Benchmark offers a number of fantastic features and benefits. Its free plans are among the top in the industry, especially for those working with a PTA, PTO, PTSA, or nonprofits benefiting children. And the learning center, support, and overall user experience provide a great environment for those who want to learn how email marketing can grow their businesses.

Benchmark Email is a fine email marketing service that generally gets the job done. It’s easier to use than other email marketing services and its free plan is more generous. However its social media integration is limited.

Biggest Pro’s of Benchmark Email :

Customer Support :

Customer support options include phone, email and live chat support. When you will signed up, You will receive an email from an account manager who will sent you a link to help videos, as well as his contact information, so I could reach out with any questions.

Email List Management :

Users are entitled to arrange their contact list, clean useless email addresses and add or remove contacts. You can arrange the lists according to demographics, needs and demands of the customers, etc. Benchmark Email also allows its users to import contacts via .txt, .csv and .xls file formats. You can also import your Hotmail or Gmail contacts.

Custom Autoresponders :

Users can schedule a list of emails that are sent automatically or create mini-lists for the subscribers, before a special event or sale. Benchmark Email allows you to send multiple emails, each targeting a different area of your email list.

Built-in and Custom Template Designs :

Benchmark Email provides all the necessary features required to insert your unique custom template.

Benchmark Email provides numerous template designs, spread across 20 categories including event invitations, newsletters, holiday greetings and seasonal wishes along with special templates for religious organizations, real estate offices, and restaurants. These designs can be customized in the drag-and-drop editor.
Online Surveys

The benefits of micro targeting are not new. Benchmark Email offers online surveys that point out exactly the location of the target recipients, allowing you to focus on the related groups. With the help of Benchmark Email, users can create professional surveys using the related templates. Provisions for response tracking and reporting are available.

A/B Testing :

Multivarient tests allows marketers to test what is the best title, content or design and much more. Benchmark Email allows you to create various From Names or Subject Lines and test them on smaller test groups. Users can also opt for a campaign vs. campaign test to realize the potential of each.

Manage Events :

While Benchmark Email has a dedicated, separate service for extensive management of events, they also have the option of setting up events with basic features as part of the email marketing suite of services. IF you are looking to handle promotional events on a budget, this tool can be a nifty feature to work with.

Useful Plug-ins :

Benchmark Email has numerous useful plug-ins that help connect your account to numerous popular services and websites, giving you direct access to all marketing data. For example, you can integrate tools like Easy List, Highrise, Zoho, Shopify or Salesforce. These plug-ins save valuable time and energy that would otherwise be used to manually integrate each account individually.

Benchmark Email Pricing :

Free for sending up to 14k emails to 2k contacts

Send based plans from up to 600 emails for $9.95/month

List Based plans with sending emails up to 7 times a month from up to 600 contacts $11.95/month

High Volume plans from 150,000 emails for $399/month

Conclusion :

With some of the most powerful email design and contact management tools in the industry along with generous plans suitable for lower budgets, Benchmark Email is appreciated by both experienced, technologically oriented marketers and smaller organizations with less savvy.

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