InMotion Hosting Review | pros and cons | 56 % Discount ( 2017 )

Here’s my inmotion hosting review & experience so far :

InMotion provides great hosting and security options even in the basic plan,  which helps make it a solid option for web hosting. InMotion hosting has nice solid state drives (SSD)  on their shared plans which give an added speed boost to your site. Their customer service and reputation are excellent in the shared space.

According to our tested inmotion hosting review these are the Biggest Pro of using Inmotion Hosting :

Inmotion hosting is a very cheap web hosting as far as offers,speed, reliability and speed they provide compared to other web hosts which gives them the edge over other web hosts, that a reason its at large scale endorsed for business web hosting. As per our inmotion hosting review we found it to be the fastest of all which can even make six times more faster to load page as compared to other web host. It is specially endorsed by many high prolific companies including us as they are the top providers of self-hosted business websites. If you are looking to start a small, medium or large scale business website, then our choice is Inmotion hosting.

Inmotion offers various kinds of web hosting plans, all of them are Linux based. The basic one named as Launch supports up to six domains including two websites which is priced at $7.99 per month with an annual subscription. The second one is named as Power which but with same features and offers, which supports twenty six domains and six websites priced at just $15.99 per month with an annual subscription. The top one is called Pro which supports unlimited domains and unlimited websites just at a price of $15.99 per month with an annual subscription.  ( Note : Every Inmotion shared hosting plan include unlimited data transfer, storage as well as email which makes it more commendable. That’s  why our specialist put it on top.

inMotion hosting review

According to our tested inmotion hosting review this is the Hosting uptime of inmotion business hosting :

On Inmotion hosting, we ran many tests on variety of websites, the special thing which i personally like is their super speed because they are specialized very updated servers which never gets down. We have recorder this up-time records shown below which shows excellent response time. As per our tests we got 99.99% to 100% at regular sessions.

inmotion hosting review
InMotion Hosting Uptime : 99.99%
inMotion Hosting review
inMotion Hosting uptime record 100%
Accoring to our inmotion hosting review this is theSpeed Test of inmotion business hosting :

A new test added in our review process i.e speed test. We pinged all sites from eight different location using a tool called Bit-catcha .The outcome (in site response time, milliseconds) were contrasted against other 12 million websites and were rated from A-to-F.

Test Results: A+, Very Good

We put a test site which is hosted on InMotion Hosting and it scored best out of all A+; Every places response times were below 350 milliseconds.  More info in the following image.

inMotion Hosting Review

Free SSD Hosting + Exclusive Max Speed Zone :

Now with the introduction of brand new technology called solid state drives (SSD) that Inmotion Business hosting is using, which make page to load faster 20 times more than the normal hard disk. From the server it pushes 65 % data more.

Now armed with another technology in their bucket they are using peering technology and in addition to that they are having couple of data centers in the world which helps to load page faster. Like there data centers are located in east coast as well as west coast – Washington DC or Los Angeles.

Every shared hosting users can choose their data center location as per their choice. ( Tip : Always choose data center close to target market visitors e.g : If your visitors are from Los Angeles, then choose data center in Los Angels or close to that location )

One more thing that Inmotion hosting is providing a benefit of Max speed zone. Now your website can be loaded six times faster if you live within the Max Speed Zone. ( Note : Google recognizes and gives plus point to website having better speed which means websites loading faster are given high ranking as well better search ranking as compared to slower loading
websites )

What's Excellent About InMotion Hosting ?

1. Premium Web Hosting Service – Affordable Price, Extraordinary Uptime Record

2. Exclusive Max Speed Zone + Free SSD Hosting

3. Wide Choices For Server Upgrades

4. 90 Days Full Money Back Guarantee

5. Proven Track Record In Hosting Business

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