Beautiful 10 year old domain name

“LE” ( 乐 ) is an auxiliary word in Chinese, which indicates emotion, feelings and so on.

LX may stand for lián xì, 联系 = connection, contact, relation, to get in touch with, to integrate, to link, to touch

Thus the domain would work very well for a Chinese social network, or messaging application or dating website, or phone business.

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Brandable domain with huge potential in tech security.

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This almost 8 year old domain domain name is a gem having exact more than 2k global monthly searches. This domain name can be used to target a keywords like healthy breakfast , breakfast idea or breakfast. Weather you want to start your social network about food, restaurant chain or online tutorial or you want to sell breakfast related products. then this domain is perfect for you. Weather you want to show chefs and recipes? or you want to find the best recipe ideas, videos, healthy eating advice, party ideas and cooking techniques from top chefs. Then grab this domain.

Price : $ 499


14 Year old domain . All gTLDS , ccTLDS are taken. whether you want to start a new project or want to redirect this domain to your old car insurance website to capture some pre-qualified leads from people who type in the domains into their browser. This domain should serve work to your advantage in the search engines and in Internet and offline marketing campaigns. Now target whole English speaking Europeans especially Austrians . Car Insurance Market share is huge in Austria and europe as well as there are large percentage of people speaking English. Grab this opportunity now as i said market share is huge and domain is only one. This domain is exact match of popular word “Car Insurance” having 1.2 million global monthly searches with minimum $15 CPC.

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The Video Game industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

With this great domain name you can start building your own gaming website right away.

Video Games are the present and the future!

All Tld and ccTld’s are already registered.

Globla Monthly searches : 40.5 k

Similar websites sold in past :

gamebox.org – $ 1000

gamepoint.ca – € 6,000.00


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