There’s a concern that shared website hosting can affect your search engine ranking. This concern arises largely from the chance that your internet host might assign you an IP address that can also be utilized by porn and spam web sites. It is a real concern and one which we will talk about right here.

Your web host assigns you an IP address to your web site. If in case you have paid to your personal IP address, this isn’t a problem. Nevertheless, most individuals don’t understand the concept of IP, let alone IP addresses, and are on the mercy of their web hosting provider.

IP Addresses and Web Hosting Services

IP (Internet Protocol) addresses identify your computer on the internet and are provided by your web host. With shared hosting, you can be sharing IP addresses with many different web sites. This in itself has no affect on your search engine ranking.

Nonetheless, should your web site or domain share IP addresses with domains that Google and different search engines like google and yahoo regard as being harmful (spammy and porn websites) there is likely to be the possibility of your website being related to these and consequently lose search engine ranking.

You might then think that it might be better for you to pay for a devoted IP address. Such addresses are usually offered solely with the more expensive website hosting plans. However, if you look around, you can actually buy IP addresses.

Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam guru, has stated that you should not worry very much about shared web hosting affecting you search engine ranking. To quote Matt: “There is no PageRank difference whatsoever between these two cases” (regular hosting vs. dedicated IP). He says that it does not figure very highly on his list of things to bother about when seeking high Google rankings. That seems good enough, but how accurate is his statement?

You can try it your self in case your web site or blog is hosted by a firm which provides a dedicated IP address with its  Internet hosting plan for an additional few dollars per month

You could try it for a few months after which you can revert  again to the shared IP. Check your Google ranking before and after – you should see no difference. Whereas there are not any guarantees of that of course, that’s the end result that most individuals should see according to Matt Cutts.

When a Dedicated IP Address is Beneficial ?

Other than the fact that a dedicated IP address is mostly safer than using a shared IP, there are particular conditions the place it’s positively useful. One instance particularly concerns trackback spam. Trackbacks are notifications that different bloggers have published your post on their blog – and include a link back to your blog . Many different blogs will be spam – on line casino or Viagra websites, for instance.

Askimet will check trackbacks for spam and either enable them or not. Such spammy blogs websites utilizing the identical web host as you will be disallowed by many other blogs. The outcome may be that in the event you send trackbacks to different websites, hoping for a hyperlink again, it’s possible you’ll be blocked by Askimet as a result of you will have the identical IP address because the spammy websites. The one resolution is to have a dedicated IP address.

One more reason for utilizing a dedicated IP is while you run a shopping cart system in your blog. In such a case, it would typically be essential to have an SSL certificates to convince your guests that their data is secure. For this, you’ll need a dedicated IP address to make sure that your prospects’ information is safe throughout buying transactions.


Shared web hosting has nearly no impact on search engine ranking. The impact of switching to a dedicated IP handle has virtually no SEO advantages besides in some very rare circumstances.

An instance like utilizing a dedicated IP would include e-commerce with an SSL certificates and blogs with trackbacks from potentially spammy websites. Apart from these, a shared IP handle could have little or no impact on SEO or your search engine ranking.