for their hard shells.

Do Béis or Monos suitcases offer warranty or returns?

Both offer lifetime warranties and return policies; Monos allows 100 days for returns, Béis provides 45 days.

How do the designs of Béis and Monos luggage compare?

Monos focuses on minimalist, durable designs with muted colors. Béis offers versatile, stylish luggage focusing on practicality and bold colors.

Are there any unique features in Béis or Monos luggage?

Monos luggage features a more durable and thicker shell, quality compression panels, and includes washable bags. Béis luggage is expandable, has a padded handle, and offers more color choices.

What are the price ranges for Béis and Monos luggage?

Monos suitcases are slightly more expensive due to premium materials, but Béis targets a more budget-conscious audience. Prices vary, especially during sales.

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