For those who consider Blogging as a profession, there are a variety of the way to monetize  blog, such as affiliate marketing, advertisement, paid posts and sponsored posts etc. Nonetheless, once we consider opinion from experts in running a blog, it seems that Google AdSense —  biggest advertisement network  — is the choice of majority.

It has to be noted that, in any case, Google AdSense is likely one of the most trusted, extensively used and extremely popular advertising network, particularly in terms of the case of blogs and web sites with medium and excessive visitors. That having said, in terms of newbies in world of running a blog, making a Google AdSense account and embedding advertisements in your websites or blogs is considered somewhat tiresome!

But in reality, it’s quite  opposite, it’s a completely easy process to have an AdSense account and thus start earning from your blog or web site. In this article, we will show a step-by-step tutorial to create an AdSense account.  But Let’s us give the quick introduction to newbies out there.

What is Google Adsense ?

Google AdSense is an advertising network from Google Inc that’s meant to let publishers of blogs and websites show advertisements together with their content material. This system works based mostly on pay per click basis and it’s indeed a powerful to earn revenue from web site or blog with enormous reach.

As of now, Google AdSense does provide completely different strategies to obtain earnings, including EFT and Wire Transfer and minimum requirement of incomes is $100. And, for the technical aspect, Google AdSense works based on JavaScript and you need to merely insert codes into your web sites or blogs to enable Google AdSense and start earning!

Step One :

First, you need to go to sign-up web page of Google AdSense; you can follow this link to reach the particular web page! To move on with registration process of Google AdSense, it’s essential to have a Google Account. As a blogger i can guess you might be already having a gmail account

 Google AdSense

Step Two :

Second part of registration process, ‘Tell us about your content’, is where you have to provide details about your blogs/web sites that you’re going to insert these ads in. First, within the Web site Info part, it’s a must to present URL of your web site and the primary language of web site.

Google AdSenseStep Three :

It is the real section of Google AdSense account sign-up process! In order to submit your AdSense application, you’ve to provide contact details of yours.

Google AdSenseGoogle AdSenseStep Four :

It’s time to wait, as you have submitted your AdSense application, it is the time to wait, because Google AdSense team is, nowadays, a bit strict about letting bloggers use their advertising networks. So, the team will review various aspects of your website or blog and mail you.