A 12-year-old girl and her mother were selling Girl Scout cookies outside of a Safeway supermarket in Union City, New Jersey on Wednesday night when a youth approached them with a gun and demanded all of their money.

The girl and her mother were selling cookies in front of Safeway on Wednesday when a teenage boy approached them and asked about buying cookies, according to Sgt. Steve Mendez, a spokesman for the Union City Police Department.

The boy returned with a handgun and took cookie money from the girl’s mother, he said. After stealing the cash, the boy ran from the parking lot.

“The mother and daughter were not injured but understandably were visibly upset,” Mendez said in a statement.

The family was thoroughly shaken by the robbery, but they were left unharmed. In order to make up for the incident, the police association bought out the entire remaining stock of the mother and daughter’s cookies, amounting to over $1,000.

“At that time, we did what we could to make it, loving and compassionate and healing,” Lisa Gratez told ABC7.

The suspect is still at large, but this is reportedly the first incident of armed robbery in over 100 years of selling Girl Scout Cookies – let’s hope for 100 more.