What is a Professional Email Address ?

The very first thing each business proprietor wants is a professional e-mail address. After you setup your website, the next most important to do is create a professional branded email address. In this article, we will show you how to setup professional email address with Google Apps and Gmail.

A professional e-mail is the one which has your business name in it. For instance, irfan@shoutscoop.com is a professional email address.

Email accounts on free email services like shout.scoop@gmail.com are usually not good as a result of they don’t look professional.

For a professional email address, you’ll need a website name and a website. We have now step-by-step guide on how to choose a domain name and how to install WordPress to rapidly setup a web site.

If you have already got a domain name and a web site, then you might be all set to have your own professional e-mail address.

Why Use Google Apps for Professional Branded Email Address ?

You might be thinking why use Google Apps when most WordPress hosting companies provide unlimited email accounts with your own domain name?

E mail is among the most vital communication device for any particular person or enterprise. With an unreliable e-mail service, you possibly can miss vital emails, and this may damage your small business.

Most hosting e mail servers are unreliable, restrictive, isolated, and less safe. You wouldn’t even know if the e-mail you dispatched was delivered.

That is where Google Apps for Work and Gmail comes in.

Gmail is already the industry leader in e mail and with Google Apps for Work, you should use your professional branded email address with Gmail.

Listed here are among the advantages of using Google Apps and Gmail for a professional email address.

  • Professional business email address on your own domain.
  • Gmail’s rock solid security and spam filters
  • 30 GB – Double the storage of a free Gmail Account.
  • Manage email even when offline using Gmail app on mobile device.
  • Works anywhere web, mobile, tablet, you name it.
  • Works great with Outlook and can even sync old Outlook accounts.
  • Each user can have up to 30 email aliases.
  • Use Google Calendar, Google Hangouts for chat, video, and voice calls on your own business email address.
  • No advertisements and 24/7 professional support whenever you need help
  • Works seamlessly with your WordPress site.
  • Most important of all, high deliverability, no delays, no ending up in spam folder.Now that you know why using Google Apps for professional is important, let’s take a look at how to set up a branded professional email address with Google Apps.

    Setting up a Professional Email Address with Google Apps and Gmail :

    First you will need to signup for a Google Apps for Work account.

    It costs around $5/month for each user. If you pay annually, then you get 2 months free ($50/year per user).


    Go to google apps Sign up Page click on start free trial (You would be paying later, but it’s good to enjoy first one month without paying anything)


    Click on next, and on the next page, you have the option to buy the domain from Google or use any of your existing domain. If you have a domain, use the option which says “Use a domain name I have already purchased” and if you need to buy a domain name, use the second option.


    On the next page, you will need to create your first Google Apps user name. My suggestion would be, create only those email address which you are more likely to going to use. As Google Apps charges /user/month, using fewer Email address will ensure that your business monthly expense will be low.


    Click on signup and it will automatically redirect you to admin dashboard of your newly created Google Apps account. Here is a screenshot of my Google Apps admin console.


    The very first thing which we require here is to verify domain ownership. Once you have verified your domain ownership, next step is to set up email for your domain. Click on next sep after verify, and you will be back to admin console where you can click on setup email to start setting up Google Apps Email service.

    The great thing about Google Apps setup tool is, it’s very smart and makes it easy for any non-technical user to setup and get running in no-time. For example, in my case, Google apps detected that my domain is hosted on Dreamhost, and it gave me instructions to quickly setup Google Apps email service via Dreamhost

    On the next screen, you will be asked to select your domain name. After which you will see a list of options.


Scroll down and you will find MX Records. There would be one or more entries there. You need to delete all of them.


That’s it! Within 24 hours Google will check the MX records after which your mail will be activated. I hope this tutorial will help you get your personalized email address for your domain.

Grab your free Google Apps trial account

Do remember, having your personalized domain Email address, will help in branding and look more professional.