Saving hosting fees one of the difficult thing you will face While running  website. One of the important investments that each blogger has to make each month is on web hosting, to run their self-hosted WordPress blog.

Normally, a cheap and reliable shared hosting for WordPress will cost from $3/month to $15/month, depending on your necessities. The cost will increase considerably once you transfer to VPS or dedicated hosting.

When a brand new blogger takes the initial steps to set up a self-hosted blog, he’s usually unaware of the prices concerned in hosting. Incessantly a brand new blogger might end up buying website hosting at unnecessarily excessive cost (and without a discount) and end up loosing hosting fees.

Even if he does get discounted hosting, the price of renewal is excessively high when the time comes to renew.

Let me share with you few ideas which can help you to save hosting fees on your web hosting while  renewing . A few of these ideas could also be of use from day one of your first internet hosting buy. Others could also be used when your internet hosting time is about to run out, and you have to pay for the renewal.

Are you looking for web hosting renewal coupon?  Usually you will not find any renewal coupon which will save your hosting fees

Check this post you’ll get your reply , how to save hosting fees while renewing your web hosting package

Usually once you buy any web hosting, for the first time we get huge discount. Like $7.50/month web hosting package get in $4/month. Now according to this discount now we have to pay only $48/year internet hosting.

However after one years you must pay $90 hosting fees for subsequent three years. Means extra $42 you have to give on next renewal.

So What to do ? and How to save hosting fees on web hosting renewal ?

First of all keep in mind this point never buy small period web hosting package. Always buy long period web hosting package for more advantage.

Let’s do some calculation to see how purchasing long term plan will save a lot’s of money.

I select hostgator hosting and their child web hosting plan.

After I buy any Web hosting plan for 1 year time interval using 25% off coupon code, It charged me. $89.55.

However after I select same plan for three year time interval utilizing similar coupon code, It charged me.. $214.65.

Now if I buy website hosting service for 1 year time interval and renew it yearly, it would value me after three years.

$(89.55+ 119.40+119.40) = $328.35

[price increase because when you renewal web hosting package you wouldn’t get any discount most of web hosting provider]

So now you save $113.7 simply by selecting three year’s plan.

That’s why I like to recommend purchasing   long term web hosting plans for additional advantages.

For those who have already purchased website hosting plans and now need a renewal coupon code.

Which usually you will not find because web hosting companies don’t offer it.

So what is the best Solution ?

Migrate your website

Migrate your web site from one server to another server. Usually hostgator , bluehost , siteground offer similar type service. So if you migrate your web site from one server to another , it will not affect your web site.

All you must do. Simply buy a new internet hosting package and migrate your web site from old one to new one. Even most of these website hosting providers offer free migration service.

That is one of the simplest ways to maintain your price range.

Directly contact web hosting provider

You may straight ask your web hosting provider for discount. Inform them you are getting discount through different website hosting companies. Hope they are going to organize a reduction. However  usually most of web site hosting providers didn’t provide any low cost on renewal.